FGFA India need to jump into the future

Indian military journalist Ajay Shukla (Ajai Shukla), recognizable for his articles calling to cancel the tender and take MMRCA South American fighter F-35, May 12 published an article «Delays and calls for Indo-Russian fighter» (Delays, challenges for Indo-Russian fighter) where he writes about emerging delays on implementation applets creation fighter fifth generation FGFA, developed with Russia and India on the basis of PAKFA.

… Indian Defence Minister AK Anthony (AK Antony) said that FGFA «join» to the Air Force in 2017, but his deputy MM mon Palle Raju

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Launched USS NEW GENERATION «Gerald Ford»

The shipyard town of Newport News, VA (the full title of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News — approx. «VP») in the usual broken bottle of sparkling wine on the bow of November 9 was conducted baptism USS Gerald Ford — more technologically advanced ships of this class of the U.S. Navy, reports Navy Times. «Gerald Ford» is a new generation of U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers. It was created to accommodate a larger number of fighters and more than frisky their start in the air, and must have armed drones in equity wing. This is the first new project for the

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Per tank — its a trap

Israeli tank Merkava Mk.4 — not a guarantee of success Two stories that most perfect instrument in itself is no guarantee of victory in battle. At a meeting with tactically and mentally stable opponent it will be successfully destroyed. Both actions have occurred in the same day — August 12, but only the difference in the 60 years. In both cases, new tanks, which were at the time of tank masterpieces were old or more bits at a theoretical level unequal instrument. «King Tiger» First story is dated August 12, 1944. Actions took place in Poland in the area of

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Information warfare for freighter

Already a few days last story freighter Alaed («Alaid»). This ship in late June set sail to the coast of Syria with a special cargo. Almost immediately after the release of «Alaid» from port to press reported that still all the same is in the holds of cargo ship. It appeared three combat helicopter Mi-25. Just a few years back the similar announcements almost nobody would have amazed. But at the moment, more than a year when the Syrian army is fighting with so-called opposition, the apparent flight of the ordinary merchant ship for themselves attracted a lot of

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CHINA RAISED four prototypes of fifth generation fighter

Chinese Chengdu Aircraft manufacturing companies gathered four layout promising fighter J-20, the program of flight tests that began in January 2011. As reported by Jane «s, at the present time only two models of aircraft with tail number 2001 and 2002 make the flights, while others are participating in ground tests. One flight of the prototype uses two different motors. Presumably, some of them — the Russian production. It can be a power plant AL-31F or AL-41F. In 2011, China had acquired 150 powerplants AL-31F and AL-31FN. Second engine — WS-10A China. On another airfield layout engines installed Chinese

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Chinese aircraft carrier is expanding its capabilities

First Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» graduated from a three-week access to the sea, during which it was achieved several critical milestones in the trials of the ship, now reports flightglobal.com. The ship returned to port Nov. 11. One of them is the launch fighter J-15 with all 3 takeoff position on the deck of an aircraft carrier (two in front of superstructure and one corner). So Makar, the ship showed the ability to run three fighters immediately. Another important step was the assembly and disassembly of jet engines J-15 during the voyage. Service engines is an important element in maintaining

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America prepares shift «Hornetam»

In recent years, mainly decked South American fighter aircraft is the F/A-18 Hornet aircraft of various modifications. The latest versions of the fighter were made during the second half of the 90s, and the creation of «Horneta» planned to continue until 2020. So Makar, F/A-18 aircraft reaches infrequent for the duration of the American aircraft production in 40 years. Of course, that even the most successful design can not be upgraded endlessly. Because in 2030 the Pentagon plans to deploy the creation of a new aircraft, which will replace the «Hornets». Development of a new aircraft — not a

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The final stage of testing an upgraded version of MBT «Arjun» Mk.2 begin in August

TSAMTO, July 26. The final step tests actually quite a modernized version of the Indian defense industry developed main battle tank (MBT) «Arjun» Mk.2 begins in the desert of Rajasthan, first of August. As reported by «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» on MBT «Arjun» Mk.2, which will be evaluated NE country over the next few months, holds 73 of the 93 planned improvements, including the 19 «key». According to the manager is part of the DRDO Research Bureau development of combat vehicles (CVRDE) Dr. Shiv Kumar P (P Shiv Kumar), the remaining 20 relate to improvements and ammunition will be implemented separately.

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Geopolitical puzzle: British resolution on Syria received veto from Russia and China, and the Americans have decided that it is time dictator Obama remains

Farewell to the dead. As reported by RIA «Novosti» with reference to the portal «Al-Quds al-Arabi,» now held in Damascus Funeral ceremony with Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi, his deputy and the head of Asef Shaukat Hassan Turkmani crisis committee who died as a result of a terrorist act. After the ceremony, the body will be transported to their home town of the dead and buried in the local cemetery. Anise, mother of Bashar Assad and his sister Bushra yesterday evening flew in Latakia, Tartus so take part in the funeral of General Asef Shawkat — wife Bushra Assad. In

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U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense

U.S. Navy ship’s defense system will improve on the last frontier «Phalanx». Contract to modernize the «Phalanx» Mk15 CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) cost 136,240,000 dollars received system developer company «Raytheon» (g.Tukson, Arizona). Defense system on the last turn CIWS is designed to defeat low-flying or high-altitude high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missiles (ASM), to overcome the other echelons of defense ship. CIWS system is an integral component of defense in depth and compound ship self-defense system of the ship. Issued a contract has a number of options, in which case the total implementation of the contract price will be 231 million dollars.

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