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Adjustment funding superavianostsev

U.S. Navy will delay the signing cost four billion dollars to build nuclear aircraft carrier subsequent languid (AVT) CVN-79 «John F. Kennedy» type CVN-78 «Gerald R. Ford.» Said about this shipyard «Newport News Shipbuilding», member of the corporation «Huntington Ingalls’ languid built where nuclear aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy. Cutting metal for CVN-79 began in December 2010, and his delivery of the U.S. Navy is scheduled for 2022 minutes. Signing of the contract for the upcoming construction of the ship, it was planned for the current month, will now be delayed by about a year. The reasons for the

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General Dynamics EF-111A Raven electronic combat aircraft

Relying on the success and experience of using the EB-66 aircraft during the Vietnam War, the U.S. Air Force decided to make the new aircraft at its base. As a result, the aircraft appeared EF-111 Raven, whose sole task was to create interference to enemy radar. Glider EF-111 has been designed to fly at low altitude and escorting bombers F-111 and FB-111. Possessing similar gliders and engines, both aircraft could be controlled by one and the same crew. Grumman company with its experience in the creation of E-1, E-2 and EA-6 for the Navy United States was chosen to

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Last destroyer type «D» adopted for Vilikobritanii

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United States began large-scale modernization of bombers B-1B

U.S. Air Force started the most ambitious modernization of bombers B-1B Lancer in the history of this aircraft, reports Defence Talk. Installation of new equipment on the aircraft is within applets SB-16 (Sustainment-Block 16). Bombers should get new information monitors, communication and control systems on-board systems. Operators whose jobs are placed in the rear B-1B, will receive 5 new high-definition color displays with the ability to display moving maps. Functional monitors will be integrated with on-board information system. In addition, operators will have real weapons QWERTY-keyboard and control systems. B-1B also receive a standard communications system Link-16, namely, station

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«Terminator — 2» — World Premiere RAE 2013

September 25, 2013, in the first day of the ninth International Dog Show of arms, military equipment and ammunition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013), is the global premiere. Scientific and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» (DC) will present its latest development — the war machine fire support BMPT-72, reports the press service UVZ.   BMPT-72 — a revolutionary modernization of the world famous tank Uralvagonzavod — T-72. When designing BMPT-72 was taken into account the experience of creation and use BMPT, who during his firepower was nicknamed «The Terminator».   As basic model, «Terminator 2» is able to perfectly solve puzzles

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Will the market control arms in the world?

Legal and illegal supply of weapons to multiple destinations is constantly growing. For example, sales tools in 2006 was about 3 billion dollars by the end of 2011 increased by 10 times. But experts at the UN believe that the real implementation are significantly higher than these numbers. At the conclusion of the Geneva international Institute, specifically the fault of the U.S. global sales of personal weapons is constantly increasing. And, of course, the U.S. remains naikrupneyshim supplier of pistols, revolvers, shotguns and ammunition. About 48% of weapon market sector instruments is imported from the U.S.. Large global suppliers

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General Maev: Tank «Armata» will shoot missiles

Day tankista usually celebrate in Russia during the second Sunday in September, this year it fell on September 8. The other day, Prof. prazdnichka tankers and tank builders last chief of the Head Armored Directorate Ministry of Defense, Chairman of DOSAAF Colonel-General Sergei Maev told to RIA Novosti Catherine Zgirovskoy plans DOSAAF training drivers mechanics dilemmas of tank and main characteristics of the new development «Armata». — Sergey, what are the plans for the preparation of DOSAAF tank? — The question of increasing military specialties. Read at the moment that will allow us to prepare the tank crews, surely, you

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Russia wins.

Europe from which to us spokon century stretched uninvited «teacher» — Poles (1612), the Swedes (1709), the French (1812), the Germans (1941) — busy profound introspection vykusyvaniem own economic fleas, and no danger of the Russian Federation shall not be. The enemy will come from afar, from the ocean … And this assumption is unlikely anyone can amaze. Since Fulton speech in 1946, the name of the coming of the enemy for anyone in Russia is not a mystery. But what seems to be the case peaceful South American farmer to our businesses? What did he want to teach

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  U.S. Navy seek to lower the costs for the development of promising SSBN SSBN (X) for the substitution of strategic submarines of class «Ohio» through the introduction of technology shock submarine «Virginia», reports DoD BUZZ September 27 with reference to high-ranking representatives of the fleet. The Navy has brought adjustments in the program with a view to reduce the cost, said the director of submarine warfare systems of the U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Richard Brekenbridzh (Richard Breckenridge) in an interview with 12 promising SSBN submarines should change 14 «Ohio». Development is carried out in a boat of Electric


Secret development. Part 2: Sukhoi T-4 bomber Weaving supersonic shock

In 1961, a competition was announced to create a shock for the destruction of missile carrier battle enemy ships. The competition involved three design bureaus: AN Tupolev AS Yakovlev and chapter 0. Dry. Scientific and Technical Council, composed of the leading experts at many ministries and departments, the best has been recognized and recommended for the upcoming project elaboration aircraft T-4 (better known as «weaving») submitted EDO PO Dry. Soon it began preliminary design. Conducted in parallel first purge models wind tunnels (Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute). In April 1963, was completed preparatory conceptual design of aircraft T-4, which then could

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