A secret underground buzz

February 12, 2012 6:53

One of them is the noise of the Earth, the planet emitted at low frequency

In different parts of the world people sometimes hear the roar, which seemed to be heard from the ground. Feeling as if somewhere in the depths of working arrangements or diesel generators. Moreover, this work is not the clock, and at intervals, as is the case where there is some production. Only it is hidden deep underground.

Subterranean noise in the anomalous zone

For the first time in our practice expedition on vague buzz out of the ground pointed

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Spatial shift

February 10, 2012 20:02

The size of the universe has no meaning. Planet — far more advanced beings than dwell in them individual life forms. However, they are very sensitive to their inhabitants. Stars are much more advanced than the planet, and have full knowledge of all densities.

Galaxies are much more advanced than the stars, and program the basic conditions for the spiritual, mental, and even physical development of all star systems. The visible universe is much more developed than the galaxy and sets the basic laws and patterns, which will be followed by all, for it — the

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The origin of the moon

February 9, 2012 19:04

We are used to our only "natural" satellite that orbits the planet constantly every 28 days. But when we begin to analyze the physical properties of our friend neighbor, many details suggest that the moon can not be normal natural creation. Photo from theepochtimes.com

Moon dominates in our night sky, from ancient times it has affected the people most poetic soul strings. Although over the past few decades, offered new insights into the many mysteries of the moon, a large number of outstanding issues still surround our only "natural" companion. We used to rely on

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Where populations are disappearing?

February 1, 2012 19:07

Legends of mysterious disappearances are widespread throughout the world. But, without a doubt, one of the most popular is the incident that occurred in North America, in the colony of Roanoke, whose inhabitants seen alive for the last time in 1587. The leader is also the unexplained disappearance and whereabouts of more than thirty men, women and children who disappeared from the village of Eskimos in the first half of the twentieth century by the lake Andzhikuni.

Lake Andzhikuni richly pike and trout. It is located along the banks of Kazan in one of the

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Kuzmolovskoe tract — anomalous zone

February 14, 2012 20:08

Kuzmolovskoe tract is located in the Valdai Hills. Circle — dense forests, to the nearest town — at least 20 kilometers. It is in these protected areas are sometimes incredible miracles. But here some time going a real hell! It seems that in the tract is a zone where … disappears reality!

October 19, 2007, Mikhail Chumakov local forester went in the hole to inspect the site, which, after the great fire, it was decided to give a timber: at the tops of the pine trees were burned, and the trunks were not disappear as a

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UFO in Ukraine

January 31, 2012 14:49

Information about UFOs, which were sent to the club Ukrainians, ufologists systematized and displayed on the map. It places were observed anomalies are indicated by a plateau.

Photos for January 2012. UFO over the monument to soldiers-liberators in Lugansk

Starting from the 17th century, about 500 Collected eyewitness who saw a UFO over the Ukraine. Also in the archive of UFO visits included KGB secrets, the SBU, meteorologist, reports in the media.

According to the map, Luhansk region UFO visited 19 times. In two cases (02 April 1990 and in January 1983)

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History of the state of UFO research in the USSR

January 29, 2012 16:26

In the mid-seventies, the Soviet Union has been pronounced by various public organizations engaged in "the study of the UFO problem," as a result, greatly increased interest in the issue among the general public.

Discussion of the problem is a significant phenomenon in the social life of the country, especially among the scientific and technical intelligentsia. Ample food for all kinds of speculation allowed, widespread so-called "lecture" Russian ufologists and numerous translated materials. I must say that these lectures were very popular and draw full houses. The authors of these lectures (the best-known use of

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Mystic Lake Issyk-Kul

January 24, 2012 14:53

Surrounded by the ridges of the Northern Tien Shan Kong gay Ala-Too and Terskey Ala-Too, at a height of 1609 m above sea level on the bottom of a deep tectonic basin has the largest and deepest lake in Kyrgyzstan — Issyk-Kul.

This is a closed body of water, from the mountains to the lake are the waters of the river are numerous small (about 80). Historical mysteries famous Issyk-Kul. One of them — the assumption of some scientists about the possible disposal of the Evangelist Matthew in the monastery, which supposedly located at the

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Call sign of the parallel worlds

January 24, 2012 14:24

Since conceived science, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists and representatives of other disciplines to discuss the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

There are different ideas. For example, some people speak of a single mind of the universe, the other — on the minds of not only protein, but also inorganic matter. But the most popular are the subject of other civilizations, aliens and UFOs.

Certainly have seen a flight of "dish" famous English writer Jonathan Swift. He not only described it (of course, with elements of fiction) in his "Gulliver's Travels", calling it a country

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Prayer snake god

January 23, 2013 3:03

In the metropolitan area was once highly respected reptiles.

In the coming year the Snake "sacred capital" of Russia should become a forgotten ancient village, located a few hundred kilometers from Moscow — after all the places have been chosen by our ancestors for temple snake god.

There is a danger of habit confusing, so let's just be clear: we are not talking about "women" and the "man" title. So Shatura with the famous Power Plant "Get out of the brackets," and all we pay attention to the location of a half dozen miles from

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