Possible scenario for a new confrontation

Not so long ago in northern Israel ended final mezhvoyskovye staff exercises the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), which worked out methods and options of simultaneous warfare on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts. This week took part in the exercises heads of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff officers, Land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Northern Area headquarters, commanders and permanent replacement units. Focused on the organization of interaction of various arms of the experience of operations in Lebanon and Gaza. In particular, painstakingly honed interaction of intelligence, armor, infantry and artillery units, air force and navy, logistics and communications, medicine and

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Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

— Sovereign President, we have to rename the 6th Fleet in the 5th. — Yes, yes. I realized. Again an urgent call. — Sorry, sire president. It is now in the 4th. Wherever they went looking for them. Destroyers «Gravel» (Gravely), «Barry» (Barry), «Mahan» (Mahan), «Ramage» (Ramage) and «Stout» (Stout) for a single moment did not fall out of the focus of our sailors — no action U.S. Navy ships is not going unnoticed Russian squadron off the coast of Syria. Unique Russian equipment allows us to «shine through» second fleet through — Russian Navy can not only capture the

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New spy plane

This is the first of the 2-ordered boards, passing at the moment flight tests CAPO. We can say that it truly is an event, as the work on the machine neryadovye go for more than 10 years. Tu-214R aircraft is all-encompassing electronic and optical reconnaissance and not distant radar detection (AWACS) or control, and is not intended to change the A-50. Aircraft radar system has multiple antenna arrays (clearly visible in the photo) on the sides of the fuselage and beneath. This assembly differs from the circuit with a massive rotating antenna on the fuselage, well known to all

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Carriers can not do without

Now Russian Navy needed the latest least four modern ships with this air group Konstantin Sivkov The debate about whether to build a Russian aircraft carrier, does not stop during the whole period of existence of this class of ships. Objective analysis indicates: Navy perspective fails to perfectly solve assigned to it by the principal tasks in the distant sea and ocean areas, if the composition of his faction will not even 1st aircraft carrier, perhaps with a nuclear power plant, with 70-90 aircraft devices on board. The best amount — more than 2-to any of the oceanic fleets. In

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Tower will carry

In Nizhny Tagil will show the newest armored vehicles Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the MIC, Dmitry Rogozin, chaired a meeting of the working committee on preparation for the IX International Dog Show of arms, military equipment and ammunition «Russian arms exhibition. Nizhny Tagil 2013 «. «If we put in front of him harsh, basic tasks — to fight on equal terms with the leading exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition — those that take place in the U.S. in the Arab East, France — ambitions should be appropriate and not just roll technique on the field, «-

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China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.

China goes to qualitatively new level in world politics. In late October the Chinese media, of course, with the filing of the authorities, spread information that Celestial has sufficient military power in order to launch a nuclear strike on the country specifically the United States. For ordinary Yankees this message became a sensation, his discussions are on television and on the pages of newspapers noble. But why China publicly announced their own opportunities to use nuclear weapon against the United States? After all, for U.S. intelligence is probably not a secret. And why did it Celestial indirectly, through their national

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America has already taken over the Arctic

Managing the U.S. Navy is preparing a new plan for the development of the northern seas The U.S. wants to intensify the implementation of programs of research and development aimed at preparing the ships of the fleet for operations in the Arctic criteria. Earlier control of the U.S. Navy intended to ensure the presence of warships to the northern seas to the mid 2030s. But now decided to speed up the process and finish it 10 years earlier, in other words by the middle 2020s. This is justified by the increase in temperature of the oceans and melting of Arctic

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Until the end of the Su-35s will be tested for combat use

New development of Russian aviation gunsmiths — functional fighter Su-35S is preparing to undergo tests on the application of aircraft weapons stationed on its board.According to the plan creators fighter tests should be carried out in the current start in 2012. Given that the design of functional fighter


allows you to have on board a wide range of existing, as well as promising aircraft weapons tests in their operational use will be conducted after the municipal and joint tests. At the same time this will be done upon receipt of combat weapons for flight tests. It should be

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Manufacturer of cameras created Tank imager

Defense Ministry plans to equip the new device tanks T-80, T-90 and T-72 Manufacturer eminent camera «Zenit» — named Zverev Krasnogorsk Factory (KMZ) — developed a new tank sighting system «Agat-MDT» capable build target in full gloom at a distance up to 4 km. Feature of the complex is that it is collected on the Russian absolutely elemental base, and the base of the device — absolutely matrix by Russian NGOs «Orion» with unique for Russian industry resolution (640×512 pixels). But innovatorsky complex is not intended for promising Russian armored platforms «Armata», «Kurganets» and can only be installed on tanks

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North Korea threatens to destroy American aircraft carrier

North Korean authorities have threatened to kill them located near the South American country’s aircraft carrier, while strongly condemning all this joint naval exercises in the United States, South Korea and the Land of the Rising Sun, reports Interfax-AVN. «Military exercises demonstrate that the tripartite Alliance USA, Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea grew into alliance nuclear weapons,» — said in a statement the North Korean Committee for the peaceful reunification of Korea, vserasprostranennom Friday via agency KCNA. The document also notes that if these three countries will not focus on multiple protests against the teachings of the

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