Invisible reality in the photo

December 19, 2011 4:55

In the 80 years of the Italian scientist Luciano Bocconi three years led photography using sensors of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, magnetometers and other instruments on the highly sensitive film. This happened at night in Arenzano in Italy for three hundred meters high hill. Side-by photographs of horses recorded essential form of life, plasma effect, luminous beings, invisible to the human eye.

They glided with incredible speed when landing or taking off, followed by the dolphins over the airliner, hung over the large industrial complexes. During large fires Bocconi there was a strong

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Zaporozhets managed to photograph a ghost — an alien from another dimension

December 17, 2011 6:59

As the "Miguev" researcher of anomalous phenomena, Head of Zaporizhzhya UFO Association Vladislav Buzzard, almost at the same time to the two residents of Zaporozhye declares … ghosts — apparently, aliens from parallel worlds.

First luminous essence — the day, by the way — I saw a relative Vladislav Buzzards, who lives next door to him. Then draw a ghost in the apartment did not believing in any anomalies Cossacks, also a resident of Shevchenko Raina. Not to lose, he, before the stranger vanished, managed to shoot it CellPhones (pictured).

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Anomalous zones of the Earth

December 16, 2011 19:30

On Earth, many strange and mysterious places. Such places people legends and myth, gives them unusual strength. That's what we'll talk more.

Abhayagiri (Sanskrit) — Mount Courage in Ceylon, which is an ancient vihara (monastery), in the Middle Ages lived many Buddhist monks from Abhayagiri Vasin heretical school (School of the Secret Forest). Gore and the school, which was located on it, is considered the most mystical and mysterious in Ceylon. The fate of the missing people in a strange way (and in the year 400 BC. Oe., There were about 5000),

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Tenth planet in the solar system — Gloria.

December 16, 2011 18:39

According to the Information Center UFO research in the coming years due to the sun peep planet inhabited by intelligent beings. Center Director Valery Uvarov suggests that contact will take place, and before preparing for a meeting with another civilization, answering tricky questions.

According to recent reports, the life on Mars still is. If we are to be entirely accurate — was about 12-13 thousand years ago. In any case, it was the conclusion made by scientists from the center. Hard to say, as if the events developed further, if one day

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Shooting on the other side of reality

December 16, 2011 19:28

After the photo of the pupil, you can get a picture of the image that a person has just seen

Photo and video tape often imprint that we can not see with the naked eye — a parallel reality. That UFOs and ghosts, and various energy substances. And sometimes, ordinary snapshots inexplicably affect the fate of a man …

Hallucinations on film

As you know, any image that comes into the field of view of man, any time left in the form of prints on the retina. Therefore, to take a pupil can get the

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Why UFOs are invisible

December 14, 2011 7:15

One of the unusual properties of UFOs is their ability to disappear, becoming invisible to the human eye, and just as suddenly appear. Know a number of cases where the objects are clearly visible in front of witnesses suddenly disappeared or disappearing in one place and suddenly appear in another.

In June 1966, around the farm in Aveyron (France), there are three fireballs, flying across the field to the farm. One of these balls hanging 15 meters from the house and hung motionless for 3 minutes, then suddenly disappeared, and after a

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Alien Moon Base filled up like mushrooms

December 22, 2011 7:01

Every day there is more and more evidence of the theory of the existence of alien bases on the moon. And with increasing speed appear more and more explanation of this.

In the X-XI century BC, during the ancient Chinese dynasties, stargazers wrote many treatises on the night sky. But none of them refers to the moon. Therefore, we can conclude that at the time Sputnik was not. In comparing the theory and the legends of the Deluge, by some researchers, it is assumed that the appearance of the Earth's orbit of the Moon was one

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Our ancestors felt the electric and magnetic fields

December 10, 2011 1:24

We're all on the nature of psychics

With compass in my head …

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Medical School assure that a person could feel the magnetic field, and hence the focus on it without a compass. As a dove. As would have built-in compass right inside the eye. After all, everything you need for it, there is. And it is quite functional.

The fact that the eyes of birds, mammals and insects have a particular protein cryptochrome, which allows owners to respond to the magnetic field. His kriptohrom is in humans.

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Circles in the Kazakh snow

December 9, 2011 15:38

Unique shots came from Kazakhstan. By Michael Vrachevskogo — the main technical lead OSH East branch office of JSC «KazTransCom». It is engaged in trunking and service pipelines. Work traveling. Michael's expression, "dangle signalers in the rain and cold in different places, and see little more than the others." Surprised. Photographed.

Snow phenomenon is located next to the Russian border: in Zhelezinka area of Pavlodar region, in the valley of the Irtysh River — where the highway from Omsk — Pavlodar branch branches to the village of the October. The pipeline is buried parallel to

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About anomalous phenomena in space

December 13, 2011 15:44

Collection of anomalies in orbit exceeded two thousand certificates

After successful launches of the first cosmonauts, many began to think that space is not fraught with special surprises, and gradually, step by step, reveal all its secrets. But further, longer flights into the unknown abyss showed stay in weightlessness is fraught with many surprises for scientists and astronauts themselves. And the very first flights were not quite so simple. It became known only recently.

Hallucinations in orbit

In November, the Smolensk Regional Universal Library. Twardowski was expected to meet with the famous pilot, world record holder,

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