UFO appeared near the ISS — The Voice of Russia

January 17, 2013 7:36

From the first day in 2013 a lot of UFO was seen in the space next to the International Space Station (ISS), only a few hundred kilometers above the Earth. NASA camera installed on the ISS, recorded unidentified objects of various shapes that are either slow flying or rapidly rising into space. The video is available on Youtube.

UFO appeared near the ISS — The Voice of Russia

User video hosting Streetcap1 posted two video, which clearly seen various unidentified objects of silver, were slowly moving over the surface of the Earth. Two other

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From where does the call of death

December 7, 2011 21:16

After the publication of Goethe's sentimental novel "The Sorrows of Young Werther" at the end of XVIII century, many young people, victims fiasco love life, in imitation of the protagonist of the novel committing an act of suicide by shooting himself in the head. Bestseller had unprecedented success — young people dressed like Werther, act like and talk like Werther Werther. Even a quarter century later, Napoleon Bonaparte, concerned about the endless series of suicides in his army, forbade the reading of this novel.

Most contemporaries Goethe honestly thought that the writer has made an

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Bermuda Triangle: found another anomaly

December 7, 2011 21:30

Recently, American scientists who studied the sea near the famous Bermuda Triangle have found another anomaly. They found that the surface water in this area is literally full of a wide range of viruses. However, viruses do not pose any danger to humans, as they are only interested in oceanic bacteria.

The very phrase "Bermuda Triangle" is a relatively new — it was invented by a fan of spiritualism and esoteric Vincent Gaddis (Vincent Gaddis) in 1964. Speaking about it, Vincent had in mind a region located between the island of Puerto Rico, the Florida coast

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Expert: Our pilots encountered UFOs hundreds. Newspaper Work

January 16, 2013 3:30

The latest issue of the 2012 (December 28) "Work" published an article "What happened at exactly 4.10? '. Old story about the meeting of two of our passenger aircraft with an unidentified flying object remains a mystery.

Statistics abnormal accidents by civil aviation staggering, says the expert. Photo: www.depositphotos.com

But experts are still alive, which were directly related to the investigation of such incidents. Meet Valery Postnikov, one of the most authoritative experts in the field of accident investigation.

— Valery, you are in the Soviet time undertook a study of UFOs. Why?

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Alien bases on the Moon multiplied like mushrooms

December 2, 2011 12:35

Every day there is more and more evidence of the theory of the existence of alien bases on the moon. And with increasing speed appear more and more explanation of this.

In the X-XI century BC, during the ancient Chinese dynasties, stargazers wrote many treatises on the night sky. But none of them refers to the moon. Therefore, we can conclude that at the time Sputnik was not. In comparing the theory and the legends of the Deluge, by some researchers, it is assumed that the appearance of the Earth's orbit of the Moon was

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In the footage, NASA sent probes to the moon, were the ruins of a building

January 16, 2013 4:13

Two research vehicles before crashing into our natural satellite at the end of December 2012, did an amazing video.

Probes crashed near the North Pole of the moon on the night of 17 to 18 December 2012, crashing into the rocks at a speed of about 2 kilometers per second Photo: NASA

There remained only the foundation

NASA released footage taken by the camera, which were installed on the twin satellites Ebb and Flow. Agency broke the surface of the moon for research purposes. Shooting took place on December 14 — three days before

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Gloria — AntiZemlya

November 29, 2011 19:59

According to the Information Center UFO research in the coming years due to the sun peep planet inhabited by intelligent beings. Center Director Valery Uvarov suggests that contact will take place, and before preparing for a meeting with another civilization, answering tricky questions.

According to recent reports, the life on Mars still is. If we are to be entirely accurate — was about 12-13 thousand years ago. In any case, it was the conclusion made by scientists from the center. Hard to say, as if the events developed further, if one day

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Otherworldly reality

November 27, 2011 2:43

Ghost can be seen on the street

In the media, people often see messages about meetings with ghosts. Most of them are questionable. Still, there are examples of manifestations of supernatural beings who almost impossible to refute.

Phantom of the flower

Cases related to ghosts, especially convincing when the latter is directly interfering in people's lives. For example, send some information. That's what happened with the case of a young Englishman Ounom Harrison. He came to Europe from South Africa, where at that time his family lived, to take part in the fight against fascism,

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Mental impact on people UFO

November 26, 2011 19:33

First of all, it should be noted that people have different sensitivities, so that a different perception of UFOs. Know a number of cases where individuals long before the appearance of a UFO had unreasonably excited and a premonition of something unusual. Significant impact on the psyche of people is sometimes the mere appearance of a UFO. At this point, some suddenly wake up with a sense of some concern, and go to the windows, where they see a UFO appeared.

Particularly strong specific effects on the psyche of people has their

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The existence of the soul

November 25, 2011 6:43

Soul — a clot of low energy, so-called astral body capable of very strong impact on the physical body, and even material objects

In October 1968, students BBC BBC strange surprise announcement: "Now will include works by Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven, which were dictated by them from another world … Rosemary Brown" on the music started these composers, of which no one knew.

In the last century of the second millennium, scientists, and after them, and all sensible people were convinced that we do not have souls. There is only an abstract concept that

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