Anomaly of timothy

January 31, 2013 1:44

According to Nicholas Shishkunov / avtomobilnaj_stolica

By some mystical coincidence, at the time when TLTgorod opened the series of articles, "The Chronicles of anomalies Tolyatti" in Togliatti area Runet picture appeared mysterious object, shot near the city, in the village of timothy.

According to a girl …

"On January 28 21:3 O of Togliatti, VILLAGE timothy noticed a strange glow in the kind of way AROUND THE MOON, took a camera to photograph it. When they began to aim the camera at the moon and noticed a glowing ball right next to the

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What are the places of power, and how do they work?

March 25, 2012 8:49

The term "power spots" appeared in the books of the writer anthropologist Carlos Castaneda.

"Places of Power" — a geographic area, sometimes large, sometimes small, have significance for human energy fields. "Place of Power" (in English. "Place of Power") is associated with increased energy, the special atmosphere of the area. It is in these "strong" local temples, monasteries, churches, and they were called — holy (sacred places, "sacred" from Lat. Sacri — sacred). In places there are various forces often anomalous phenomena associated with the release of energy from the Earth.

Energy power spots may have

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Mysterious ruins of the ocean — Nan Madol

March 18, 2012 14:30

Nan Madol is considered one of the most bizarre structures of antiquity. For the construction of the city with no windows and doors, located on the tiny Pacific island of Ponape, took 250 million tons of basalt, which is comparable in terms of the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Some basalt beam dimensions and weight is greater than any of the two million units in the pyramid of Cheops. Nan Madol long ago abandoned its walls proglyadyvaya through dense mangroves, suggest a superstitious terror of the people that still live nearby.

Pacific Venice


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Who took a hat sphinx?

March 13, 2012 5:43

Turns out the Sphinx is "cover the birth canal." You can check here. The Forum Site was presented suggested that the hat had previously sphinx like statues like this:

When viewed from above, the head of a sphinx is too flat, just for the hat and the hole — as a system of "tongue and groove". But perhaps, it covers something more important:

In 1979, the state of the Sphinx was quite bad. Urgently needed to take measures to save the monument — just to ensure that it did not lose his

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Newcomers from the underwater world

March 9, 2012 22:27

In the study of this phenomenon, as unidentified flying objects, often forget that the land mass is only a quarter of the Earth's surface. The rest consists of the seas, that is, the least affordable places to see. There is rare reports of such events. Meanwhile, unidentified objects are clearly drawn to the water element.

Sailors seriously concerned about the meeting with the mysterious guests, and it is quite clear — is under threat as the safety of people and the implementation of a combat mission for warships. Worried as unusual features of mysterious neighbors.

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All the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings living beyond three-dimensional reality — Critter

March 8, 2012 17:47

"Skayfishi" ("celestial fish")

Thing of the past era, when all the unusual phenomena in the world associated with the intervention of alien intelligence. Today, researchers, many working on the problem of "flying saucers" are leaning towards a new paradigm: many UFOs are energetic nature, as part of the surrounding natural environment. As, however, and other anomalous phenomena … Perhaps all of the mysterious objects is nothing as essential beings that live beyond the three-dimensional realnosti.Znakomtes: Critter! As you know, sometimes developed photo you can see some mysterious beings or objects that are not visible

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Glienicke — Polish anomalous zone

January 28, 2013 15:55

UFO Arkadiusz Myazga is publishing his book on UFO incidents in Poland, many of which were collected by the author himself during his research. On the Internet, a small piece was published, dedicated to a series of mysterious events in one place — the Carpathian village Glienicke, which, perhaps, can claim to be "anomalous zone". We offer you a translation from Polish of the fragment of the book.

Observations of strange shapes in Glienicke: 1) the case Mrs. Sophia L. in 1950. 2) Pan Jacek case in 1998-1999. 3) in the case of Pan

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Mystery of blue men — the story of one family

March 4, 2012 21:47

Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains were the scene of occurrence of medical anomalies, the existence of which is impossible to believe.

Mystery of blue men: the story of a family from Kentucky, whose members turned blue as a result of inbreeding

In the 1800s, the East Kentucky lived in complete isolation of the family, members of which had one very bright distinguishing feature — a blue leather!

The reason for this was the union of two people with the recessive genes and subsequent mezhrodstvennye mezhrodstvennye marriages and sex of their offspring.

Mystery behind the macabre

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ITAR-TASS: Found seven years ago in Bosnia pyramid radiate energy

March 2, 2012 16:03

LJUBLJANA, March 2. Itar-Tass Dmitry Ivanov. Discovered seven years ago in Bosnia in the capital Sarajevo huge pyramids emit energy. This was announced at the Ljubljana held a press conference of their discoverer and explorer archaeologist Semir Osmanagich.

According to him, some of the so-called Bosnian pyramids have a strong energy field. "With the help of physicists and electrical engineers, we have proved that at the top of the" pyramid of the Sun "radiates an energy that comes out of her depth, — he said. — Such power anomalies are observed in several other

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The most sensitive instrument — the human body

February 26, 2012 20:01

Many have heard of the phenomenon of dowsing, which allows you to define different kinds of anomalies, whether of water underground ore-bearing deposits, disease in humans or animals. I first encountered the phenomenon of dowsing, when he went in 1985 to the area of the Tunguska meteorite. There's generally a lot to me was new, and among them — a strange reaction of so-called dowsing framework.

Source of information

As tall as a basketball player, with fashionable stubble on his face, UFO researcher with experience and class biooperator on their side hobbies, Sergei Savinov spread out

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