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EXCELLENCE «Leopard 2»

New fundamental order from an unnamed Arab country in the amount of 475 million euros was a leading German defense concern Rheinmetall, ASDNews reported June 18.   In the contract includes delivery of fire control systems, optoelectronic sensors, L55 120 mm guns and ammunition for more than 60 main battle tank Leopard 2A7, chassis, 155 mm guns and shells for 12 ACS PzH 2000, parts and tools for both types of combat art. Deliveries are scheduled for 2015-2018 years.   Rheinmetall has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of armored fighting vehicles. Tank Leopard

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America has already taken over the Arctic

Managing the U.S. Navy is preparing a new plan for the development of the northern seas The U.S. wants to intensify the implementation of programs of research and development aimed at preparing the ships of the fleet for operations in the Arctic criteria. Earlier control of the U.S. Navy intended to ensure the presence of warships to the northern seas to the mid 2030s. But now decided to speed up the process and finish it 10 years earlier, in other words by the middle 2020s. This is justified by the increase in temperature of the oceans and melting of Arctic

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Until 2020, the Russian Air Force will receive 90 Su-35S

As said Lt. Col. Vladimir Drik (Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Federation Air Force) Air Force of Russia until 2020 will have at their disposal about 90 new functional Su-35s.The new development is forthcoming development and modernization of the deepest world famous Su-27 and its numerous modifications, which it replaces and goes to the troops.By the end of 2012 six new maneuverable machines arrive in Civic Center aviation personnel training and military trials of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, located in Lipetsk. At the end of March 2012 on the municipal joint tests, during which the tests will

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Foreign media impressed by the pace CONSTRUCTION TYPE Corvette 056

According to foreign media reports, in the last 5 quarters (20 months) China launched the missile corvettes 15 (as well as systematize missile frigates — approx. «VP») Type 056, are under construction 6 more ships of this type of report now mil. And this despite the fact that the country is building nuclear submarines and mundane, destroyers Type 052S, a total of more than 30 difficulties warships. By the number of warships under construction, China ranks first in the world, yielding to their total tonnage U.S. only. Stealth frigates Type 056 are state development, equipped different missile and information

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Agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, «bad» or «very bad»?

On Sunday night, Iran and «six» countries mediating in Geneva agreed. In media reports that Iran now has to stop on the nuclear program from 6 months and temporarily finish construction of a reactor in Arak. West pledged to withdraw from Tehran threatening economic sanctions. In general, the latter is open to question: the West had never hurried lift sanctions, and even here in the Middle East and heard angry voices. Diplomatic success negotiators in Geneva was not appreciated in Israel and Saudi Arabia. That found a positive result in the states of the «six» in Iran and many other

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Russia — the world leader in the export of fighters

Russian Federation ranks first in the world in world exports of fighters in the period 2008 to 2011. The same trend will continue in the period from 2012 to 2015. Total delivered and to be delivered in the period from 2008 to 2015 369 fighter totaling 16.54 billion U.S. dollars. 198 aircraft were sold for export during the period from 2008 to 2011 (total amount is estimated at 8.33 billion. Dollars), and from 2012 to 2015, to deliveries under the contracts has 171 fighter (8.21 billion. Dollars). The total volume of the world market spices fighters estimated as follows:

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The first Russian «Mistral» launched

Housing first Russian vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock (DVKD) type «Mistral» betrothed «Vladivostok», launched today on the water in France, in the port town of Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic coast. Unique and historical event referred to the Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov, attended the launching ceremony. He expressed gratitude to the extraordinary command of the French Navy for assistance in training personnel «Vladivostok». Teal highlighted that work on the construction of the ship was an example of an exemplary interaction between spices from Russia and France. During the descent of the water DVKD traditionally opened the ship’s name, and its

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«EXCALIBUR» will be hitting a moving target

  Raytheon Company has initiated a program from the modernization managed 155 mm artillery shell (UAS) Excalibur satellite-guided GPS with a new control unit and navigation GNU (guidance and navigation unit), unladen semi-active laser system SAL (semi-active laser), reported June 20 ASDNews .   «Not a single shell fired from an artillery piece, can not be compared with the» Excalibur «on the accuracy of target, which in today’s configuration gives ACC (radial deviation possible) within the borders of 4 m in 90% shooting. Now we want to achieve next level of accuracy, giving the opportunity to the gunners to hit

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Modernized Su-24M «Hephaestus» are armed with three parts of the Air Force military districts

Moscow. May 5. Airports — Wartime bombers Su-24M, upgraded relating to development activities (R & D) «Metronome» development of «Hephaestus and T» are armed with Russian Air Force flying units 3 military districts, said «AviaPort» CEO Alexander Panin. According to him, the combatant bombers Su-24M «Hephaestus» are in service in the flight of the Central, Western and Southern military districts. Modernisation of the Su-24M is in order, and the aircraft repair plants. In accordance with the state defense order for 2012 also provides for modernization of the Su-24M front-line «Hephaestus.» It is expected that in the following years, the

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Tank Station opto-electronic countermeasures TSHU-1-7M

In the last couple of years at exhibitions armored Russian tanks began to appear, equipped complex optoelectronic active protection «Blind-1» in the latest configuration. First differences were seen outside: from the tower of propane tanks refreshed several modules «Curtains-1», which was a prerequisite for the respective issues. As soon as it turned out, the lack of prerequisite was the modernization of the electrical units active protection system. During the renovation of the complex has changed the composition of its equipment and property or to become better, or remained the same. The composition of the latest versions of «Curtains-1» instead

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