Unexplained anomalies in the abandoned village in Udmurtia

November 1, 2012 5:50

In Udmurtia, found a mysterious village, from which the inhabitants had fled. People left their homes, but left them all their belongings. 18 empty houses.

From the nearest settlement to the village about five kilometers. But it is directly across the moor. But for him not to go. Bypassing all impassable place, the team is wound through the woods about 15 miles away. — Several years ago, the internet I found an article on the village. Kept to himself … and forgotten — the head of the "Sphere-X" Valery Kotov. — Recently, I was approached

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Anomalies on meteorological radar in Mexico near the volcano Popocatepetl

October 30, 2012 3:58

Meteorological radar images of the issuing country in the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl who recently flew in a huge UFO.

Scientists can not give a reasonable explanation of what happened in October 2012, when an unidentified flying object with a diameter of 200 meters, literally flew into the crater of an active volcano Popocatepetl at great speed. The object is cylindrical, although given the high speed of flight, it is difficult to make decisions about the present form of the object. In the video clearly shows that the head portion of the

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American and Indian scientists have confirmed paranormal properties doorways

February 13, 2013 3:21

Sometimes, even in the most ordinary things can be found amazing, and even the strange properties that are now called — "paranormal."

Very often unexplained anomalies are located right next to us, we do not notice, but they affect us every day, and we do not understand what is happening to us

So, as usual over the doorway, required in any room, can have an impact both on people and on animals. However, few people know about the nature of this impact, and few of us will look for anomalous properties in the commonplace

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Riddles Kashkulakskoy cave

October 22, 2012 20:28

In the spur of the Kuznetsk Alatau, in Khakassia, in the south-eastern slope of Mount Our wild ass ("HOS hulah" in Khakassian — "two ears") is a cave which locals called the Cave of the black devil. In some encyclopedias call it one of the worst places on earth. And there is good reason.

First anomalies Kashkulakskoy cave widely spoken after in 1959 a group of Moscow geologists stumbled upon this natural site. According to the memoirs of one of the members of the expedition Yegor Barkovsky, two decades later, has organized a new expedition

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Mount Zarathustra, invasion of fungi and fireproof letter P: top 5 anomalies Perm region

October 16, 2012 21:10

"AIF-Kama" was just three rating unknown: according to the journalists, according to UFO researchers and the popular version. Permian, October 16 — AIF-Kama region. Perm region has always been a place of mystery. Here, you and beliefs of the heathen, and the "Golden Woman", and Chud, pushed to the ground. River Styx washes Egoshihinskoe cemetery, and the station Adischevo meets stray travelers. There are modern anomaly — headless red-art facilities, the mystical theater and the smell of gas, which consistently appears on the streets of the city every two years. But how to select from

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Mysterious disappearances

February 12, 2013 13:54

Mysterious disappearances according to scientists in fourth place among the most misunderstood phenomena our planet. People disappear all ages, often without a trace, sometimes in front of many witnesses. Much less a person opens a gift spatial teleportation, which he could control at will.

For example, Zhang Baoshen, Chinese descent, often demonstrated a unique ability to teleport, and could dematerialize small objects, which then appear in another place. Experiments to study this phenomenon were conducted in 1982-1983, in the most severe conditions. Specialists stocked all kinds of modern equipment of the time, chemical markers and

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UFO varying mass, size and shape of objects

October 14, 2012 23:39

Unidentified flying objects and emitted rays are capable of an amazing impact on the objects: to change their mass, size and shape. Thickness of the glass remained unchanged One case of such exposure occurred in 1981 in France, near Lyon. Disk-shaped object, flying late at night close to the ground, met on a deserted rural road construction. UFO released the pink ray, which went through its walls, roof and windows. Object then flew away. The next day the people found that the glass windows in the building were not too hard, but noticeably concave inside.

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Night fishermen light — shining people UFO …

October 14, 2012 4:24

Since the beginning of this year, residents of Tatarstan seen "flying saucers" 15 times. According to the head of the "Kazan Kosmopoisk" Maria Petrova, the aliens feel themselves at home. And from time to time, make themselves known and other mysterious beings — for example, the mermaid.

Racing on hares — fun gnomes

All-Russian Scientific Research Association "Kosmopoisk", created in the 80 years on the initiative of the Moscow Aviation Institute graduates are still not taken seriously by the scientific world. It is understandable: after all, "Kosmopoisk" has been studying paranormal phenomena, which can neither

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Nan Madol: HAARP time of Atlantis?

October 8, 2012 4:51

Nan Madol is considered one of the most bizarre structures of antiquity. For the construction of the city with no windows and doors, located on the tiny Pacific island of Ponape, took 250 million tons of basalt, which is comparable in terms of the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Some basalt beam dimensions and weight is greater than any of the two million units in the pyramid of Cheops. Nan Madol long ago abandoned its walls proglyadyvaya through dense mangroves, suggest a superstitious terror of the people that still live nearby.

Photo from

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In the solar corona are teeming with UFO

October 6, 2012 17:06

In recent months, something incredible is happening in the solar corona. The pictures transmitted from watching the sun probe "Soho" and "Stereo" and posted on the official website of NASA experts began to find strange, obviously artificial objects …

First UFO near the Sun was discovered back in 2010, since then a lot of the facts noted the presence of objects around the sun the size of a planet Earth.

Trying to hide secrets

Unusual formations that are too correct forms, first found in the photographs of prominences, now found on almost the entire surface

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