Michael Tellinger explore the city newcomers

December 25, 2012 5:01

Michael Tellinger believes that the ancient city, consisting of many unusual buildings, linked to the lost civilization of ancient aliens from outer space — the Anunnaki. They arrived on Earth about 200,000 years ago to mine gold here.

The ruins, which he studied with another researcher Johan Heine, consist of thousands of stone structures on a very large area. The very sight of the structures shows that they belong to the ancient times, as evidenced by severe erosion and raids, said Tellinger.

One of the most important structures which he called "Calendar of Adam." This

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Chebarkul — portal to parallel worlds?

February 18, 2013 21:14

In the Lake Chebarkul found fragments of a meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk February 15. Studies have confirmed their extraterrestrial origin. Curiously, on the waterfront and still find fragments of the meteorite exploded here in the last century. And they say that close to the lake, there are places where the entrance to the parallel worlds …

According to eyewitnesses, in the last century in this region is large meteorite fell. One of the largest fragments fell into the lake Chebarkul. But to find it as yet. But on the shore was found

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Doomsday in Ushakovo

December 14, 2012 19:11

Very interesting article Kursk ufologist-Eniology Nikolai Borisov in Kursk Pravda of February 13, 2004. Here are completely unchanged.

What was left of the crater in the village Ushakovo Fatezhskogo area Kursk area. Photo: x-libri.ru

In the last years of our press, radio and TV, we get a frightening information about different terrestrial cataclysms. Meanwhile, the conditions for the emergence of anomalies associated with underground electricity, there are in our area.

In winter 1999 the villagers Ushakovo Fatezhskogo area several times been an unusual test of the Mother Nature. The impression that the trial could

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Abnormality of Siberia — and the likelihood of non-obviousness

December 14, 2012 4:07

Are there any on the planet anomalous zones? A special place where all the "something is wrong." And if we talking about anomalous areas, what are the formal criteria of the anomaly? Indeed, some such criteria still identified by researchers. This, above all the objective and subjective factors of abnormal operating continuously or periodically in a specific area.

Patom crater

By objective factors such as a rule, understand a range of biological, geophysical, meteorological, and even technical anomalies, unusual values of physical fields and the presence of faults and underground water sources, availability of

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Brown dwarf in our solar system, there is still a

December 10, 2012 23:53

David Wilcock has just released a short message, in which he admits that he now believes that our solar system is, in fact, is a binary star system. If this is true, it means that our Sun is the companion star. According to Wilcock, the other star — a brown dwarf.

Brown dwarf binary systems and

You might think, if our solar system consists of two stars, why we do not see another one? Good question. The answer lies in the explanation that the companion star is a brown dwarf. This is sort of a star.

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Vibration Earth Day doomsday will survive, not all — scientist

December 10, 2012 19:28

Our publication has repeatedly drawn to the subject of the so-called "end of the world" who "appointed" by 21 December this year.

Explanation of what this day would happen Apocalypse, which will lead to the death of all living things, or, for certain versions, the population of the planet, a variety of sounds — from the overtly mystical to such calculations are backed by certain pseudo-scientific nature. A version of which can be classified as the latter, told Romanian scholar and author of several studies in the field of Biology and Biophysics, winner VI Moscow

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Terrible secret dungeons Aksai

February 28, 2013 0:15

Residents of the Rostov region Aksai have superstitious terror, telling the secrets Aksay dungeons. Dungeons Aksai — labyrinth of underground tunnels and passages.

He was not built for decades and even centuries: people Kobyakov — ancestor of Aksai — first built the catacombs in religious purposes, and then to successive generations and generations maze grew and grew. At present, under the Aqsa Mosque, there are a maze of city-living their Latent life. In Aksay dungeons found a lot of anomalies that warily share with a visiting locals.

In Aksai Mezei is a local

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Keeper of secrets of Atlantis

December 4, 2012 22:40

"Regard to your vanity," — reads the inscription on the chest of the Sphinx guarding one of the Egyptian pyramids. These words aptly characterizes face of the Great Sphinx, which lies at Giza, near the Great Pyramid. Huge and majestic, it is mysterious and slightly contemptuous smile, staring into the distance. Sphinx eyes wise and wary. He zealously guards its secrets.

Great, mighty and terrible Sphinx capable of anything. Example — a case that occurred with one curious photographer. He managed to photograph subtle objects hanging over the shoulder Sphinx. Then he decided to

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Again artifacts

December 2, 2012 23:49

Something with which most people do not want to give up — it is formed over time stable view of the world.

It's no secret that in our post-socialist countries are widespread idea of materialism. A religion and improvement are considered somewhat superstitious, "backward." About a year ago I read a note about the "mad archaeologist," and now more thoroughly acquainted with the book by Michael Baigent "Forbidden Archaeology". In the XIX century it was found very many traces of prehistoric civilizations, and later on finds and discoveries written in serious scientific journals, scientific conferences.

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Ancient rusichi against UFOs

December 2, 2012 23:31

Hypothesis Hypothesis

With conventional reconstruction of residential buildings first few cities in the world will agree. Traditionally the home Eneolithic-Bronze-Early Iron represented residential cellars and damp dugout. Why there are unresolved questions about the ancient pits, "Are they the remains of a fourth construction horizon? '. High-rise buildings Andronovo still baffles scientists, wondering if there was any at the site of multi-buildings?

My answer is simple. Andronov (Herodotus — Sauromates) lodged in the carcass buildings rising above the man-made mounds of 5-6 floors high. The concept of "floor" on probation. In the cage for sleeping

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