Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred in the Tonga Islands in the Pacific Ocean

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred on Monday near the Tonga Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the site RIA Novosti. The epicenter of tremors that occurred at 00.06 GMT (04.06 MSK), was located 393 kilometers north of the town of Neiafu. Tremors have been recorded at a depth of 27.2 kilometers. On the possible victims, casualties or damage were reported. No threat of a tsunami.

In Mariupol chestnuts bloom

Better late than never. In Mariupol on the Promenade autumn blooming chestnuts. This anomaly, local scientists have called seasonal. After all, chestnuts, struggling out of the graph, and bloomed in mid-October.

This year, blossomed buds on the two trees. Scientists explain blame drought and sudden changes in temperature. Not had time to develop in the early spring buds at the time "asleep" and woke up with the autumn heat and moisture. Despite the seasonal events, local people do not cease to be surprised.


Rostislav Sysoev

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Environmentalists call for Obama to deal with ekoproblemami

Environmental policy of Barack Obama during his first term as president was criticized by environmentalists, has already prepared a list of fundamental tasks, which the newly elected president, according to environmentalists, to be solved in the next four years, according to the U.S. Center for Biological Diversity.

"Roughly speaking, when it came to solving the most critical environmental issues of our time, the first term of the Obama presidency was a disappointment: the climate crisis continues to deepen, the animals continue to die with frightening speed, and politicians and encourage polluters limitation laws protecting our water, air and wildlife,

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Ice is difficult to move the ferries between Sakhalin and the mainland

Difficult ice conditions in the Tatar Strait doubled the length of the path of ferries plying towards Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) — Kholmsk (Sakhalin Island), told RIA Novosti the Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO).

"The ice of the Sakhalin approached the seaside beach and pressed into the ice field from Busan. Earlier steam covered the distance in 17 hours, but now he spends on it from 1.5 to 2 days", — told the agency.

According to him, while the cargo delays and congestion on its side Vanino not. Perhaps after February 27 will change the wind, and will discharge the ice field.

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Lightning struck the gardeners in Ulyanovsk

In late June, the sky struck the large mass of rain and hail.

Every day, not without thunder and lightning like Zeus 'thunder', according to legend, punishing people for their sins against nature, godlessness and damage the environment.

My Friends gardeners returning from Elizavetino, slander me so that I immediately wanted to take up the recorder and get to the core of the rare earth phenomena. Especially, around the still ongoing research and the "pseudo-scientific" research and interpretation. It is a fireball. As an amateur, is limited, mainly retelling what he heard from neighbors of the site.

So, experienced gardener

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Europe snowed

Europe — in the snow rubble. Not used to heavy snowfalls, utilities were not prepared for the winter. Got not only to motorists: in snowdrift — several airports, and even trains. Why in Europe, decided to rely on the Russian "maybe" — the material of our foreign correspondents.

On the subject — start the news, it is — on the front pages of newspapers. This theme — bad weather — winter has come to Europe. It would seem that in this country — on the court in December. But winter winter strife, so early and so cold in Europe was

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Rosprirodnadzor seeking culprits black snow falling in Omsk

Employees Rosprirodnadzor seized samples of black snow that fell in Omsk in the Volga district, it could become a source of TPP-5 or Omsk branch of LLC "Omsktekhuglerod" reports agency.

"Upon falling dark gray powder in control December 11 received two calls for contamination of snow from residents of the city of Omsk. Supposedly emitting dark gray powder are: structural unit of TEC-5 Omsk branch of JSC" Territorial Generating Company "and the Omsk branch of LLC" Omsktekhuglerod "- said in a statement.

According to the agency, Rosprirodnadzor analyzes fallen powder and intends to soon visit the above two companies with

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Frosts blocked Danube (video)

On the Danube river breached shipping due to severe frosts. One of the longest rivers in Europe tightened ice.

As reported, new victims of frost registered in Poland, Lithuania and Romania. In Serbia, because of the winter cold for a week declared dead.

American students attacked a grizzly left alone

Grizzly bear, attacked in Alaska on a group of seven students and hard ranivshuyu two of them, will not shoot. This writes Reuters citing local management of water and forest biological resources (Alaska Department of Fish and Game).

According to the agency, Lem Butler (Lem Butler), a biologist at the controls, the animal does not pose a direct threat to man, so it was decided not to kill and not even looking for him. In addition, in the remote area where the attack happened, to do this would be extremely difficult. Experts believe that the bear attacked

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Year of protected areas declared in the Amur

Game wardens, environmentalists and authorities of the Amur region announced a Year of protected areas (PAs) in the Amur region, said WWF Russia.

Year of PAs in the Amur region started in Blagoveshchensk with conservation measures squads "Leopard", the International Day of wetlands.

"This year is really unique in the number of important dates relating to the conservation of the Amur region. This year anniversaries at once in 12 protected areas. Jubilees — all three reserves: Zeisko Khingansky and executed at 50 years, Norsk — 15 years. Old individuals Guarded territory Amur — Khingan-Arharinsky Federal Reserve — will mark the

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