Company Ricardo demonstrated efficient car

Two years of field trials showed that the company Ricardo Inc managed to make fuel economical ground vehicle technology demonstrator (Fuel-Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator, FED), expenditures totaling considerably less fuel than existing military mc. FED project was designed with what is called «spotless sheet» running team with Ricardo which included members of the Scientific Advisory Group management armored vehicles of the U.S. Army (TARDEC). The program is oriented?? For lowering U.S. oil dependence means of developing fuel-saving technologies innovatorskih. Demonstrator engine was equipped with Cummins turbo I4s, Goodyear tires with low rolling resistance and duralumin chassis developed by Alcoa Defense.

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U.S. Air Force got the last F-22 fighter

The American company Lockheed Martin gave the U.S. Air Force last serial fighter F-22 Raptor, reports Defense News. Handover ceremony of the aircraft, 187th series, accomplished at the company’s Marietta May 2, 2012. In view of the new fighter, the number of F-22 in service with the U.S. Air Force was 184 units. According to the Head of Control Department (GAO) USA, 2017 Pentagon spendest more than 11 billion dollars to modernize the existing fleet of fighters Raptor. In March-April 2012 took flight tests last F-22, received the board room 4195. In total, made four fighter flight. The last

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Weapon of last resort

Being in aggressive environments, Israel will never give up its own nuclear Blade Viktor Esin Perhaps no other topic about Israel not so wrapped fog of mystery and innuendo, as a matter of having a nuclear weapon this state, which remains outside the scope of the Contract on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear weapons (NPT) was opened for signature in 1968. In their own statements, Israeli officials have never confirmed nor deny the presence of Israel’s nuclear weapons, and information about its nuclear weapons and plans for their implementation remains closed likely not officially recognized and isolated from other events inside

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The latest Russian torpedoes will have artificial intelligence

SAINT-PETERSBURG, March 19 — RIA Novosti. The main task of Russian torpedostroeniya in this step is the installation of a new underwater guns artificial intelligence, in other words, a digital information management system (ECMC), said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday the chief designer of the torpedo weapons in Russia, the general designer of the plant «Dagdizel» Dr. Shamil Aliyev. In Russia, celebrated March 19 day submariner. The other day at the St. Petersburg municipal Marine Technical Institute accomplished a festive ceremony awarding the noble title of Doctor «Honoris Causa» Honoured Scientist Aliyev. «New Russian torpedoes are equipped digital information

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Last destroyer type «D» adopted for Vilikobritanii

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Mini armored PAV1 Badger

Development of means of protection from enemy bullets and shells always constrained feature similar systems. In most cases the weight of the coat grows in proportion to the level of protection. In the field of wearable remedies is the best way affects the body armor, helmets, etc. Protection that can withstand a shot of any type of small guns, will weigh a lot in order to be carried on the person. In this regard, at times there are different projects of self-propelled armored personal protective equipment. Became one of the last mini-armored PAV1 Badger. Middle of the two thousandth’s American

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Russia is testing hypersonic weapons — Dmitry Rogozin

In Russia, carried out tests hypersonic weapon, said today at a meeting with students in Irkutsk Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. «I can say that the tests go, they closed completely and the Yankees, and we» — he said, adding that in this area Our homeland is not far behind the U.S.. In reviewing the state of Russian military-industrial complex, Rogozin said that Our homeland still remains the undisputed favorite in the field of nuclear development. The most problematic sector, in his opinion, may be called elemental base. This gap control of the country wants to return strongly in the

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«Raptor» and other

«Tho whom?» This topical issue at all times of armed confrontations and premature preparation for them, occupied the minds and dreams of a plurality of military professionals and moderate ordinary folk, Rodia, and feed the right amount of another fighter. First it gave an opportunity to adjust their intellectual and organizational efforts to prepare for war, and the second — the personal reproductive activity. What seems to be strategically gives us the idea of ​​having a clue to look and assess demographic processes in the world and find out who is preparing for war, and who is just waving

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  U.S. Navy seek to lower the costs for the development of promising SSBN SSBN (X) for the substitution of strategic submarines of class «Ohio» through the introduction of technology shock submarine «Virginia», reports DoD BUZZ September 27 with reference to high-ranking representatives of the fleet. The Navy has brought adjustments in the program with a view to reduce the cost, said the director of submarine warfare systems of the U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Richard Brekenbridzh (Richard Breckenridge) in an interview with 12 promising SSBN submarines should change 14 «Ohio». Development is carried out in a boat of Electric


Ray-Ting 2000 — new multiple rocket launcher, adopted on arms sales to Taiwan

Taiwan has adopted the latest MRLS Ray-Ting 2000, reports Defense News. First complexes are located on the peninsula of Matsu, where they will be able to hit targets on the ground China’s Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait.   What specifically the number of new MLRS entered service not specified. In total, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry wants to buy 50 Ray-Ting 2000.   According to defense procurement programmke Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, to acquire the 50 complexes planned salvo had spent about 14.5 billion Taiwan dollars (486.9 million U.S. dollars).   With all this demand forces Taiwan to similar systems is estimated

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