MINISTER U.S. Navy to Congress PRIORITIES navies

March 25 Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus U.S. (Ray Mabus, pictured) said that the country needs a navy that can operate in continuous and excellent both in peacetime and in wartime, reports website of the Ministry of Defense. He made this statement on the speech to Congress, presenting the draft budget for 2015 Navy money year.

«Whether it’s a battle with the enemy of the highest class, asymmetric danger or humanitarian needs, the United States Navy in at least some day ready and are located in at least some of the crisis and are ready for what ever

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Chinese authorities in the outgoing week announced a huge part of the East China Sea own defense identification zone. U.S. reaction to China’s neighbors and the decision was so harsh and rigid that Beijing faced a difficult choice between public humiliation and no need for armed conflict. Announcement coastal waters area identification (GI) PVO is not the Chinese know-how. Such zones have own coast identified two 10-ka states possessing the ability to look over their observance, including the U.S. and Japan. At the theoretical level, no matter which country has the right to claim from the aircraft approaching its coast

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American Landmarks military reform

The information revolution, according to industry professionals in the South American military construction, has had an impact on the formation of 3-node problems, which can not be considered when choosing ways of development of the armed forces and their adaptation to the requirements of the ensuing, in fact, new era in the history of the world’s population . In 1-x, this is another «Migrations», now take the form of mass migrations. Consequence of this phenomenon — «reformatting» civilizational cultures. Misunderstandings and more than that neglect of this factor by the authorities in an environment fraught with the formation of non-adapted

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Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for 1 cent

Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for scrap. Texas company «Oll old Metals» (All Star Metals) paid for it, the military department only 1 cent — taking into account the expected costs of transporting it to the disposal site, ITAR-TASS When launched in 1954, «Forrestal» was naikrupneyshim ship in the U.S. Navy and was considered a miracle of technology in America. The cost of its construction were estimated at $ 217 million — about $ 2 billion in current prices. But in the past 20 years, the first South American «superavianosets» quiet zarzhaveval at the pier in Philadelphia, and

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Nexter 40 CTA — a new generation of combat module VS France

Ground forces of France conducted tests of the new fighting module Nexter 40 CTA, created to equip promising reconnaissance vehicles EBRC.   Recently, France plans to buy 292 armored reconnaissance vehicles EBRC (Engins Blinde de Reconnaissance et de Combat), which will change the armament armored AMX-10RC and «Saga», reports the publication ARNAUD BEINAT.   Under the agreement signed with the delegation of the General for Armaments (DGA) French Defense, «Nexter Systems’ examined different potential configurations EBRC, including armored fighting vehicles with the wheel formula 6×6, weighing about 23 tons and armored car with the wheel formula 8×8 up to 28-29

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Navy F/A-18 fighters to get a new jammer

The American company ITT Exelis has received a contract price of 238 million dollars at the ready board jammers AN/ALQ-214 for fighter F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, facing the U.S. Navy. How soobschantsya on the company’s website, supply 104 electronic warfare systems should be completed within fiscal year 2016. AN/ALQ-214 jammer connects inside sensitive receivers radio signals and means of active suppression to protect against a potential enemy fighters. Purchase AN/ALQ-214 is part of the modernization of defense and electronic warfare fighter F/A-18 U.S. Navy. In standard configuration equipped F/A-18 fighters jammers previous generation AN/ALQ-165. In February 2012, Boeing has

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China ceded to Japan in a military conflict — THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

There is speculation that China is the strongest military power in Asia, but in fact it is Japan, the chief of the Beijing bureau of The Christian Science Monitor Peter Ford (Peter Ford), reports December 11 (pictured visiting a military base Asaka north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan (Shinzo Abe) after days of self-defense forces in October this year — approx. «VP»). Postwar Constitution Land of the Rising Sun «forever» declares the renunciation of warfare, its armed forces friendly sound as «self-defense forces,» but «you shall not covet deal with her,» says Ford. From the standpoint of

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COMPANY «Lockheed Martin» to submit sketches inconspicuous FIGHTER six generations

Company «Lockheed Martin» presented an outline of the sixth-generation fighter being developed with the introduction of «stealth» technology. It is reported by the website To this day, it was believed that low-profile version of the F-35, produced for the Israeli Air Force will be the last manned fighter. But, «Lockheed Martin» — The developer of the F-35 — suddenly announced its own plans to develop a more advanced model. Scheme promising aircraft appeared on calendars of 2012. The project will be carried out for more than fifteen years, and is scheduled for release on Runok most premature in

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USS Gerald R. Ford. New technologies, new opportunities and new spending

November 9 at the shipyard Newport News Shipbuilding (Newport News, Va.) will hold a ceremony launching a new South American aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). Construction of the lead ship of the same name type began in 2009 and will soon be joining the stage ends. Enter aircraft carrier into service of the U.S. Navy is scheduled for 2016. In the upcoming Pentagon plans to build two more ships of this type. USS «Gerald R. Ford» is one of the most important American military projects shortly. Similar attitude to the ship first justified by the fact that for the

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«Armata»: the silence that has no analogues

In a short time often have different kinds of images, which show promising tentative view of the tank on the platform «Armata». But all these images and three-dimensional models have a corresponding feature — among them no 1st official image of modern war machine. The creators of the project has not spoil the public information, which is why there are a variety of and speculation on the subject. Stated terms of adoption «Almaty was» adopted approach, but, nevertheless, hitherto responsible person limited to general statements and not in a hurry to publish any information technical nature. Last week, June 27,

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