T-50-4 FIRST flew from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Zhukovsky

  January 17. Now airfield Flight Research Institute. Gromov in Zhukovsky came fourth flight benchmark promising aviation complex of the fifth generation (PAK-FA T-50). The first time he did with several crotch landings flight from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the aviation plant them. YA Gagarin (KnAAZ) being the creation of these aircraft. Piloted T-50 4-honored test pilot Russian Federation, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan. Showed himself perfectly plane during the flight. Comments on the work of engines, systems and equipment was not.   First fly the T-50-4 was held in Komsomolsk-on-Amur airfield «Dzemgi» December 12 last year. Fighter held in

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Again, the «nuclear zero»

Russian-American dialogue on START at some point will continue, he says long interests of both sides Sergei Oznobischev

Publish articles about world Burenka Basil and Leo Lysenko «Legends of nuclear disarmament.» Before going into details, it is worth recalling those configurations that have occurred in the external world and in ourselves. I believe that most experts remember how Russian Alliance has always considered himself «a haven of peace.» I am sure that the creators of articles in the «MIC» well aware of the fact that the postwar structure of the world revolved around an axis not only nuclear,

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NATO is getting closer to Russia’s borders

North Atlantic Union is close to the borders of the Russian Federation is selected. On the basis of in Deveselu southern Romania on Mon started work on a missile complex, which will be part of the United States posed by NATO and European defense. It is believed that the complex defense system in Romania would be commissioned in 2015. At the official launch deploy a missile defense system was U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary for Political Affairs James Miller, the Romanian administration, as a number of high-ranking representatives of the Allies. According to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Bogdan

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U.S. Air Force to obtain the latest engines for F-22 fighter

  Pratt & Whitney January 17, 2013 passed the U.S. Air Force 507 th and final engine F119-PW-100 for the F-22 Raptor, according to a press release from the American company. Division president for military engines Pratt & Whitney Bennett Krosuella (Bennet Crosswell), in the coming 30-40 years, the company will be engaged in the maintenance and repair of power plants that have been set.   Despite the fact that the military got the last engine, Pratt & Whitney will build parts for F119. Contract for the supply of an additional batch of power plants for the F-22 U.S. Air

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On the modernization of the U.S. nuclear weapons require billions of dollars

In the next decade the U.S. will require billions of dollars to modernize nuclear weapons, said the Pentagon chief assistant Madeleine Creedon Creedon said this at a hearing in the Committee on Armed Services Committee U.S. House of Representatives, according to ITAR-TASS. «Modernization of such expensive costs, but fluctuations in its necessity is not» — she identified, explaining that the design and development of new weapons and their carriers are needed because of the obsolescence nuclear arsenal. Madeleine Creedon also pointed out that the creation of more reliable nuclear forces will allow the United States to fulfill their forthcoming quantitative

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  The trials of a promising aviation complex tactical soon begin next step. Machines in the past Gromov Flight Research Institute full year course relocated to a military airfield in Akhtubinsk. There, in the Astrakhan steppes new aircraft will develop the best Air Force pilots. Their task — to specifically look into the aviation combat abilities and write an annotation on its application for colleagues from the combat units of the Air Force. But before the new product goes to the troops, it expect municipal tests. They also organize Akhtubinsk center. Meanwhile, the fourth most experienced fighter on the bill


ABM slows progress

In mon began construction in Romania created the U.S. and NATO missile defense base in Deveselu. The ceremony on this occasion took the role of President Traian Basescu and the Assistant Secretary of Defense James Miller. «Construction, as noted by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, begins, despite the lack of understanding on the issue with Russia,» — said earlier the Minister of National Defense of Romania Mircea Soul. According to him, the Romanian builders will convert the former Air Force base, and then American company will begin to install missile defense systems. Once again, the lack of understanding on

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Program Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD)

  Theme deck aircraft 5th generation was rising a couple of times. In the late 1980s in the United States intensively promoted program from the first «invisible deck» A-12. Strike aircraft intended to substitute the A-6, having already honorable age. But because the brain scourge of all U.S. programs — significant excess cash limits, «Avenger II» was buried before the first flight demonstration model. Another dream admirals — NATF — realized the same fate. In turn NATF was intended to substitute F-14 «Tomket.» So Makar, 1992 fleet met without any hope of getting any lately «stealth». Profound modernization of fighter-attack

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F-35 FIGHTER WAS susceptible to lightning

  Copa promising fighter F-35 Ligtning II is not able to withstand lightning strikes. This conclusion came Manage Operational Test and Evaluation (OT & E) of the Pentagon. Currently, aircraft are prohibited from making flights in areas where thunderstorms are more frequent. Aircraft is also prohibited to approach less than 40 km to such zones.   Also neobmyslennoy protection of avionics from lightning, fighter also received feeble generation system of inert gases (OBIGGS), responsible for filling vacated volume fuel tanks with inert gases and maintaining their small oxygen levels. In grozoopasnyh areas with constantly changing atmospheric pressure system may malfunction.

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Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine to keep or give up?

As a result, the events of recent months, the case of Russia and Ukraine significantly worsened. Made and continue to appear different unfriendly statements and received a variety of solutions. Entirely possible scenarios can be considered probable termination of cooperation 2-countries in the economic sphere. First in this case should end military-technical cooperation, in recent decades tight contact 2-industry states. Indeed, the danger of complete military-technical cooperation may prove comfortable inventory adjacent to pressure the government, but the gap is such mutually beneficial cooperation will have implications for both sides.

Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Ukraine: save or abandon?

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