500 million years ago on Earth lived animals like tulips

In the famous geological formation, Burgess Shale, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is a strange creature, which lived about 505 million years ago and having a hitherto unprecedented system of serving food.

The animal has cupped form, which contained the notorious system and internal organs. It looked like a tulip bud and was on top of the "stem" and the lower part of which was complete discoid outgrowth attached to the sea floor. Total length being christened Siphusauctum gregarium, was 20 cm

Cambrian creation hunted filtration, sucking water through tiny holes in the "cup."

Lead author Lorna

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Discovered a new virus, provoking pneumonia

As the scientists from the University of California, the flash caused a previously unknown adenovirus, designatedTMAdV(Titi monkey adenovirus), — one of the types of DNA viruses that can infect many vertebrates, including primates and humans.

Scientists in California National Primate Research Center foundnew virus, which caused an outbreak of a deadly pneumoniaTiti monkeys(Titi monkey Sallicebus cupreus). But worst of all — this infection can be passed on and people and cause real epidemic, said Permanent Council with reference to nature.com.

Scientists have identified a new virus that caused the outbreak of a deadly pneumonia among monkeys at the California Primate

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Due to outbreaks in the sun the Earth lay a strong magnetic storm

The sun woke up after two years of hibernation, announced the beginning of a new cycle of its activity with two powerful flares. These bursts of fire was almost five years. Process was accompanied by coronal mass ejections in the center of the solar disk, and soon the earth will lay a strong magnetic storm. The effects of these disturbances will affect the technology and the well-being of millions of people.

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Taiwan was the second day of the earthquake

Taiwan earthquake with magnitude 5.2. According to ITAR-TASS referring to the Xinhua News Agency, an earthquake was recorded today in the north-eastern part of the island. Information on casualties or damage were reported. Tuesday evening in the southwestern part of the island, there was also an earthquake of magnitude 4.8. There were no disruptions.

Japanese meteorologists do not exclude the aftershocks during the week

National Meteorological Agency of Japan does not exclude the possibility of aftershocks with magnitude up to 6.0 in the week after a powerful earthquake on Friday in northeastern Japan, Kyodo news agency reported.

Earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred off the east coast of Japan in 17.18 local time (12.18 MSK), after which it was declared a threat of a tsunami. The earthquake lies at a depth of 10 kilometers. Powerful tremors also felt in Tokyo metropolitan area of the country, as well as in 17 other prefectures. No casualties yet reported, injured nine people.

In addition, as the agency, there

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A resident of Malaysia beat Tiger ladle

A resident of Malaysia rescued her husband from a tiger attacked him and beat predator ladle, reports Associated Press. The incident occurred on Saturday, February 12, in the state of Perak. As the agency of the local police, a tiger attacked a man named Tambun Gediu when he was hunting squirrels in the jungle near his home. When Malay way through the undergrowth, wild cat attacked him.

First, the hunter tried to escape by climbing a tree, but the tiger dragged him down. The man shouted, his voice heard wife, who at the time of the attack the tiger was

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Landslide in New Zealand

Last week, the landslide came down to the main road from Gisborne on the North Island of New Zealand, which blocked the gorge Waioeka.

Notably, the landslide was recorded in high quality. Landslide began without warning.

According to officials, the gorge, which is used for communication Gisborne and Bay of Plenty, could be closed for up to six weeks.

In one of the districts of Novosibirsk on people attacking vultures

In one of the districts of Novosibirsk on people attacking vultures. A few days injuring five people. Canceled due to bird outdoor concerts and children's events.

They say that men scars decorate. But it's better without them. Victor G. says — that day really was scared. Huge bird swooped down.

Victor G., a resident of the neighborhood's Creek, said: "She just pounced on top, and claws gripped. Still good, his hair short, and then dragged to chick like a movie show."

Retired a man jokes — not used to complain. But Olga Volkova — not joking. She,

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In Kerch collapsed road

Near the ring road again failed roadway. On this stretch of road traffic suspended, car drivers have to drive around the crash site on the neighboring streets. As the correspondent site KERCH.COM.UA chief Gorvodokanal Artemenko Paul, once again on this stretch of road accident occurred due to the collector, which is in operation since 1977 and kept breaking, blurring the top of the track.

Deadline fix the problem — until tomorrow — assure water utility workers.

Without comment:

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Ferry to Sakhalin closed due to the storm in the Tatar Strait

For ferries Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) — Kholmsk (Sakhalin Island) suspended in connection with the storm in the Tatar Strait, told RIA Novosti the company SASCO.

"At present, the ferry" Sakhalin-7 "is moving to the port of Vanino. Remaining ferries to wait out bad weather materikovskoy side" — a spokesman said.

He noted that the ferry will be restored after weather conditions improved.

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