Pakistan received the fourth frigate F-22P project

Pakistan Navy September 3, 2013 included in the composition of its own last of four frigates Chinese project F-22P, reports referring to Jane’s.   The ship, built entirely on Pakistani shipyard Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works, received the name «Aslat.» At the commissioning ceremony of the Navy frigate was Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.   Ministry of Defence, Pakistan received frigates F-22P project in China in 2005. The deal amounted to 700 million dollars. First three ships were actually one hundred percent built at Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai and retrofitted in Pakistan. First ship was handed over to

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Chinese fake two-dollar can fall antimissile $ 12 MLN — Director, Agency for U.S. missile defense

U.S. federal bureaucrats announced the withdrawal from sale of network filters made in China, which became a prerequisite unfrequented fires, one of which caused injury to the home in the amount of 916 thousand dollars, reports October 7. In the U.S., sold about 15 million line filters of Schneider Electric.   Also reported substandard food and toys coming from China. Checks showed that the fishery products imported from China, contained in the wastewater, and then purified using unsafe drugs and chemical substances, many of which are prohibited. Control Commission U.S. Consumer Product Safety said that by the end of

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Made in Zelenograd «SMP Robotics» — the robot guard on visual odometry

Not long ago, many mass media reported that the bots will patrol Zelenograd Sokolniki Park — there will start testing automatic observing systems, able to transmit images and video footage on the remote duty, without the help of others to focus on areas with the help of video analytics algorithms, also regirovat on the movement of objects and their behavior. The studio Poluboyarinov Alex, director of Zelenograd «NSR Robotics» — a designer and manufacturer of robotic guards. — Since we have such a catchy newsworthy — start right with him. Tell of your project in Sokolniki Park. This is

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F-35 should be more cheap and reliable — USAF

South American military is closely working with the organization of Lockheed Martin and other suppliers for the upcoming Losers f-35 fighter and the growth of its reliability, the agency Reuters on April 1.

Assistant Minister USAF William LaPlante (william laplante) announced that the average price f-35a, which is the real point is 112 million dollars usa, 2018, and 2019 will decrease to 80 million, but most likely will be taken samples for something to reduce the cost even stronger.

Government Accountability Office (government accountabilITy office) Congress usa skeptical of these plans, saying that the cost of bought in 2013

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India’s Effort non-nuclear submarine fleet

After the disaster with Sindhurakshak Submarine Command of the Indian Navy has submitted several projects to modernize the existing fleet of non-nuclear submarines and accelerate the purchase of new submarines, reports now   Provides modernization class submarines Shishumar (HDW Type 20), pictured by equipping anti-ship missiles, Kilo-class submarines will receive the latest fire control system will be purchased new simulators for training crews use guns, to tender for the purchase of new submarines.   Sources said that the contract for the modernization of 2-PL and Shalki Shankul class Shishumar German construction will be completed in recent years. May be

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Battleship on the new rules of the game

Defence Ministry takes over chaos in shipbuilding Yesterday, Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov held a meeting on military shipbuilding. Listing all the mistakes that led to the breakdown of the previous state armaments program, he called for a fundamental revision of the relationship between the military and the shipbuilding industry. Meeting was the first in his own way: soon these events will affect the air component forces and aerospace defense. Speech sovereign Borisov held yesterday in Krylovskaya municipal research center (St. Petersburg). He noted that the last three state armaments program (SAP) were not met due to a

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China can invade TAIWAN BY 2020

In his yearly report to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan warned neighboring countries, the U.S. and its own people, that by 2020 China could perform «successful invasion of the island,» reported October 9. Beijing holds overarching upgrading its own military capabilities, including weapons directly aimed to counter the United States’ ability to intervene in defense of Taiwan. This anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-satellite weapon, cruise missiles, long-range, modern fighters, several classes of nuclear submarines and everyday. Taiwan belongs to these preparations seriously. The island government should invest significant resources in defense, namely the establishment of a

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Opportunities Mig-35 rocked the U.S. military

«Eyes» and «ears» Russian aircraft and helicopters — their radar systems. They have symbolic names, and not inferior to the best world analogues. Hunters behind bars Not so long ago, the aviation world had spread scandalous news — U.S. intelligence agencies carried out a real hunt for onboard radar installed on the Indian Su-30MKI fighters, removing all its properties probable methods. It turned out our radar for a number of characteristics superior to those radars that are fighters of the South American production. But the real shock to our competitors in the global arms market was a demonstration at

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Congress approved a strategy to use nuclear weapons

U.S. Secretary of Defense, acting on behalf of the President, Congress sent a «Report on the implementation strategy of nuclear weapons the United States.» After a number of days was taken by an official announcement about the main content of the guidelines the U.S. president on this strategy. Before this brand new strategy was approved by the Minister of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and the Commander of the Joint Strategic Command (OSK). Last configuration in the implementation strategy of nuclear weapons (Piao) took place under President George W. Bush in 2002. Brand new strategy came

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Small submarines

Deployment of strategic ballistic missile submarines began in those years when neither the USSR nor the U.S. had not yet launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​with intercontinental range shooting. Because then subs were just a vehicle for the delivery of missiles closer to the objectives, ie within range, which makes missiles with a relatively small range of fire in a strategic tool. The principal feature of submarines with SLBMs in those years was their highest level of invulnerability. One side could not know where are directly at this time, on the other hand submarines armed with nuclear missiles, and even more

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