New Chinese AWACS to combat F-22

  Pope all Chinese AWACS aircraft certainly can be considered an engineer Wang Mo, who received the award in the municipal area of ​​science and technology for the achievements in this direction. Gave an interview to a magazine designer Global Times on the current state and prospects of development of probable distant radoilokatsii. Latin American experts estimate the current state of technology of Chinese AWACS at or slightly above an E-3C. Overall efficiency of AWACS aircraft can be divided into two components. First — it LTH aircraft: cruising speed, range and duration of flight crew efficiency radar and other second

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Media: The source of military aid to Egypt instead of the U.S. is Russia

Outside Egypt is experiencing severe policy configuration. Most populous Arab world government changes its orientation, seeking friendship with Russia. Israeli television reported that after a huge part of America froze military aid to Egypt, the government of this country relies on the help of the Russians. Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Nabil Fahmy said earlier that the case with America «entered a period of problems and issues,» and that Egypt must «find other sources» weapons and military aid. Israeli TV version, «other» Our homeland is assumed, with which Egypt wants to make a big deal to buy guns,

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Best bombers in the world by Military Channel

  South American Military Channel channel continues to publish ratings of the effective tools, which was invented by a man in the XX century. Channel previously published the rating of the best small guns and tanks of the best of the last century. Now the American and British military professionals were asked to rate bombers. Qualification awarded in such aspects as «load», «agility», «speed» and otherwise. With all this stipulates that each plane compared with others, and evaluated based on the technical requirements of their own time. 1. Boeing B-52 — «Stratofortress» The highest rate — above a thousand km

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Aerostat UNRIVALLED prove their intelligence capabilities

Lockheed Martin Company continues development and implementation program from a tethered aerostat system PTDS (Persistent Threat Detection Systems), which in real time around the clock supplies of intelligence forces in Afghanistan, reports ASDNews October 22. The company received a contract in the amount of 345 million U.S. dollars for the management and operation of the system. «PDTS proved fundamental asset to protect our troops and allied troops. We will work on this theater of war, so that the system continues to provide critical information for our military, «says vice president of C4ISR systems of Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global

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Weapon of last resort

Being in aggressive environments, Israel will never give up its own nuclear Blade Viktor Esin Perhaps no other topic about Israel not so wrapped fog of mystery and innuendo, as a matter of having a nuclear weapon this state, which remains outside the scope of the Contract on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear weapons (NPT) was opened for signature in 1968. In their own statements, Israeli officials have never confirmed nor deny the presence of Israel’s nuclear weapons, and information about its nuclear weapons and plans for their implementation remains closed likely not officially recognized and isolated from other events inside

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F-35B with hanging gun

  The picture shows a fighter F-35B with suspended under the fuselage gun installation GAU-22 / U.   Suspended installation armed 4-barrel 25 mm Gatling gun-type with a rate of 3300 rounds / min. This system has been specifically designed for F-35B by General Dynamics and has a much inflated fire accuracy than previous GAU-12 / U of the same caliber (5 ctvolnaya gun with a rate of 4200 rounds / min).   The fact that the F-35B unlike F-35A do not have sufficient interior volume to accommodate integrated guns. Unfortunately, this scheme reduces the stealth F-35B, the newspaper notes

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War for land and resources

Decision problems Near and Middle East can only be after the cessation of confrontation between Iran and Israel and Saudi Arabia Eugene Satanovskiy

The processes taking place in the Middle East (BSV) in the political, military, political and religious spheres, almost everything depends on demography and ecology of the region. Thus, uncontrolled population growth in Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Afghanistan relating to the poorest countries is not only in the region and the world as a whole, automatically leads to lower levels and impaired quality of life, the growth of domestic violence in the struggle for the terrain

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Newest fighter PAK FA flew all Russia

  Fighter fifth-generation T-50 made its own first long flight from Komsomolsk to Zhukovsky Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) T-50 performed its own first solo flight. As he said in his own microblog Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, multirole fighter fifth generation took off from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and landed in Zhukovsky near Moscow. «The airplane is equipped with virtually full complement of avionics and surveillance and attack systems. This severe breakthrough! Machine overcame 7 thousand km, making the road to the capital two landing — Abakan and Chelyabinsk, «- said a senior bureaucrat. First three experienced fighter fifth generation

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Russia is testing hypersonic weapons — Dmitry Rogozin

In Russia, carried out tests hypersonic weapon, said today at a meeting with students in Irkutsk Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. «I can say that the tests go, they closed completely and the Yankees, and we» — he said, adding that in this area Our homeland is not far behind the United States. In reviewing the state of Russian military-industrial complex, Rogozin said that Our homeland still remains the undisputed favorite in the field of nuclear development. The most problematic sector, in his opinion, may be called elemental base. This gap control of the country wants to return strongly in

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  January 17. Swedish Armed Forces will buy 60 JAS 39 Gripen fighters of the latest generation. As reported by Agence France-Presse, citing a statement Defense Minister Karin Enstrom (Karin Enstroem), the first aircraft will go to the troops in 2018. Complete delivery of fighters scheduled to around 2027.   First, in December 2012 it was reported that the Swedish Parliament by a majority vote approved the purchase of new fighter company Saab. Then, for the armed forces planned to purchase 40 to 60 aircraft.   Budget applets Gripen NG was estimated at 90 billion kronor (14 billion dollars). This

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