On the progress of the program T-50 PAKFA

English aviation magazine Air International published an article by renowned Polish aviation professional BUTOVSKAYA Peter (Piotr Butowski) on the development and testing layout Russian fighter fifth generation T-50., The article says that the head of Russian holding company «Sukhoi» Mikhail Pogosyan told Itar-Tass that the layout of the aircraft as of November 3, 2011 completed 100 test flights with total duration of 120 hours. November 22 last year with industrial airfield in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the air rose the third layout T-50-3, then November 28 layout was delivered to the airfield LII. Gromov in Zhukovsky outside Moscow. This aircraft will

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Defense exports

Enhanced funding is unlikely to release our long-standing problems of the MIC Our motherland wants to increase its presence on the international arms market, opening all the new markets of the Russian military-industrial complex. On the following week, is scheduled to visit Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to Latin America. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», the meetings scheduled to discuss the big contracts for Peru and Brazil total cost of 1.7 billion dollars. At the same time, there is reason to fear that our company will not be able to cope with all orders. During the first half of this year

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«Kursk»: version of the death

Submarine of the Northern Fleet could not kill the South American and the British submarine Vladimir Korjavin August 12, 2000 sank SSGN K-141 «Kursk». Introduce you to «MIC» analysis of the probable circumstances of the death of our submarines. In those days I served in combat training management (ESM) of the Northern Fleet (NF) and composed of staff marching out to sea aboard the nuclear-powered cruiser «Peter the Great». August 11, 2000 «Kursk» in the eyes of the entire staff of «Peter the Great» successfully completed rocket fire and went to another part of the exercise. The next day held

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ATD-X is a harbinger of the sixth generation of the Japanese fighter

March 28 the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries beginning assembly layout technological demonstrator ATD-X (Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X) in the framework of the creation of a promising fighter aircraft, which will replace the F-2 Air Self-Defense Force. «The purpose of applets is to make the fighter a hundred percent state of development,» said CEO Takashi Kobayashi (Takashi Kobayashi) at the beginning of the ceremony layout assembly plant in Tobishime (Aichi Prefecture). «Today we are making the first step in addressing this challenge,» said Kobayashi. Layout is also known as «Shinshin» («Heart of God»), for its development the Department of Defense

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Russian Navy will increase the number of warships in the Mediterranean 10

Forces Naval Fleet in the Mediterranean, including in the area of ​​Syria, will be backfilled to 10 warships, told reporters on Friday in St. Petersburg Chief of the Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov Russian Federation, according to RIA Novosti.   Currently composed of constant operational connections are huge amphibious ships «Relight», «Admiral Nevel», «Minsk», «Novocherkassk», «Alexander Shabalin» large anti-submarine ship «Admiral Panteleyev» and patrol ship «Brave.» Recently, in the group will Guards missile cruiser «Moskva», patrol ship «Smetliviy» and a large landing ship «Nikolai Fil’chenkov.»   «Puzzles maximum clear. Avoid the smallest danger borders and national security. This is the practice

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Intelligence items «Argus» start using artillery scouts JUVO

Modern mobile point of intelligence «Argus» provided a laser rangefinder and an infrared device. All this gives you the opportunity to do reconnaissance operations in the most difficult weather criteria. It became clear that at the present time it intensively study and master artillery reconnaissance units of the Southern Military Area. Part of the currently placed on the terrain of the Volgograd region. When conducting military exercises spetsam will need to identify and find about fifty different objects. Some of them will be always in motion changing its position in real mode. In this case, before the spices worth task

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China is developing long-range stealth bomber

Since 2008 1st Aviation Institute of China Aircraft Company (AVIC) is developing distant stealth bomber first generation for the PLA Air Force, said in a report of the municipal agency China Aviation News. Writes about it now wantchinatimes.com. Senior Colonel Guohay Wu (Wu Guohui) from the Beijing State Institute of Defence said China Aviation News, that the stealth bomber has two advantages over ballistic missiles. In 1-x, ballistic missiles can be launched only once, while a stealth bomber can soar more than once. In-2, in case of cancellation of the order ballistic missiles can not return to the base,

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U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense

U.S. Navy ship’s defense system will improve on the last frontier «Phalanx». Contract to modernize the «Phalanx» Mk15 CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) cost 136,240,000 dollars received system developer company «Raytheon» (g.Tukson, Arizona). Defense system on the last turn CIWS created for the destruction of low-flying or high-altitude high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missiles (ASM), to overcome the other echelons of defense ship. CIWS system is an integral component of defense in depth and compound ship self-defense system of the ship. Issued a contract has a number of options, in which case the total implementation of the contract price will be 231 million

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Minus Russia plus China America

Conflicting news on the current topic of China and Russia in the last days were filled with media. Some analysts, including the professorial ranks, convinced that after 20 years, China will become so massive that our motherland and the United States will create a strategic alliance against him. Other experts, including from the IMF are convinced that China and Our homeland has exhausted its model of economic growth. Still others believe that Chinese and Russian trend — just growth. Fourth convinced not America, and China and Russia are already doing an alliance whose purpose — to keep under control the

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In the MiG-31 has no analogues in the world, it can not be regarded as obsolete — Russian Air Force

MOSCOW, January 14 — RIA Novosti. Analogues of Russian fighter-interceptor fourth generation MiG-31 in the world so far not created, because it can not be regarded as obsolete, says the commander of the aviation group (Khotilovo, Tver region) Guards air force base and sniper pilot, Colonel Valery Knish. At the end of December 2011 the Defense Ministry representative on the Air Force (Air Force), Colonel Vladimir Drik said that the Russian Air Force will receive up to 2020 more than 60 modernized MiG-31. Contract for the modernization and repair of the MiG-31 Russian Defense Ministry and United Aircraft Company

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