Structural vulnerability main combat vehicle IDF «Merkava Mk.4»

The decision on the development of its own tank was taken by Israel in 1970 after the failure of England to implement tanks «Chieftain». Manage the development of the new tank was appointed commander of the armored troops last IDF Major General Israel Tal retired, the creator of Israel’s military doctrine on the use of armored forces. The project has received the title of the tank «Merkava» — chariot. Manage the development of a fundamentally decision was made to abandon the traditional assembly of the tank, previously spent in the framework of Russian, American, German and Russian schools of tank.

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World on the brink of war?

Eugene Super Browser «However,» published an article «The world smells of war. Reading the title inconspicuous news week. » Creator set for myself puzzle elect of reports «real news.» According to analysts, «in place of the information at one point broke Russian newspaper editorials times the height of cool war.» October 28 two Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 missile traveled more than 10 thousand kilometers and landed at the airport in Maiquetia Venezuela. Russian crews met Carmen Melendez, Minister of Defense of Venezuela. The flight was undertaken with the aim of maintaining peace, stability and security of the Latin American peoples

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U.S. will F35 instead of all aircraft

The Pentagon plans to change fighters fifth generation F-35 «Lightning» II huge part fleet of combat aircraft. And what to do — it is quite old-rotted.In accordance with the programs until the end of 2020 should be made of this type of aircraft in 2443, which will be received by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps (ILC) of the United States. One of the versions of the aircraft — F-35A — specially designed for the Air Force and will change F-16s and F-18s also attack aircraft A-10 «Thunderbolt». 2nd option — F-35C — designed for aircraft carriers and

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Killer truth

Chances Russian missile cruiser hit South American aircraft carrier compound negligible Certain classes and types of warships cause high expectations of society, and attributed them Tipo high combat potential is reflected in the resounding nicknames, such, for example, as «the killer of aircraft carriers» — specifically referred to in the press as Project 1164 missile cruiser. How it fits their real abilities? Are they able to kill more massive warships modernity — languid South American carriers (AUT)? Languishing on nuclear missile cruisers Project 1144 (of which more recognizable «Peter the Great»), Project 1164 missile cruisers and submarines of Project 949A

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F-35 through the eyes of the Pentagon

In the hands of the organization POGO (Project On Government Oversight) got a report of the Ministry of Defense in 2011, a significant part of which is devoted to programmke fighter F-35 (JSF — Joint Strike Fighter). The tone of the document differs sharply from the bravura of press releases, which are usually the Pentagon «feeds» the general public. In the report, namely, states that at the end of 2010 was re-suspended programm static (also called «fatigue») test airframe F-35B — version with short takeoff and vertical landing, which will be used in the Marine Aviation U.S. Marine. Wing

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For the first time in the history of the country’s strategic nuclear deterrent force China’s sea-based approach the attainment of initial operational capability, according to a further report to the Commission of the U.S. Congress on China Defense News reported on November 11. At the end of this year is expected to rapidly deploy new solid-JL-2 SLBMs with a range of 4000 miles (7400 km), which will allow China to deliver nuclear strikes on the U.S. mainland. Missiles will be deployed on the 2-3-built Type 094 SSBN «Jin». By 2020, the PLA Navy may adopt another two strategic submarines of


Balanced forces

Thought advanced development of coastal defense does not contradict the task creation ocean fleet Extensively unfolded in the press on issues related to the concept of building a fleet, among other affected the need for guaranteed defense with oceanic directions regardless of the state and the steps of building a new equilibrium of a massive fleet, which could drag on for quite a long time. Try to understand this complicated issue. Sober assessment One can imagine that, not having time to really determine the concept of Russian naval construction, we are witnessing the beginning of its strong evolution. In

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Belarus rarely amuses the audience for new weapons and military equipment, because each occurrence of a new standard is befitting response. Middle of May and the month of agency reporters «BelaPAN» managed to make some pics of the new armored car, built on one of the Belarusian companies. Unmarked car symbols and state number plates move on one of the highways in the car, accompanied with spetssignalami. This little «sequence» walking down the highway with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in the direction of Minsk. Reporter «BelaPAN» managed to make a few shots of the new successful armored

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Ten of the best armored vehicles according to Army Technology

Armored personnel carriers (APCs) took an important role in military operations from World War to the present time. Resource listed some of the best armored vehicles operated now, based on defense, firepower, mobility. APCs such as Patria AMV, Boxer and Piranha V, have enhanced protection, allowing more benign landing of infantry in a war zone. Patria AMV Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle Armoured Modular Vehicle) is a modern 8×8 armored ton produced in Finland. Tc was introduced to the market in 2004, and today about 1,400 ton were ordered armed forces of Finland, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden

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J-20 FIGHTER CAN entered service in 2018

In the yearly report of the Ministry of Defense said that China’s latest generation fighter J-20 could enter service by 2018, Defense News reported May 18.   «J-20 is still in the prototype stage. We continue to look for his development and realize why China is experiencing this plane, and I would not wish to engage in guesswork to perform what tasks he created, «said Acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia David Helvey (Helvey). The report states that «the creation of J-20 shows China’s eagerness to create a fighter that contains such abilities as modern avionics

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