2012: the threat from space confirmed

September 5, 2012 6:12

In August in the city of Samara international conference ufologists "Space Threat — fiction or reality? '. The conference was attended by leading Russian and foreign ufologists working on the problem of extraterrestrial civilizations and contacts with UFOs, as well as researchers and eyewitnesses anomalies and zones. The purpose of the conference was to draw public attention to the problems of extraterrestrial life.

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Got into the habit UFO fly to Ukraine for the holidays

September 3, 2012 18:07

August 24 Ukrainians in the twentieth time, Independence Day celebrated. Mystery is the fact that on this day in different years over Ukraine recorded, according to UFO, unidentified flying objects. Perhaps these arrivals UFO celebrations are not random, and newcomers flock to the "summit"?

Recall that the Independence Day was celebrated August 24, 1992. Then on frames made in the Crimea, there was something resembling a flying saucer. Late on August 24, 2004 near the White Church in Kiev, there was a mysterious object in the shape of a triangle, near which there are two objects

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In the skies over the Absheron observed activation of UFOs. Whats going on?

September 2, 2012 19:55

The other day in the local media reported that, on 28 August in Baku in Baku settlement Ahmedly direction in the sky local residents observed an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Letter of the UFO was observed in Azerbaijan to the Editor Day.Az received and from our reader named Emily.

"August 29th in 22:00, while in Sumgait, I saw in the window of a bright blue light. The glow lasted a few seconds. Out on the street was heard strong buzz. The first time I ever saw anything like this — says Emilia. — To call relatives,

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On Mars, found evidence of life: shoes and snake

September 1, 2012 21:21

Immediately two proofs of the existence of life on Mars have found one of the users YouTube. The photo NASA he saw the snake and shoes.

Zoom in, inquisitive blogger discovered that employees were once two suspicious objects: a creature that resembles not the snake, not the lizard, and the subject is strikingly similar to the shoes.

"Is it realistic to such anomalies, whether to use any tricks with light or something else, I do not know", — concludes a research enthusiast.

This is not the first Martian "discovery." Thus, immediately after landing

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Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …

August 31, 2012 16:26

"Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …"

While priests, psychics and scientists have puzzled over how to defuse the Krivoy Rog "Barabashka", which burns on the body of a young woman signs in the form of arrows and chicken legs and strangles her in the night, he attacked two more people More than two years ago, the information in the "facts" about the unknown creature leaves burns on the body of 22-year-old Alena Dorogova, became a sensation. Priests, psychics and readers have tried to solve, which means the guest visits from

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Great mysteries of the world (history)

August 26, 2012 9:50

1900 — The lighthouse on the island of Eileen Moore Flannan. Becsledno gone all watch the lighthouse.

1902 — "Paris crash." On the night of 29 to 30 December in 1 hour 05 minutes in many places in Paris to stop the clock.

1908 — The fall of the Tunguska bolide (meteorite).

1911 — 14 July, the train station in Rome, "cruise", hosted by "Sanetti" for wealthy Italians came progudochny train. 106 passengers were sightseeing surrounding the new section of road. The train was approaching superdlinnomu tunnel. And suddenly started happening something awful. According to two

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Pokaiņi — Latvian anomaly that affects all of the events of the Earth

August 23, 2012 10:28

In a place in the parish Pokaiņi Naude Dobele District Latvia is anomalous zone, which has a significant impact on the Earth's electromagnetic field, and, accordingly, all the events taking place on the planet — from wars to violence of elements. Here bring their patients, traditional healers, claiming that visiting Pokaynskogo forest nourishes the body with natural energy. But physicists and physicians do not recommend exposing your health at risk.

Photo Publicitates foto

It is known that changes in the Earth's magnetic field can affect the electrochemical processes in the human body where the

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Flying people with glowing balls?

November 19, 2011 17:24

Figure: biggik.com

Recently, in our practice, UFO caught quite ordinary UFO sightings, so if our focus is suddenly extraordinary information, emergency response teams Ufokoma "Artifact" immediately goes to the place. October 27, 2011, by Editor AH "secret research" V. Deruzhinskogo we received a message from the village Ovsyanik Vileyka area of observation there "flying man".

Witnesses have been at least four — Verina Lyudmila Trifonov, her daughter, Angela, and Natalia Avdeeva with her husband. In the original version of the story was this: Angela Verina together with a neighbor from across the street

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Fireballs Zhiguli Mountains

August 8, 2012 17:51

We have already written about the mysterious phenomena that are observed from time immemorial people in the Middle Volga. One of the most intriguing points on the map of Russia is considered Samara Bend. Researchers from the NGO "Avesta", whose headquarters is located in Samara, for many years collecting information about anomalous phenomena in this place.

"Man-owl" on the river Usoy

At Samara Bend and Zhiguli mountains are villages, whose history for several hundred years. This, for example, sat Shelehmet, Shiryaevo Podgora, Shafts. Ascula, Tor-new and many others. Information on their very first inhabitants are

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On Baikal investigate mysterious phenomena

August 1, 2012 9:12

Bright spot on the background of sky Baikal. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording can not convey all that he saw the human eye. Muscovites Anastasiya Lebedev and Andrei Chernobrov came ashore among the first. We decided to take a walk, look at the sky and …

— Point was burning bright as a star. Her movements were different, chaotic. She could not stand, could move sharply. Freeze could smoothly sail up, slowly down. We excluded the plane, a helicopter, a Chinese lantern. We excluded missiles — said expedition participant (Moscow) Anastasia Lebedeva.

The next day

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