Academician of Engineering Academy of China Wang Xiaomei said in an interview, «People’s Daily» that the subsequent generation of Chinese aircraft distant radar detection could eclipse all of its own foreign competitors, including American. What are the prospects of Chinese development in this area? Certainly, China reached the great success in developing their own aircraft distant radar detection. First attempt to make a similar aircraft based on outdated Russian bombers Tu-4 was undertaken in the late 1960s, but was unsuccessful. But in the 2000s, China has been able to make just three types of serial AWACS — KJ-200, KJ-2000 and

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F-35 lose «contract of the century» in South Korea

The ultra-modern South American fighter fifth generation F-35 can already quite suddenly the first «fly» from the list of contenders to win the tender for the supply of defense 60 combat aircraft for the Air Force in South Korea. The reason is ordinary: F-35 is not suitable for Koreans prices and lower «price tag» Americans can not because the car is still in the development stage, and certainly will not be «a cheap solution.» Recall that in real time defense procurement programs Administration (APOZ) Republic of Korea holds tender for the second step of fleet renewal combat aircraft for the

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The Pentagon intends to purchase 71 F-35 fighter

U.S. Department of Defense reached the preparatory agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin for the supply of fighter F-35 Lightning II second and seventh installment of small batch production. As reported by Defense News, a total difficulties the military wants to acquire 71 combat aircraft.   Fighters will be ordered for the United States, Australia, Italy, Norway and England. In the sixth installment will include 36 small-scale production of combat aircraft, and in the seventh — 35.   Deliveries will begin in the midst of fighters 2014 and mid-2015 respectively.   Clear price F-35 has not been disclosed, but

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Turkey’s ambitions to make a fighter with the label «Made in Turkey» and the purchase of 10 American fighter s fifth-generation F-35 can go beyond the financial capabilities of the country, writes the French television channel France portal 24 on 30 July.   Bureaucrats of the Turkish defense industry estimate that the design, development and construction of eight new fighter prototype TF-X will cost Ankara 10 billion U.S. dollars. «The amount of between 11 and 13 billion dollars for the development of such sverhtehnologichny aircraft would be realistic,» said a senior bureaucrat familiar with applets. «We focus on the cost

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U.S. spy plane following the Chinese ships in disputed SEA

Reconnaissance aircraft P-3 Orion U.S. Navy often fly over disputed areas of the South China Sea that are claimed by the Philippines, China, and are watching the Chinese ships stationed there, reported on Thursday a news portal GMA News referring to the statement of Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario (Albert del Rosario). «I believe it is essential for us: we are interested in the situation in our exclusive economic zone, on our continental shelf, and we want to know whether there have been any invasion there,» — said the Minister. Responding to a question about whether these do not

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France wants to halve the amount purchased for the Air Force and Navy Rafale fighter and expects to create more of this type of fighter for export production to save bandwidth, Defense News reported on August 2.   In the midst of potential customers «Rafale» French officials called India, Qatar, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. The French Government, represented by Socialist prime Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) tries to «rein in municipal expenditures,» but on the financing of nuclear deterrence no configuration is not expected, because they are seen as important fundamental component of national defense.   According to

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END OF YEAR RUSSIA BELARUS located in another 20 Su-27SM3

Until the end, our homeland will be located in Belarus 20 additional multi-purpose fighter Su-27SM3, reports citing ITAR-TASS.   About the new plans of the Russian Federation in respect of Belarus informed the commander of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. As expected before the end of the year will be deployed Fighter Aviation Regiment. New aircraft will be on the Russian air base at the airport in Baranovichi Brest.   Polk will protect the air space of Belarus and Russia. According Bondarev, in the current time in Baranovichi unchanged base are four Su-27SM3. First, on the basis

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Advanced Super Hornet — fighter, developed by Boeing — competitor of F-35

Boeing has unveiled its own version of a stealth fighter Advanced Super Hornet. Earlier it was reported that the Navy Command of the United States plans to explore the option of adopting the stealth fighter version of Super Hornet, reports edition.   This modification has become the company’s response to the program from Boeing aircraft creation fifth-generation Lockheed Martin.   The principal feature of the aircraft Super Hornet is inherent in its design a set of measures aimed at ensuring the survival machines in combat criteria. U.S. Navy design used in step «balanced approach» to ensure the survival of

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Promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) is subsonic, it differs from existing aircraft far aviation, for example, the Tu-160, is that it will carry more weapons, told reporters on Tuesday, Commander of the Air Force RF-General Lieutenant Viktor Bondarev. «PAK DA will be subsonic, all his difference is that it will carry more than the Tu-160, and weapons will be much more serious. All other tasks will decide rocket «- said Bondarev. Currently, strategic air forces of the Russian Federation, which are part of the 37th Air Army of the Supreme Command, include 32 bombers Tu-95MS6, 31 Tu-95MS16 and


INDIA TO LIGHT COMBAT AIRCRAFT «TEJAS» service in the late 2013 — early 2014.

India perceive light combat aircraft (LBS) «Tejas» into service in late 2013 — early 2014. This is with reference to India’s defense minister said A.K.Antoni weekly «Difens News.» According to the publication, the program creation LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) «Tejas» behind schedule for 15 years. After analyzing the schedule of development LBS defense minister said the country’s parliament in his own letter of 5 August that the company has asked the Indian defense research DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and management of aviation development (Aeronautical Development Agency) to stick to the original date set for the services at the

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