French drones «Harfang» made in Mali 100 sorties

PARIS, June 13. (ARMS-TASS). French unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) «Harfang» (Harfang) in Mali made 100 sorties over 1600 hours duration. This was said to the French Air Force. Rich use of these devices due to the expansion of their introduction in Mali to support ground troops in Operation «Serval» (Serval). In Mali, in January of this year the units of service UAV «Harfang» previously used in operations in Afghanistan and Libya. As the French Defense Ministry said, the use of UAVs in Mali started in January this year. Crews UAV operators «Harfang» and ground technicians are part of the squadron

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«Javelin». ROCKETS 16 — 16 Hits

In a joint exercise Yudh Abhyas Indian Army and the U.S. Army were conducted firing antitank missile system Javelin («Dart» — approx. «VP»), during which were obtained «flawless results,» reports ASDNews June 17.   5 missiles were produced (three soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division, the U.S. and two Indian settlements), all ATGM hit targets with a direct hit.   «In recent years, in the course of a few exercises Yudh Abhyas Indian and South American gunners fired a total 16 missiles difficulties, as a result we have 16 direct hits. Results they say for themselves, «said President of

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Russia Arms Expo 2013 sensations fenced off from new products

Complete their work in Nizhny Tagil arms exhibition ground troops Russia Arms Expo 2013 (RAE-2013) supplied by several observers immediately extensively discussed premieres and novelties. But these are they in reality, and not if we missed something in the sonorous presentations? What is in fact devoted to RAE-2013? Premiere salon, fly out on the first band, as is often the case in the near future, are not premiers. New Tank «Armata» Secret shown Dmitry Medvedev does not count: it is still hidden tank — almost as a joke, ending with the words «because we have for you is not about

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Our homeland as before preserves the status of the 1st of world leaders in space exploration. Such an outlook expressed now manager of the Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on security and reliability properties of cosmic art.   «Analysis of the world of cosmic activity indicates that our homeland today maintains the status of the 1st of world leaders in space exploration as the basis of belief in science and technology, and based on the belief of cosmic art market and services» — quoted by ITAR Popovkin TASS.   According to


Younger sister «ZUMVALTA.» Spain was developing «a revolutionary new Fregat»

Spanish Navy plans to change the six stealth frigates promising F-110 ships of the same class Santa Maria (modification of the U.S. missile frigates class Oliver Hazard Perry — approx. «VP»), who are approaching end of life (from 2020), reports rpdefense.over on November 22. Work commenced in 2010, commissioning of the lead ship is planned in 2025. Multipurpose warships will be built at the shipyard of Navantia, will be operated for 40 years and equipped with unmanned systems for different types of operations at sea, in the air and under water. Official information about the program there is limited,

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Experimental aircraft «Douglas X-3 Stiletto»

The aircraft was designed for flight research features trapezoidal wing of small aspect ratio and aerodynamics fly at speeds of 2460-3690 km / h Military department of the United States associated with this plane enormous expectations — study had very assist in increasing the power of defense. Because all project information in its time was one hundred per cent classified. Agreement on the establishment of experimental aircraft was concluded with «Douglas» in 1947. Design, development and establishment of an aircraft lasted about 5 years. For now designers have studied more than 60 different variants of assembly and aerodynamic configurations

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Fifth generation fighters ventured

According to the views of American professionals only subtle fighters 5th generation will be able to survive on the battlefield, the saturated air defenses and enemy aircraft. To give the aircraft more capabilities, U.S. Air Force plans to surround them with a network of single nanobespilotnikov. In the future, the U.S. Air Force to penetrate the air space of the enemy will use stealth fighters, surrounded by a flock nanobespilotnikov. U.S. Air Force intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Larry James appreciates the South American experience of the last 10 years in gaining advantages in the air and defeat the enemy

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«SPARROW-M» — unmanned aerial system development HAI

Portable unmanned aerial reconnaissance complex «Sparrow-M» developed in the Institute of PFM Kharkov Aviation Institute.   Multipurpose complex Sparrow-M system for aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring on the basis of a small UAV.   Portable unmanned aircraft system based on mini-UAV-M Sparrow, makes a wide range of monitoring tasks and exploration, including counterterrorism operations and emergency response, atmospheric monitoring, says the publication «Industrial Ukraine».   Already have working copies of the aircraft, including its modification with vertical takeoff and landing. Equipped television, infrared and akustichiskoy Apparatus radiation, chemical and photographic reconnaissance.   The main performance characteristics: length — 600mm Wingspan

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New items RAE-2013: Tank mode «hunter-shooter» and armored «Typhoon»

Tank T-90 MS «Breakthrough» — A modification of the T-90S. Refreshed model features enhanced armor and weapons. «Breakthrough» resettled improved fire control system and the commander’s panoramic sight. «The main» chip » tank — is his ability when shooting. The machine installed system and feature panoramic view of «hunter-shooter.» Command detects a target here and passes it to the gunner, who later do not need to find further this goal, «- he explained it to RIA Novosti Head of sector» Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau » Vladimir nevolin. Prime midst Nizhny Tagil arms show — auto brand «Ural». During exponential

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Sniper rifle Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle

Demand for self-loading rifles, who own relatively high accuracy and use vserasprostranennye ammunition, always will be. How would have created similar infinite number of samples, and all of them and do arise, and the fundamentally no different from their predecessors. So, in fact, nothing of a supernova will occur and everything is kept only by advertising, although from time to time and across notable standards, but it is unique. This article will try to meet with another variation of a sniper rifle based on the AR-10 chambered for the 7.62 x 51, though with some differences and modifications. Another series

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