In Kinneret blind fish: the reason is not installed

About 10% of the fish are caught by fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, infected with an unknown disease. Amnon first loses his sight and then dies.

The newspaper "Maariv" notes that since the onset of the "blind Amnon" in the Kinneret was 10 years, but neither the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources nor did nothing to identify the source of the epidemic.

The newspaper "Maariv" writes that according to documents held by the editorial board, in 2005 specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and with representatives of the Office of Water Resources concluded that it is necessary

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Ash from a volcanic eruption in Japan fell in 12 localities

Volcanic ash from a volcano in peak Sinmoe on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu fell in 12 cities and towns of the island, in a number of places in schools canceled classes, newspaper "Mainichi" on Friday. Volcanic ashes were buried in the runways Miyazaki Airport, which is located 50 kilometers from the volcano in Sinmoe peak in the mountain range on the border Kirishima Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures. Because of this, it was temporarily canceled more than 30 flights. Also stopped traffic on some sections of railways and highways. The first signs of volcanic activity observed on January 19

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An earthquake with magnitude 5.1 occurred near the capital of Japan

Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred on Friday off the coast of Japan's Chiba Prefecture, located in the neighborhood of Tokyo, reported mmo country.

Epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chiba Prefecture. The earthquake occur at glubne 10 kilometers.

Specialists have recorded weak tremors in 10 Japanese prefectures.

No threat of a tsunami. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

RIA Novosti

Diesel fuel will be produced from fish oil

Technology of production of biodiesel are finding new sources of raw materials for this type of fuel. According Ecoindustry, the company Neste Oil at its refinery in Singapore began production of renewable diesel from fish oil produced by processing waste at fish factories in South-East Asia.

According to experts, this fuel when burned, release 84% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels throughout their life cycle. In addition, significantly reducing the amount of exhaust and various fines.

Until a few years ago to fish factories in Vietnam has been widely studied idea of producing biodiesel from fish waste.

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Use of reagents in Moscow to reduce, says scientist

The new runway deicer on the streets of Moscow is not going to change soil salinity in the first place it is necessary to drastically reduce the amount of technical salt, which has grown by 2.7 times since 2010, RIA Novosti said department head Department of Soil Science, Moscow State University Dmitry Hamsters.

Earlier Tuesday, the head of the Department of Housing and Public Works of Andrew Tsybin said the cleaning of roads this winter city authorities will buy a new agent — based bischofite (magnesium chloride).

"The three known chloride — sodium, magnesium and calcium — melted ice

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In February, a dangerous fly past Earth asteroid

Near-Earth asteroid 2012 NEA DA14 closer to the Earth during its annual convergence of February 15, 2013. This neighborhood can be detrimental to our planet in the sense that the orbit of the asteroid is too close, and in some cases coincides with the existing geosynchronous satellites.

For the Earth closer to NEA 2012 DA14 is not a direct threat. Maybe an asteroid will cause fluctuations in the magnetic field, trying to communicate with the asteroid field? That was found 23 February 2012 of the Spanish observatories. According to NASA, the asteroid will pass by Earth at a distance

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E. coli E. coli found in the neighborhood with Ukraine

Sanitary inspection of Poland recorded the first case of infection by bacterial strain E. coli. The bacterium was found in 29-year-old woman, who a few days ago came from Germany, where she resides.

The woman was taken to hospital on May 23. In the same hospital in Greater Poland are two men with symptoms of intestinal infection.

German authorities said on June 6 that the outbreak of intestinal infection in Europe could cause the bean sprouts from local greenhouses.

As reported, that Ukraine will strengthen border controls on the import of vegetables from the European Union.

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In New Zealand, a sudden snow fall

Residents of the South Island, which is part of New Zealand, could not contain his surprise when their windows at the height of the summer went real snow. This unexpected gift islanders brought oceanic storm, accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Later joined by streams of snow showers.

The storm was not lost on the South Island. On the west coast it was destroyed several buildings, and the central section of the bridge near the city of Harihara sank Whanganui River. Because of the snow, which lasted most of the night in the Otago region of motorists had

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Nestle buys assets Pfizer for $ 12 billion

A few days ago the Swiss company Nestle said in its official press release about the fact that she bought a unit producing baby food of the famous brand Nutriron from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Thanks to this deal, Nestle will take even more space on the world market in the production and sale of baby food.

According to the statistical data it is known that in developing countries the percentage of sales of the brand Nutritin is 85. Analysts believe that this year the volume of products sold will be approximately equal to 2.4 billion dollars. Good income when you

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Over China in danger of severe water

Due to the increase the pace of industrialization and urbanization, China may face a serious shortage of water, which would threaten the country's development, said Thursday at a press conference in Beijing, Deputy Minister of Water Resources Hu Syi.

Water shortage, serious pollution of rivers, worsening ecology of seas, rivers and lakes have reached "quite visible" degrees and could threaten the sustainable development of the country, said the official, ITAR-TASS reported.

"With a population of 1.3 billion people, China now consumes more than 600 billion cubic meters of water per year, or about three-quarters of all water resources, suitable for

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