Cool weather be residents in central Russia this week

Cool weather holds in European Russia by the end of the week, in the south of the Urals are expected heavy rains and thunderstorms, according to Alexander Frolov rukovoditelRosgidrometa Tuesday.

"In the whole European territory of Russia by the end of the week is expected to moderately cool weather, for two or three degrees below normal. After hot days, which were the last time, I think it's a good break," — Frolov said on the sidelines of a news conference in RIA News.

However, according to the expert, the south-east European Russia and the Urals in the south next week,

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The global warming of the planet map

Penza zoo first received as occupant of the White Bear

White Bear teenage arrived by car from Moscow to Penza Zoo on Friday, the deputy director of the Penza zoo Sergei tooth.

More than a year ago, the bear in the Yamal-Nenets tundra in Taz found by fishermen. Baby left without a mother. Temporarily bear was in the capital, while at the Penza zoo aviary prepared. Earlier in the Penza zoo never bears.

"The beast is very bright, beautiful, funny. Zoo For this, of course, find" — said the deputy director of the zoo Sergei tooth.

Romania covered with snow

In Romania, the winter came unexpectedly early. Many regions of the country (Brasov, Prahova, Transylvania) were under a layer of snow, which continued the second day.

As the correspondent UKRINFORM, the thickness of the snow cover reaches places from 10 to 30 centimeters. Temperatures range from one (in the valleys) to five degrees below zero (in the mountains).

Traffic on the highways of the country is difficult, many heavy trucks are blocked. In the mountains, there was a danger of avalanches.

Zinaida Gurskaya, Chisinau.

More than 2 million Chinese suffer from a shortage of drinking water due to drought

Drought in several provinces in China have led to a shortage of drinking water, which affects 2.2 million people in China, said Deputy Director of the State Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought Chen Lei in an interview with Xinhua.

According to officials in the provinces of Henan, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shaanxi in recent months has fallen to 20-90% less rainfall than the average drop in the same period of the year. Shortage of drinking water have about 2.2 million people, including difficulties with supplies water to a number of cities in the basin of the Yellow

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Hunters concerned about the appearance in Primorye poachers in helicopters

Inspectors are concerned Maritime reserves the increasing incidence of occurrence in protected areas poachers use helicopters, said at a press conference Wednesday in Ussuriysk director KGBU "Maritime Administration PA" Oleg Shorskin.

"The problem of offenders who come into sanctuaries for helicopters is particularly acute in the Bikin River Valley, in particular, in Verhnebikinskom Reserve … They will not catch us," — said the director of administration.

According to him, the inspectors have found several cut helipads, where poachers prey to skin and salted meat. While hunting takes place primarily in the valley, as ungulates come here to drink.

"There, where

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Storm in Latvia: thousands of people without electricity

Due to the raging for days gale in some regions of Latvia had problems with the power supply. In particular, to 20.00 without electricity has left thousands of households in Zemgale and Latgale.

According to Latvenergo, during the day the staff Sadales tikls able to resume electricity supplies 3,500 customers of the company.

The most significant problems with power supply ascertained Bauska, Jelgava, Rezekne and Balvi.

Latvenergo encourages residents of Latvia exercise extreme caution near power lines and near electrical equipment, as well as look out for and stay away from the ragged wind the wire, as it can

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Greenlands glaciers may be restored in the next ten years

Greenland glaciers could restore its thickness in the next decade, as their melting occurs in cycles, according to a study published by Danish scientists in zhurnaleScience.

In late July, the specialists of the National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) with reference to satellite data, reported that 97% of seized melting Greenland ice sheet, while the average for the last 30 years the area of the melting ice of the total area of the glacier does not exceed 50%. Glacier currently covers about 80% of the Greenland and contains about one-fifth of the world's supply of ice. According to scientists,

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Earthquake in Spain — VIDEO

Magnitude quake was 5.3. In the south-east of Spain in Murcia on Wednesday, May 11, a powerful earthquake. Magnitude quake was 5.3. The number of people killed in an earthquake in the south-east coast of Spain, reached 10.

A strong earthquake with a double trigger occurred on Wednesday night in the Spanish province of Murcia near the town of Lorca, located midway between Malaga and Valencia. As a result of earthquake killed at least 10 people.

As reported by Spanish media, at least 10 residents were killed and several injured in the first with a deadly earthquake in 1884 in

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Spring weather in Warsaw

In Warsaw in mid-January came the sudden warming. Dropped out before the snow has melted, and the air is warmed so that the urban lawns blooming daisies.

Anticyclone brought warm weather arrived in the Polish capital from Romania. But forecasters warn hurry rejoiced early spring citizens that the winter will be back: the heat will last only a day, and on Wednesday at 3 colder? C and rains begin. On Thursday, the snow is expected, but below zero the thermometer falls on a Friday.

Until the end of the month the temperature will continue to fall. Forecasters predict a

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