Global Earth Hour event in 2011

Symbolic and voluntary blackout for one hour with a call to think about the protection of nature in the world around the world will begin on Saturday at 20: Z0 local time. Event organizer, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) calls on people around the world to start an hour and a minute of silence, dedicating it to the tragedy in Japan. Countries, cities, monuments 134 countries on seven continents, more than four thousand cities, including Russian, and more than 750 legendary sites around the world the lights in the "Earth Hour 2011". "The number of registered members of the

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The second wave of the storm is expected in New York on Wednesday

The next storm will come in not had time to recover from the hurricane "Sandy" New York and New Jersey on Wednesday, according to the National Meteorological Center.

Storm "Nosister" will be a much smaller force than the "Sandy", but it would represent a significant threat because of its gusts could reach 55 miles per hour (70 kilometers per hour). Meteorologists call to prepare for the next flood-prone coastal areas, falling trees and cliff lines.

"Nosister" will bring cold and is expected to snow.

Townspeople again appeal to this case to stock up the necessary supply of food and not

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60-degree frosts first came to Russia

In Russia, for the first time this winter hit 60 degrees of frost. First -60 °, rather -60,3 °, were recorded this morning in eastern Yakutia in paragraph Delyankir. Located 130 km southwest Oymyakon was -59,7 °. This temperature is about 10 ° below normal, but by about 3 ° higher than the record cold. 60 degrees of frost may occur in eastern Yakutia end of the first decade of December.

Environmentalists in 10 years moved to Africa 130 black rhinos

Animal lovers almost a decade moved 130 rare black rhinos to a new territory in southern Africa, where the animals are not threatened by poachers, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Black rhinos — the rare rhino. In 1960, the population of this species in Africa was 65 thousand. Due to poaching so far they have less than five thousand. However, only since the beginning of the year in South Africa, 430 rhinos were killed.

"WWF project to expand the habitat of black rhino since 2003. During this time we have been able to move 130 black rhinos from

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Antalya flooded after heavy rains

Because of the rampant disaster in the resort region of Antalya on Turkey day canceled classes in schools. There were heavy rains, podtopivshie 50 residential and commercial buildings. Due to the nature of the local architecture, many apartments and shops are located either at the sidewalk or in the basement, adding to the damage caused by heavy rains.

Suffered the most retail space in the basement recently opened the largest shopping center of Antalya. Went to trial, and the share of foreign tourists. Those who caught the bad weather on the street, had to get to their buses, moving

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Abnormally low atmospheric pressure is expected in Moscow at the weekend

Deepening to anomalous values of 715 millimeters of mercury is expected in the Moscow region over the weekend, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, weather specialist of the Center "Phobos." "With the cold snap that we forecast for the weekend, and dramatically lower air pressure," — told the agency. According to him, on Saturday, the atmospheric pressure will drop dramatically, and by the middle of the day will be 723 millimeters of mercury, which is 20 points below the norm. "On Sunday, we expect an abnormally low — 715 millimeters of mercury, which is 30 points below the line" — said

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To Earth crashed strong magnetic storm

Descended to Earth terrible magnetic storm. According to, the last time such a power magnetic storm was recorded in December 2006.

On Sun 6 March there were two powerful flash (emissions solar material). "We are once again experiencing a burst of solar activity — from the eastern limb (edge of the Sun) published two large active area with a large area and complex magnetic configuration" — quoted by RIA "News" at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation Sergey Gaidash .

Emissions of solar material reached our planet today around 10:25 MSK. As

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Near Rome earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 3.2 occurred on Sunday night in the vicinity of Rome, said Civil Defense Italy. Quake was recorded by specialists of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology at 20.13 local time (22.13 Moscow time).

The epicenter was located 35 kilometers north-west of the capital, near the Italian towns Morlupo (Morlupo), Magliano Sabina (Magliano Sabina) and Castelnuovo di Porto (Castelnuovo di Porto).

According to the National Civil Defence, victims or damage. Last seismic activity was recorded in the Apennines July 7. Then, an earthquake of magnitude 3.3 occurred in the Abruzzo region near the city of L'Aquila, RIA

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Giant Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina collapsed

One of the largest area in the Argentine Patagonia, Perito Moreno glacier (Perito Moreno), formed in October last year, the dam on Lake Argentino, collapsed on Sunday, told a local TV channel C5N.

Glacier usually opened every four years. Last time, washed with water tunnel collapse occurred in July 2008, two years ahead of schedule and in the dead of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. A similar phenomenon was observed for the first time in 90 years of observations.

"The final collapse of the glacier occurred at dawn on Sunday without the numerous spectators, who for security reasons left for

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Lightning strikes against the rules

Lightning strikes against the rules

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