Heavy armored «Namer» («Leopard»). Israel

As you know, the Israeli military equipment designers have acquired significant experience in the area of ​​the creation of highly protected combat vehicles using as a base base tanks: an engineering machine «Puma» (based on «Centurion»), BMP «Ahzarit» (based on captured T-55) BTR «Nakpodon» and «Nagmash’ot» (both also based on the tank «Centurion»). Now in Israel created a standard (model) based on the heavy IFV main battle tank of the Israeli army «Merkava» Mk1, get the serial named «Namer» (Namer — tiger). First acquaintance with this machine came on 7-10 March 2005 in Tel Aviv at an arms fair «Low

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Fighter F-35C experienced full-missile bomb load

Deck version of the fighter F-35C «Lightning 2″ has been tested with a full bomb load rocket, ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the company «Lockheed Martin» Flight was conducted at an air base in the Navy Patuxent River. Test aircraft (LA) with the designation CF-01 was equipped with missiles «air-to-air» AIM-9X «Sidewinder» (Sidewinder), guided air bombs (ASD) laser-guided GBU-12 «Peyvuey-2» (Paveway II ) and a container of artillery weapons. Representative applets to create the F-35 Lara Siebert said that despite the fact that the composition located on the aircraft missile and bomb armament was not the languid, were involved

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Russia is among the top five economies in the world and in Washington have learned that the Russian «spit on the United States»

To rescue the Syrian «opposition» Taliban come. — «… Death at the hands of well-armed army of Bashar Assad.» — It is not true about the crash of the F-16? — Veterans of American politics give advice to Mr. Obama. — Rouhani criticizes Ahmadinejad’s policies. — Israel, open to the world the truth! — Israeli missiles can reach Russia. — «Our people shot in the head …» — Homosexuality Britain. — Ukrainian climate for NATO will not do. — In Argentina, data flowed. — South American laws undermine public safety. — In Colorado, preparing to open the season on «drones.»

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USS Gerald R. Ford. New technologies, new opportunities and new spending

November 9 at the shipyard Newport News Shipbuilding (Newport News, Va.) will hold a ceremony launching a new South American aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). Construction of the lead ship of the same name type began in 2009 and will soon be joining the stage ends. Enter aircraft carrier into service of the U.S. Navy is scheduled for 2016. In the upcoming Pentagon plans to build two more ships of this type. USS «Gerald R. Ford» is one of the most important American military projects shortly. Similar attitude to the ship first justified by the fact that for the

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Medvedev confirmed the development of fifth-generation bomber

Our motherland wants to create a promising new strategic bomber, said on Saturday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on the development of strategic aviation. Medvedev on Saturday visited the Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA) Gorbunov, where he got acquainted with his work, with little talked with employees and vyznat about the developments of the aviation industry in Tatarstan. His visit to the company Medvedev began with a tour of aircraft, which is in the CAPO on repairing and upgrading, an explanation of the prime minister gave the head of the United Aircraft Company Misha Poghosyan and plant

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U.S. clear that China can actually get them

Reports of U.S. officials, it became clear that China conducted the first test launch of the newest intercontinental ballistic missile, which will be the first strategic missile Beijing with multiple warheads.   Flight test road-mobile DF-41 ICBMs held on July 24 and has given rise to new challenges in the midst of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies because of the growth of China’s missile threat, uttered officials familiar with the message on the test start.   According to their estimates, the DF-41 missiles can become a first strike nuclear capability due to their mobility, range, accuracy defeat also

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Chinese company North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) hopes for 2 years to finish the development and creation of a new main battle tank MBT-3000 (development started in 2012), reports the Chinese portal forum china-defense.com. This is one of the few if not the only company that is engaged in the development of China’s main battle tanks. New tank with combat weight 51 tons must reach a speed of 42 miles per hour (75 km / h), supplies, travel 500 km, overcome with the help of special equipment water obstacles depth of 4-5 m, width 2.7 m surmounted trench Fighting vehicle

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U.S. Navy deployed stealth destroyer last generation DDG-1000 next year as the 1st of the 3 main combat troops the U.S. Pacific Command, along with the stealth fighter F-35 and missile defense system, reports english.donga.com October 22. As expected, the «battleship» will hold in horror China, which aims to become a military superpower, and to conduct monitoring of the North Korean missile and nuclear programm. According to the Associated Press, a destroyer with a displacement of 15,000 tons, making it the middle naikrupneyshim American ships of this class, was built in the deepest secrecy and resettled sverhtehnologichny weapons system. The

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British intelligence HELPED Syrian rebels ALEPPO

British intelligence helps Syrian rebels in Aleppo. About this newspaper The Sunday Times told the representative of the Syrian opposition.   Data acquired by the British military, based in Cyprus, Turkey and the United States are transmitted. The Turks, in turn, are stuffed with information freely army of Syria. According to the rebels, the British authorities «know and approve 100 percent» the fact that intelligence gets to the Syrian opposition.   Thanks to British spies rebels, namely, learned about the movement of troops and Assad were able to ambush and kill colonies consisting of more than 40 tanks and

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Shoigu ordered «Skype»-mobiles

In the army go «KAMAZ» kitted laptops for video with the Minister Troops will receive a mobile complex for video conferencing. The first will test the newest system of the armed forces of the Far East. «Skype for the military» will allow top officials at any moment be contacted via an encrypted digital channel directly with the commander of the individual compound. Mobile complex equipment will be located in a special container on the basis of KAMAZ trucks 5350, also inside the army vans, trailers. Will be installed inside computers, microprocessor-based Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with 8GB memory

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