TITUS — new armored vehicle 6×6

Opened on September 10, 2013 in London, an international defense exhibition DSEI 2013 French company Nexter Systems has introduced the newest armored vehicle TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System) 6×6.   On its own concept car TITUS is gaining popularity in the near future in the midst of a kind type of developers hybrid «mnogosnogo» wheeled armored vehicle with a machine class MRAP, report publication NEXTER.   This «hybridization» minimizes the main drawback class machines MRAP «classical» design — their limited tactical mobility and permeability, making «everyday» MRAP’y machines applicable in fact to move only on roads.   TITUS

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 26 formally accused the Syrian authorities of favoring the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), reports «Al Arabiya». «The regime of Bashar Assad gave five northern provinces Kurds their own country, their terrorist organization (PKK),» — said Erdogan.   The question about what he was going to do with it, the Turkish prime minister said: «What they have done, are doing and will do in Iraq.» PKK bases in northern Iraq are often subjected to bombing and shelling by the Turkish government army. According to Erdogan, repeated bombing adjacent countries are

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Israeli navy ordered three fast patrol boats SUPER DVORA MKIII

Companies Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Israel Ministry of Defense issued a contract for the construction of additional 3-speed patrol boats Super Dvora MkIII. Meanwhile, the number of boats Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in the Israeli navy will be 13 units. It is reported defensenews.com citing local sources.   The price of this contract concluded first of this month, is 10’s of millions of shekels and follows the treaties in 2004 and 2006 for the construction of 6 and 4 boats Super Dvora MkIII respectively.   In addition, as part of the Israeli Navy are 5 fast patrol boats built Shaldag

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Sweden and Switzerland will be engaged in joint development of Gripen fighter

Switzerland has decided to take part in the development of an advanced version of the Swedish fighter Saab JAS 39 Gripen, reports Aviation Week. It is about combat aircraft Gripen NG. As a result, the implementation of joint programs from the BBC and Switzerland actually get adopted similar modifications fighter. Due to the joint development of Gripen NG parties expect to save on the development and procurement of aircraft. Details about this project yet unidentified. Sweden leads the development of Gripen NG 2007. Plane is created based on JAS 39C / D Gripen. Layout promising aircraft made the first

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Foxhound — light armored vehicle for the British Army put

UK Ministry of Defence signed a U.S. company General Dynamics Land Systems a contract to supply an additional batch of light armored vehicles Foxhound, reports Jane’s.   Under the new agreement, the price of which amounted to 36.4 million dollars, the British War Office would be to get 24 new armored vehicles.   Based on the new agreement, the total portfolio of orders of the Ministry of Defence of England armored type Foxhound was 400 units.   Past cars bought British military department within applets urgent operational needs, allowing to spend money on urgent defense procurement without a formal

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RUSSIA DECIDED to get DATABASE Navy in Cuba and Seychelles

Our Home in the current negotiating based on the ability of Navy ships in Cuba, Seychelles and Vietnam. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, the Russian Navy commander said Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov. According to him, the state contain profitable abroad base logistics than sending ships to the location of supply vessels.   Details about the ongoing negotiations on the creation of new naval bases Teals did not elaborate. Previously, the Soviet Navy, and then RF possessed bases in Vietnam Cam Ranh port (pictured) and the Syrian Tartous. Currently, the Russian navy has a base in Tartus, which is

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Justified for the U.S. F-22 «Raptor»

Despite the fact that the United States vigorously promotes its own pluses fighter F-22 Raptor and calls him «the best in the world» for the role in an operation carried out by troops of the Western coalition in Libya, he was not allowed. Officially, this question specifically and not anyone is interested, but U.S. officials were explaining the lack of background of their best aircraft in the skies of Libya. Moreover — the representatives of the U.S. Air Force even been explained why not upgrade installed on the F-22 communications, and why because identified during test flight problems cut

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China to build aircraft carrier based on «OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS»

China is ready to build the first public carrier, said CEO shipbuilding group Jiangnan Shipyard Group, reports field.10jgka.cn. According to him, this aircraft carrier will be much stronger than the Japanese helicopter (possibly meant prodemonstrirvoanny August 7 this year DDH-183 helicopter project Idzumo 22DDH length 248 m and a displacement of 27,000 tons — approx. «VP»), its price will be 3 billion U.S. dollars, and with all the equipment, air group and escort ships cost carrier strike group will reach $ 16 billion Construction will take place at the shipyard (peninsula Changxing, Shanghai), which was founded by in 1865. This

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Named the reasons for the delay of creating a fighter FGFA

Development of Indo-Russian fighter fifth generation FGFA faced with a two-year delay. Instead of the planned 5 years of development time is increased to 7 years. Delay explains slow development component of the aircraft, which should be constructed Indian aircraft manufacturer HAL, which has a 25% share in the project. Double FGFA is developed on the basis of Russian PAK FA design CB «dry.» HAL was entrusted to make a double cabin and monitors, but none of these structures has not been submitted in time, said a senior Air Force. The Indian company is also responsible for the development

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Prospects for the development of artillery

Task — gradual, systematic, coordinated evolution of the Russian Armed Forces in RAV promising combat system Igor Artamonov Roman Rjabcev Present the second part of Russian military scientists dedicated to the fronts of rocket and artillery (RAV). In the first story were presented and the current status of the arms («MIC», № 34). We offer our readers RAV analysis of prospects given the inclusion of new IWT in a single information space reconnaissance. Virtually all modern futurologists, including military experts at note that the development of IT technology now temper got the global information revolution that has affected all spheres

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