Geologists will discuss the emergence of a new era

In London, a congress of geologists on the problem of the introduction of geologic time scale of the new era — the Anthropocene, reports Nature News. Themselves experts stress that the process of adopting a new term (this question is a matter for the stratigraphic commission of the International Union of Geological Sciences), can take years.

Supporters of the new term note that human activity has led to massive changes in the world. For example, in varying degrees, people have changed more than half of the planet's surface, free from ice. Besides warming caused by greenhouse gases

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In Lviv lake killed all the fish

Lviv authorities announced the death of fish in the lake, which is located in the "Striysky Park" in the center of the city. This was announced by the head of department of parks, forest parks and city council Vasily lendshaftov Larvinok. "On August 12, members of the Lviv municipal enterprise" Green Lions "found 465 dead fish," — he said, reported Ukranews.

According to him, there was a rare case, since the water in the pond clean, unpolluted, the use of poison is also unlikely because the swans, pigeons and ducks that live in the water remained safe. "Apparently, the

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Reducing methane emissions should be achieved through legislation

The problem of reducing methane emissions in Russia is appropriately addressed through changes in environmental legislation, as necessary conditions for regulation of energy efficiency have already been created, said the Head of Energy and Environment Department of state regulation of tariffs and infrastructure reforms mayor Oleg Pluzhnikov.

The representative of the Ministry of Economic Development, speaking at the conference "The reduction of methane emissions in the oil and gas sector in Russia: the benefits at the global, national and local level," noted that the issues of energy efficiency in Russia "were at the peak," rather, two-four years ago, but went

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British scientists in a panic.

Alarming reports are coming on the world news feeds. Tony Barnovski from the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and his colleagues have found numerous cases of mass death flies. According to the London newspaper Daily Mail, in numerous cases of mass death flies to blame, perhaps, the drastic changes in climate and notes is increased variability in weather. Previously, entomologists are investigating the causes of the mysterious death of thousands of flies in the Danish city of Aarhus, expressed the opinion that the cause of death of the insect was a collision with a truck and external damage, reports

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During an outbreak of cholera in Haiti blame the UN

Two years after the outbreak of cholera in Haiti, scientists have come to the conclusion that the virus brought into the country UN peacekeepers.

Tornadoes in Florida! Video

Switzerland has gone two avalanche

In the Swiss canton of Obwalden near Titlis ski resort after avalanche injured 11 skiers. Two tourists from Sweden were injured, he met with an avalanche, and were taken by helicopter to a hospital for medical treatment. Despite the fact that the whole group remained alive, police and sniffer dogs continued to comb the area in time to save accidentally caught in the area of the avalanche of people.

Layer of snow was moving and rushed down in Lyaub closer to the dinner and took 300 m wide and 800 m long. Group of skiers was strewn with not

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The island in Indonesia earthquake

JAKARTA, April 20. Off the coast of the Indonesian island of Ternate, an earthquake of magnitude 5.3.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors have been recorded at a depth of 12.1 km at 21:23 MSK April 19.

The earthquake epicenter was located 115 km to the north-east of the capital of Ternate (Kota Ternate).

Information on casualties or damage were reported. The threat of a tsunami in the coastal areas is also not announced.

In California, expected earthquake


In California, expected earthquake The first to suffer the largest city in Los Angeles. TV channel in the plot PIK.Podrobnee Svetlana Vovchenko.

The death toll from flooding in Thailand exceeded 240

BANGKOK, Oct. 6 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Catastrophic flooding that began in Thailand in late July, according to the October 6, killed 244 people, the statement said Disaster Warning Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand.

Previously reported 212 dead.

Rain water from the mountain's northern provinces in the appropriate central, where the situation has become increasingly complex, the document said. Currently flood covers 28 of the 77 provinces. In all of it hit 2.6 million citizens of Thailand.

In the next few hours will be open dam floodgates country's largest irrigation reservoir of King Bhumibol, located

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