Foreign media impressed by the pace CONSTRUCTION TYPE Corvette 056

According to foreign media reports, in the last 5 quarters (20 months) China launched the missile corvettes 15 (as well as systematize missile frigates — approx. «VP») Type 056, are under construction 6 more ships of this type of report now mil. And this despite the fact that the country is building nuclear submarines and mundane, destroyers Type 052S, a total of more than 30 difficulties warships. By the number of warships under construction, China ranks first in the world, yielding to their total tonnage U.S. only. Stealth frigates Type 056 are state development, equipped different missile and information

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France and Britain DIRECT warships to Syria

Authorities in England and France are going lately bring to the eastern Mediterranean to the shores of Syria powerful grouping of naval forces, said Western media, citing sources in the Russian Defense Ministry.   In the united taskforce on the British side will helicopter Illustrious, large landing ship Bulwark with 400 marines on board the destroyer, frigate and a submarine. France will be represented by aircraft carrier compound comprising carrier Charles De Gaulle and ships outposts, «Interfax».   As part of the British ships will be the destroyer Defender, which can provide protection groups from Syrian anti-ship cruise missiles

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«Nibbler» — Azerbaijani modernization BRDM-2

Engineers Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan made the latest military reconnaissance vehicle.   Machine made on the chassis armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle type BRDM-2 differs significantly from vehicles BRDM as exterior design, as well weapons.   As you know, BRDM-2 has long been hopelessly outdated and many countries decide to sample its modernization. Often such modernization repeatedly price exceeds the price of the machine itself, the publication reports Andrei-bt.    Pretty toothy modernization developed in Azerbaijan, aviation armament consists of twin gun GSH-23L with the rate of 3000-4000 Venue / min. In addition to the tower mounted automatic

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The first Russian «Mistral» launched

Housing first Russian vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock (DVKD) type «Mistral» betrothed «Vladivostok», launched today on the water in France, in the port town of Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic coast. Unique and historical event referred to the Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov, attended the launching ceremony. He expressed gratitude to the extraordinary command of the French Navy for assistance in training personnel «Vladivostok». Teal highlighted that work on the construction of the ship was an example of an exemplary interaction between spices from Russia and France. During the descent of the water DVKD traditionally opened the ship’s name, and its

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China told the United States to «shut up» on the issue of disputed territories

Chinese media have accused Washington of «development issues» in connection with the State Department criticized Beijing’s policy in respect of the disputed territories in the South China Sea, reported Agence France-Presse. The State Department on Friday, August 3, said that China’s «increasing tension» in this region. Washington’s statement followed the way China has announced the development of the town Sansha on the disputed peninsula Woody (other names — Yongxing and Fulham), which also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on August 4 asked the U.S. to respect the sovereignty

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Military research agency Australian PAK FA

Impact on public Dry / KnAAPO T-50/I-21/Article 701 PAK FA or Budding Complex Frontal Aviation after January 29, 2010 flight tests provide sufficient highest resolution, video cameras, and the occasional disclosure of source disk imaging to perform technical, techno- strategic, and strategic assessment of this latest highest performance low observable multipurpose fighter. Observed layout design work and temporary supercruising thrust vectoring engines common to the production of the Su-35S Flanker. Configuration is created to verify the aerodynamic and performance of the system, and obviously not designed to fully test the low observables. New 35 — 40 classes klbf 3D

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PAK DA — to be!

  First information about promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) appeared in 2009. Then it was announced early preparatory work on the topic. Contract for R & D project PAK DA was awarded to «Tupolev». Then distant aircraft commander General A. Zhiharev caveat that his agency wants to get at upgrading of existing Tu-160, even very deep, but the latest car completely. First Command desire distant aviation suggest new sighting and navigation system, new avionics and aircraft fully compatible with all existing and promising types of weapons. After that memorable interview disk imaging during PAK DA almost was not.

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U.S. and China: Cold War

I. Victim differences In early August between the U.S. and China began a new round growing every month cool war — mutual exchange geopolitical «courtesies». 3rd day of the State Department commented officially announced the completion of construction of China town Sansha (July 24) on the peninsula Woody, otherwise referred to as Yongxing or Fulham. Hegemonic America did not like not only the emergence of a new Chinese town of Woody, and placement of military garrison there, and also plans to build a fishing base. While the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan only verbally claimed the tiny plot

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Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for 1 cent

Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for scrap. Texas company «Oll old Metals» (All Star Metals) paid for it, the military department only 1 cent — taking into account the expected costs of transporting it to the disposal site, ITAR-TASS When launched in 1954, «Forrestal» was naikrupneyshim ship in the U.S. Navy and was considered a miracle of technology in America. The cost of its construction were estimated at $ 217 million — about $ 2 billion in current prices. But in the past 20 years, the first South American «superavianosets» quiet zarzhaveval at the pier in Philadelphia, and

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ACS «Coalition-SV-SH» will show at the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013

Until a few months back the Russian defense industry representatives promised that at the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 to be held in late September in Nizhny Tagil, will show some samples of the new Russian military equipment. It later emerged that the general public will not be able to behold some of the promised military vehicles. Yet, in the list to show the declared types of vehicles is one of the most exciting developments shortly. The exhibition RAE-2013 for the first time will demonstrate self-propelled gun «Coalition-SV» on a wheeled chassis. That variant bears the title «Coalition-SV-CABG.» On the existence

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