Agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, «bad» or «very bad»?

On Sunday night, Iran and «six» countries mediating in Geneva agreed. In media reports that Iran now has to stop on the nuclear program from 6 months and temporarily finish construction of a reactor in Arak. West pledged to withdraw from Tehran threatening economic sanctions. In general, the latter is open to question: the West had never hurried lift sanctions, and even here in the Middle East and heard angry voices. Diplomatic success negotiators in Geneva was not appreciated in Israel and Saudi Arabia. That found a positive result in the states of the «six» in Iran and many other

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TOP 10 most expensive military aircraft

M PORT found a newcomer fighter F-35 of the most worthy company doroguschih machines military aviation. Create a weapon — a profitable business: what price would not put greedy gunsmiths, governments pay no skimping. In particular, if there is a speech about aviation, which is so adored by the western powers to wage war. So, practically billion U.S. overpaid for new aircraft F-35 Lightning II. Lockheed Martin Company for a day or put before the fact appreciation Pentagon contract to $ 800 million. In general, it is not so expensive for the Yankees: M PORT found several combat aircraft,

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Special armored «Bulat» demonstrated Shoigu

Even before the arrival of the Minister of Defence media representatives tried as much as possible to find out about it, very aggressive in appearance, an armored car. All their questions answered by representatives of JSC Company «Protection» where is this car. Those who sought to find out more about driving performance «Bulat», received a mysterious answer — «Later you will see» that fueled even more enthusiastic «workers of the pen» to this very aggressive look noticeably armored creep. And this time expect not only journalists and all others who had gathered on the day the coming future Russian military

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U.S. Navy deployed stealth destroyer last generation DDG-1000 next year as the 1st of the 3 main combat troops the U.S. Pacific Command, along with the stealth fighter F-35 and missile defense system, reports October 22. As expected, the «battleship» will hold in horror China, which aims to become a military superpower, and spend tracking the North Korean missile and nuclear programm. According to the Associated Press, the destroyer with a displacement of 15,000 tons, making it the middle naikrupneyshim American ships of this class, was built in the deepest secrecy and resettled sverhtehnologichny weapons system. The destroyer was

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France began testing the frigate «Normandy»

Lorient in France began running tests multipurpose frigate «Normandy» (Normandie), the second in line and the first serial ship project FREMM, being built by order of the French Navy. This ARMS-TASS said the company DCNS, which developed the draft FREMM frigates and manufactures construction of this project. The main purpose of sea trials is to test the main power plant (GEMs) and navigation systems of the ship. As the ship set GEM-shaft diesel-gazoturboelektricheskaya installation (DGTEU) type CODLOG (COmbined Diesel eLectric Or Gas). A gas turbine engine (GTE) working at tremendous speeds (full speed of 28 knots) through the gearbox for

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Chinese authorities in the outgoing week announced a huge part of the East China Sea own defense identification zone. U.S. reaction to China’s neighbors and the decision was so harsh and rigid that Beijing faced a difficult choice between public humiliation and no need for armed conflict. Announcement coastal waters area identification (GI) PVO is not the Chinese know-how. Such zones have own coast identified two 10-ka states possessing the ability to look over their observance, including the U.S. and Japan. At the theoretical level, no matter which country has the right to claim from the aircraft approaching its coast

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VDCI — wheeled infantry fighting vehicle VS France

Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) France adopted June 28, 2013 500th supply wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (VBCI).   Produced by a consortium that formed the two French companies, Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense, machine VBCI DGA were booked in an amount up to 630 copies.   Armored vehicle 8×8 should be the successor to the BMP AMX 10P, they are released in version commander machine (VPC) and BMP version (VCI), writes the correspondent Army Publishing Guide Sergey Wei.   VCI version should be released in an amount up to 520 copies, it has a tower, armed with 25 mm

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Top 10 fastest military aircraft

1. The MiG-25 3.2m Russian single-seat supersonic high-altitude interceptor, designed by the Mikoyan design bureau — Gurevich. The famous plane on which a plurality of global high scores, including a speed record, but as things like that in the USSR largely kept silent about. According to the general designer R.A.Belyakova, MiG exceeding Mach 3 reduced the airframe, but does not result in damage to the aircraft or engine. familiar with the words of the pilots, the plane did not once overcame the threshold of 3.5 M, but officially recorded record itself was not. The MiG-25 6 ​​September 1976 was

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ISRAEL struck the stock ROCKETS «Yakhont» IN SYRIA

According to U.S. sources, last week, the Israeli Air Force attacked a warehouse missile «Yakhont» Russian production, located in the districts of the Syrian coastal town of Latakia, reports now Tel Aviv believes that this warehouse makes a danger to the security of Israel.   Press secretary of the Supreme War Council Free Syrian Army Kasem Saadeddin (Qassem Saadeddine) said the agency Reuters, that it was shot by rebel forces. «The blow was inflicted or distant aircraft missiles launched from a submarine in the Mediterranean,» he said.   Israel so far not commented on this event. Israeli news website

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Russian Navy took over the service of the Crimean fighting dolphins

Crimean combat Dolphins now will serve the Russian Navy: Sevastopol municipal aquarium is preparing to start training animals for the benefit of the new applets Russian fleet, said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday employee oceanarium on the criteria of anonymity.   Earlier fighting bottlenose dolphins and fur seals were training for the benefit of Russian programm Ukrainian Navy. Ukrainian military resumed them only after the collapse of the USSR in 2012.   After entering the Crimea to Russia aquarium and dolphins, respectively, were also Russian.

«Engineers are developing new oceanarium appliances for new programs to more efficient use of

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