CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores

China urged the United States to end its intelligence activities in their own coastal waters, reports now In the past 10 years, China vigorously opposes U.S. intelligence activities of ships and aircraft. South American media report that the South American intelligence ships often become encounter on the high seas with the actions of Chinese fishing boats that are «deliberately stand in their way, especially in the evening.» From time to time engaged in persecution Chinese warships and aircraft. It is reported that this practice resembles cool times of war between the USSR and the United States, even when their

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Deliveries UDC «Mistral» in Russia can disrupt the balance of power in the Far East, the Japan Defense

In the Land of the Rising Sun are concerned about the agreement between Moscow and Paris on the supply of Russian 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral».   This June 2, 2013 in Singapore, said the Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera talks with his French officer Jean-Yves Le Drianom have passed «in the fields» Forum Governing military departments of the Asia-Pacific region in the so-called «Shangri-La Dialogue.»   This was told ARMS-TASS.   «This decision upsets the balance of forces in the Far East», — I. Onodera allocated.   In the current time on the French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire is

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The Pentagon is lobbying the F-35 in South Korea

  Last Pentagon chief Bill Cowan met behind closed doors with the Minister of Defense of South Korea’s Kim Kwang-jin. Taking into account the current situation in Korea and the imminent entry of a new president in office, South Korean newspaper «Jungang Ilbo» suggested that the Yankees tried to exert pressure on Seoul in order to assure Washington won the tender for the purchase of fighter jets and drones for the South Korean Air Force. Recall that the South Korean government under the Air Force’s own re-announced a tender for the supply of 60 new combat vehicles. Korea for a

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Possible scenario for a new confrontation

Not so long ago in northern Israel ended final mezhvoyskovye staff exercises the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), which worked out methods and options of simultaneous warfare on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts. This week took part in the exercises heads of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff officers, Land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Northern Area headquarters, commanders and permanent replacement units. Focused on the organization of interaction of various arms of the experience of operations in Lebanon and Gaza. In particular, painstakingly honed interaction of intelligence, armor, infantry and artillery units, air force and navy, logistics and communications, medicine and

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LCS class ships MAKE fifth of the U.S. Navy Ship PARK

June 2, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Heygel (Chuck Hagel, pictured) visited the Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom class LCS (Littoral Combat Ship), expanded on the basis of Changi in Singapore. The arrival of this ship to a fixed home base became a symbol rotation of U.S. military strategy toward Asia, reports Defense News.   LCS-class ships made as multi-purpose, despite the significant difficulties in development. USS Freedom is the first ship in a series of 52 units totaling 37 billion dollars, which is the U.S. Navy’s plan to purchase. The ship arrived in Singapore in April this year, having made

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Su-37 attack aircraft as

  The Su-37 is familiar to many, but most of the people familiar with this machine as a modification of the famous Su-27 fighter. But in this article will talk not about fighter who is known to many for its demonstrations at MAKS, but about the other Su-37, which is scheduled its creators had to be a continuation of the band tactical strike aircraft (gunship) Su-25. The aircraft designer V. Babak never appeared at MAKS, but in 1991 was presented once at the air show in Dubai. That was the first and last appearance of the Su-37 in public. In

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Curse of the F-22 or blatant incompetence?

  F-22 Pilot Jeffrey Haney, crashed on November 16, 2010 Weird cough is already very long pursues highly maneuverable aircraft pilots ultramodern F-22 after each flight. This is puzzling at first, and later used to. Evenly, with increasing numbers of cars and flight intensity, we add to this dizziness and partial loss of orientation in space. Were noted several cases where even during the run-up to the runway the aircraft at one point changed direction and rested on trees or buildings airfield. In 3 cases, pilots at one point lost orientation came to himself only in unsafe proximity to land

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Yak-130 has always come from the spin

This aircraft is recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebsk Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. First edition, prepared for these CF, held this year. Students confirmed that the car is ordinary in the management and operation, and its just a master. «Experts have tried and made the plane» learning party «- while student does not meet the sequence of actions required annotation or control of the flight manual, the upcoming piloting his plane does not allow itself gives a

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«Sea Jet»-experimental vessel (AESD)

«Sea Jet» — Experimental vessel (AESD) bylo postroeno shipyard Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington. Ship (AESD) was baptized August 24, 2005. The ceremony was accomplished at the Center for acoustic research in the Bayview. Chief of Naval research Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen spoke at the christening. Sponsor vessel Kathleen Harper, wife of Thurman Harper, vice president of engineering for the company’s Rolls-Royce, the tradition broke a bottle of champagne on fortshteven. Ships of named «Sea Jet». Elaboration and follow-on research project funded by the Office of Naval research (ONR). Essentially, this is reduced (1:4) model class destroyers «Zumbalt»

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FIGHTER F-35 are still faced with organizational and technical problems

  Fighter F-35 Lockheed Martin’s graduated more than a third of planned flight tests, but as before encounters with neuvvyazkami helmet Pilot system, software development and integration of weapons, according to a Pentagon report of 18 pages. Now this report agency Reuters.   In 2012, the number of flight tests and special tests onboard systems exceeded the planned schedule, but still remain some old prepyadstviya newly identified and fixed bugs. Within applets made more than 20 thousand special test structures and equipment, but you must perform another 40 thousand tests.   Lockheed Martin is building three versions of the aircraft

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