What does the world dismemberment of Russia?

1. Chatting with strangers about of, every true Russian patriot should explain to them that our homeland is not a random conglomeration of tribes and territories, and not artificially harmonious «mechanism», «regions», but a living, grown historically and culturally justified body, not subject to arbitrary dismemberment. This organism is a geographical unity, parts of which are related economic vzaimopitaniem; This organism is a spiritual, cultural and linguistic unity, the Russian people historically associated with its national younger brothers — spiritual vzaimopitaniem; it is the state and strategic unity, to show the world their will and their ability to self-defense; it

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Not so long ago the South American media said that China has made to equip the unit refills shipborne fighter J-15 (pictured), reports mil.news.sina.com.cn January 18. January 16 South American military resource Strategy Page said that the aircraft carrier «Liaoning» based, itself a little, four J-15, two of which are equipped equipment for in-flight refueling of other aircraft. So Makar, refueling aircraft can soar to greater combat load. This system is particularly suitable for carriers with a springboard takeoff system (STOBAR). Fighters on such aircraft carriers soar with the lowest fuel supplies to lift into the air more payload


JHSV-3 Millinocket — the third high-speed multi-purpose amphibious assault ship catamaran U.S. Navy launched

Multi-speed landing craft catamaran JHSV-3 (Joint High Speed ​​Vessel) Millinocket launched at the shipyard «remains Yu Es Hey» (Austal USA) in the town of Mobile (Alabama). This is with reference to the U.S. Navy told ARMS-TASS.   This is the third of 10 ships type JHSV Spearhead («wedge»), which are built for Sealift Command U.S. Navy Shipyard company «remains Yu Es Hey» (Austal USA) in the town of Mobile.   Now the ship is preparing for factory testing to be conducted before JHSV-3 at the end of the year present-independent commission for inspection and acceptance of U.S. Navy ships INSURV

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Declassified report on the fall of the atomic bomb in the United States in 1961

U.S. authorities to declassify information about the fall of the strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress with 2 hydrogen bombs Mk.39 (W39) on board in North Carolina in 1961, reports The Guardian. As a result, the disaster in which three people were killed, almost one of the bombs exploded, the power of which was four megatons. Report on the results of the investigation catastrophe was prepared in 1969, but has been kept secret. B-52 makes flying January 23, 1961 as part of Operation Coverall to simulate over-alert strategic divisions of the country. When the lumen of the city of Goldsboro, North Carolina

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Access to Technology

  India plans to modernize Russia with Su-30 India is negotiating with Russia to modernize outdated Su-30. Maybe countries will implement this project in 2015. But the main enthusiasm of India — in accessing refreshed software and new systems of equipment that will be integrated into the aircraft refreshed. «We have started negotiations with Russia on joint modernization of Su-30 fighters» — said the agency IANS senior source in the Indian Air Force. The aircraft, which equates to a category of heavy fighters, is the most advanced in the Indian Air Force. «The modernized Su-30 will develop a very different

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War and Peace D. McCain

Republican Senator John McCain on Thursday published in Russian Internet publication «Pravda.ru» Putin’s response to an appeal to the South American nation in the newspaper New York Times. Senator believes that the U.S. has the right to change the assist mode, which controls the Russian bad now. «I’m pro-Russian, pro-Russian more than the regime that bad driving you today.» «When I criticize your government, I’m not doing this because I am opposed to Russia. I do it because you deserve a government that would believe in you, respect you and it would be accountable to you. I hope to see

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«FREEDOM» HAS porazmyatsya

Seven weeks after arriving at the base Changi (Singapore, April 18) Littoral Combat Ship U.S. Navy USS Freedom (LCS 1) June 11, left the port to take part in the yearly exercise CARAT (Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training) with friendly navies of South East Asia, Defense News reported June 12. As expected, the role of this ship during exercises will be one of the most enthusiastic about the events in the history of these maneuvers.   «The ability to act on his shoulder shoulder with the fleets of the region was to launch the ship in Southeast Asia,» said the

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Latin American Air Force interested in new Yak-130, said producer

Commanders of the Air Force (Air Force), Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay have shown enthusiasm for the new Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130 and expressed willingness to start negotiations on the procurement of these machines, said Thursday the vice president of marketing and external relations NPK » ; Irkut » Vladimir Sautov. «We have held talks at the level of Air Force Commander of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. Stated desire to intensify the negotiating process on probable purchases. Our customers principally possible that this new plane — already a reality, it flies, and contracted Russian Air Force «-

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U.S. preparing a nuclear attack on Russia

Moscow remains the only competitor Washington owning nuclear capability commensurate with the South American Misha Tsurkov Andrew Shushkov The U.S. nuclear triad will be given to the value of aircraft components. Such a conclusion can be made, including examining developed by the Obama administration on the strategy for the use of nuclear weapons by the United States. This document clearly identified that none of the holders of nuclear weapons now counterforce is immune from U.S. actions. According to South American legislation the U.S. administration in the case of the introduction of the latest strategies for using nuclear weapons (NW) should

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The new torpedo to replace the «flurry»

In the late 70s adopted Russian Navy torpedo entered reactive (also often used the term rocket torpedo) VA-111 «Squall». She had a huge advantage in speed over existing standards. During the movement of ammunition, forming around him a large cavitation cavity could accelerate to a speed of about 500 kilometers per hour. At the same time, brand new torpedo was not perfect and had a few shortcomings. She was echoing and firing range does not exceed a few kilometers. In addition, the control system torpedoes «Squall» allowed her to move only in accordance with this applets. Own equipment guidance

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