Russian Navy in 2013 to take part in its 36 new ships

Russian Navy in 2013 to accept own composition 36 new warships, boats and auxiliary vessels. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, the deputy commander of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov.   According to him, the delivery of the fleet of marine equipment in such an amount «indicates the revival of the Navy.» Middle of March 2013, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Russian Navy until 2020 a total difficulties replenished 78 ships: eight strategic nuclear submarine 16 multipurpose submarines 54 surface ships of different classes   By 2016 the fleet was planned to take 24 new

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Mexico acquired two UAVs «Domineytor XP»

Mexico acquired two Israeli unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) «Domineytor XP» (Dominator XP). Israeli developer of UAV «Aeronautics’s Defense Systems» (Aeronautics Defense Systems, ADS) confirmed the Spanish website, which signed a contract for the supply of 2-systems of the armed forces of Mexico. The composition of ALS include drones «Domineytor XP», made on the basis of the twin-engine commercial aircraft «Diamond» (Diamond) DA42. UAV «Domineytor XP» can stay aloft for 28 hours and carry a load of 300 kg. Flight altitude 9150 meters achieves the highest velocity of 351 km / h Middle of 2011, after obtaining permission from

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Air Force can take the new bomber 5 years earlier than expected

Promising aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA) entered service Russian Air Force (IAF) for 5 years earlier than planned, said Acting Deputy Chief of the Air Force Aviation Major-General Alexander Chernyaev.   Distant aircraft commander Maj. Gen. Anatoly Zhiharev previously reported that PAK DA can enter the Russian Air Force in 2025.   «I think the first standards PAK DA will go on air around 2020» — said Cherniayev in an interview posted on the web page online Press Club Defense Ministry.   According to him, such optimistic terms based on the fact that the form of PAK DA

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R11 sniper rifle

Sniper rifles made on the basis of their AR15/M16 and other «relatives», far from unique. Punched them all and sundry, many honestly they say about the relationship with developments Stoner, many invent tales of untold properties and make «breakthroughs» in the arms business, so that defects in similar swatches no guns. Judging by the fact that every year there are actually copying each other models, it does not always from different manufacturers, the gun purchase and acquire willingly. So try to briefly acquainted with one of the models proposed nedavneshnih Remington Arms, well, for one to understand what all the

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CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF

Tiltrotor — this aircraft capable of producing vertical takeoff and landing (as do helicopters) and long horizontal flight speed, suitable for everyday aircraft. Because this type of aircraft are not fully or helicopters or airplanes, it affects their view. As a result, the configuration of these aircraft can take the most sudden appearance. In addition, because the flying apparatus of this type are characterized by Rata with 2 sharply differing modes of flight in their design but have to constantly go on compromises. CONSTRUCTION. VTOL vysokoplan made on a straight-wing, two-keel fins, 2 GTE and 2 tilt-rotor in nacelles

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With the radar «QUEEN ELIZABETH» GOT-Seeing «OKO»

With the installation of the main ship’s radar being built aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the future flagship of the Navy, is currently higher than Nelson’s column. Large distant radar mounted on the top acts in the front superstructure of an aircraft carrier. It is reported by the website Navy England on November 28.   Large dark plate at the moment stands at the largest warship of England with a large installation of the radar antenna on the highest part of the structure HMS Queen Elizabeth.   Currently, the height of the future flagship of the fleet is 56 meters

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Sagitta — new unmanned aerial vehicle made its first flight in 2015

New unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Sagitta perform the first flight of the middle of 2015, said at the show at Le Bourget software company Cassidian.   With all of this in the air will rise not the UAV and its technological demonstrator.   The flight will take on one of the polygons Germany. UAV has a flat flying wing configuration and is designed as a kite, ARMS-TASS reported.   The purpose applets Sagitta is working out future technology UAVs, including: aerodynamics design of the apparatus flight control system and performed tasks modeling and system integration evaluation of materials and constructions

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BBM TITUS: mobility, protection, cross-

Hybrid MRAP armored personnel carriers and will allow France to strengthen market position armored combat vehicles Nicholas Beginners In the case of the Syrian crisis deepening Paris could face the prospect of losing the principal arms markets themselves. These fear voiced at last not so long ago in the town of Pyrénées-Atlantiques department By a two-day conference of the Summer Institute of Defence. The discussions were the role of parliamentarians, industrialists and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of France. As noted at the conference, scheduled for 2014-2019 years programm National Defence Development anticipates restrictions in the military budget. It

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Beretta M9 and M11 (SIG Sauer P228) 9mm not meet U.S. Air Force pilots

The U.S. Air Force in 2014, wants to launch a tender for the supply of new guns for pilots who will have to change the outdated Beretta M9 and M11 (SIG Sauer P228) 9mm.   As reported AirForceTimes, for another year as pistols begin assessment tests offered by different companies armories.   As expected, during the selection of a new instrument and its tests before signing the contract with the winner to take three years.   According to Daryl Islika controlling modular infantry division systems USAF requirements for the brand new weapons were studied together with the U.S. Army. Recently,

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HISTORY OF AVIATION. NEW DETAILS Israeli air raid on the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 YEAR

In the South American weekly New Yorker published an article by David Makowski (David Makovsky), revealing previously unknown facts of military operations IDF codenamed «Operation Orchard» («Operation Orchard»). Tipo facts were obtained Makowski during discussions with a dozen senior Israeli representatives.   According to Makowski, Israel suspected that in 2006 Syria has stepped up its nuclear program from exploration and established residence facility in the north-east of the country in the area of ​​Deir al-Zour.   To do this, Israel should have been clear evidence. According to Makowski, March 7, 2007 in Vienna agents «Mossad» broke into the house

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