On Ukraines railways wandering ghost train

October 1, 2012 0:53

Leschaty waylaid mysterious train at the crossing in the village Zavalichi, jumped on the bandwagon of the ghost, and more of it never seen before. Photo: strangeworlds.at.ua

Train with tightly closed shutters, doors open and the empty driver's cab is moved silently, pressing chickens wandering the canvas. Ukraine has a plenty of anomalies and mysteries as much as any other country in the world. One of them — a ghost train, from time to time appear on Ukrainian railways. It was first seen in 1955 in Balaklava. And there was a train on the

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Archaeologists secret grave giant

September 28, 2012 13:55

The National Geographic Society was involved in a scandal with a giant human skeleton. Proponents of the theory of a great civilization of giants have long dreamed of the happy time when archaeologists found and dug out of the ground skeletons of giants. After all, the skeletons of giants — this is the killer evidence. Here are found the same once the skeletons of dinosaurs, and all had to agree that these giant creatures lived on the globe. But archaeologists have even one giant skeleton was never found, not even find a single skull, not

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KOLCHUGINO anomalies

September 27, 2012 12:26

Near the town of Kolchugino is anomalous zone, which draws attention to all the fans to understand and explain. This forest area, which is visited by many nature lovers. For the first time seriously talking about the zone after a single case, which occurred with a hunter from Moscow. One summer, he decided to leave the noisy city, relax, and along with hunting. Took with him a backpack, a hunting rifle and everything you need to stay in the forest. He decided to go hunting in the forest, near the town Kol'chugina, where he arrived on

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On Earth at the same time there are two worlds

September 27, 2012 12:16

One — on the surface. This is the world in which we live and which alone. But there is another world, hidden in the depths of the earth. About him we know mostly from fairy tales and legends. But sometimes the line between them suddenly collapses. And then on the surface splash strange creatures, strange, unpredictable. Luckily for the residents of our, the surface, the world, a connection between the two worlds are very rare.

One of the places that connect the aerial and underground worlds, is in Russia. It is famous among UFO Devil

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Miracles Sumy village ghost Document

September 17, 2012 17:55

From the Little Bugayki have only the old cemetery in the desert

These days the "ghost village" Small Bugayka (Sumy region) is a research foray researchers of paranormal phenomena. Enthusiasts were finally able to draw public attention to the puzzles forever vanished village: it employs an expedition led by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Kiev International University Alexei Transition, TV channel TV-3 (Moscow) takes a full story on the local anomalies.

Recall Sumy small village disappeared Bugayka s face of the earth in the 1950's. In his memory, has

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The aliens have set up your transmitter Zhiguli Mountains

September 17, 2012 14:23

The word "Lada" we associate with the brand of machines. Supporters of the paranormal sure it's really the machine, not the notorious automotive products, and giant geomashina created for the spatial relation of the Worlds These places are famous for special mirages, glowing fiery object and UFOs — they are, according to ufologists, here there is ten times more often than anywhere else. Hoping to meet the unknown correspondent "AIF" went on an expedition to the mysterious places of the Samara region. The windows in the sky Window of the apartment where he lives Oleg Warriors,

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Nikita anomalous zone

September 13, 2012 13:08

It has long been known that there is on the planet where people do not settle. Our ancestors, for example, at the proposed construction is usually tied to trees pieces of raw meat. If after a few days almost spoiled meat, this place was taken to build houses, but if it rots faster than usual — there quickly lam.

Modern researchers of the paranormal call these anomalous zones, and the people they are called black spots. Zones can occur in many different places, and their causes are associated with human activity or influence of unidentified flying

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Strange sounds land: Below us there is someone …

September 9, 2012 9:16

"Below us someone is" the emotional exclamation-owned American ufologists Alan Polanski, with a small group of researchers two years ago to go to the abandoned in the mountains of South American lake, from which, according to his accidentally wandered back travelers who heard strange sounds. After nearly a week of waiting the researchers, who were in an inflatable boat, also be heard and recorded by a hydrophone. "These sounds can not belong to any existing biological nature and are clearly man-made origin" — summed up in a report the expedition leader.

Two engineers from St.

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The secrets of the diamond and gold deposits

September 7, 2012 20:36

Diamonds — soot from the chimneys of hell Annually from kimberlite pipes in the world produces about 25 tons of technical and gem diamonds in the rough cost of about $ 12 billion. Lives of tens of millions of people in one way or another connected with diamonds: they are looking for them, extract, process, sell. Diamonds are not only to meet the immense human vanity and desire for shiny expensive trinkets. It is estimated that the use of diamond tools more than doubles the economic potential of any developed country. But a simple question: how

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Mystery Lada. Fireballs then seen as something ordinary

September 7, 2012 12:03

Some residents believe the Volga: flying around the fire clots — the souls of dead people In search of anomalies of the Samara Bend expedition "AIF" went to the boom Tokhtamysh — mystical hill, the occurrence of which the researchers attributed to the battle on the river Kondurcha, in the fourteenth century largely determined the fate of Europe.

Where is a Tokhtamysh arrow?

"Look, what a flat wall, like a knife cut, — Oleg Warrior, vice president of the research group" Avesta ", shows the elevation, which drives up our car. — According to

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