Flooding in Kangar, Malaysia

Flooding in Kangar, Malaysia. Because of a dam break in the state of Perlis suffered Kangar city.

In 2011, six eclipses happen

Four times the Earth's satellite will close a portion of the sun, and double hidden himself. In the new 2011 solar and lunar eclipse will occur on rare frequently.

The first of them is "assigned" at 4 January, it will start at 9:40 (Moscow time). The moon shone on our close 85.76% — this show can watch people in Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries and North-West of Russia. The phenomenon will be seen in other parts of the world, but will appear in a less complete form.

June 1 satellite earth eclipsed 60.1% of the sun. The ideal place to

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Snake attack, and in hospitals no antidote

The number of bites is growing every day.

The other day there was a stir in the local hospital Novotroitskaya Kherson region. Rescuers have fished more than half adder, which crawled under the cabinet of one of the disinfection facilities department. Fortunately, she did not have time to bite.

But in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, one by one affected by snake bites, several teenagers. Andrew Perfilyev, for example, the "dialogue" with the steppe viper nearly died. Because the boy is quickly introduced protivozmeinuyu serum, for his life had to fight for four hours. It turns out that the serum to get

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China. Flood


Avalanche danger is declared in six districts of Sakhalin

Rescuers warn residents of Sakhalin avalanche risk in six districts in the south of Sakhalin, the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According to the forecast center Sahgidrometa avalanche, avalanche in Dolinsky, Tomari, Kholmsk, Nevel, Aniva areas and in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

"Particularly dangerous part of the highway at the entrance to the east side of the village Lights Aniva district, village Dolinskoye Bulls. Disappearance of the snow masses are also possible on the slopes Tomari — Ilinskoe, Novosibirsk — Kholmsk — Nevelsk and Nevelsk — Shebunino. Similar threat exists in objects STRC "Sakhalin" in the village of Sanatorium and Nevelsk.

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In Volgograd liquidated spilling diesel fuel tanks because of the vanishing

Four tanks with diesel fuel derailed on Wednesday in a refinery in Volgograd, there were no injuries, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Assistant Volgograd Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Marina Aleksandrova.

According to her, there was a car coming off Wednesday morning when transporting diesel fuel carrier at the factory "Lukoil-Volgograd."

"There was a gathering of the four rail tank cars filled with diesel fuel. Drain valve from the bottom of one of the tanks as a result of the injuries were to flow oil," — said Alexandrov.

According to her, resulting in the ground about 2 tons of spilled oil. The

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The new maximum temperature for Sept. 12 is set in St. Petersburg

Temperature for up to 12 September, which was held in 1972, shut down in Petersburg, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, chief forecaster of meteorologist Alexander Kolesov.

"Yesterday in St. Petersburg, was blocked by 0.1 degrees absolute maximum temperature for September 12," — said Kolesov.

According to him, the maximum temperature reached 25.5 degrees plus. The previous maximum was 25.4 degrees.

UAE tolerate the invasion of bed bugs

UAE undergo the "invasion" of bed bugs.

According to the pest companies, these insects are becoming more insensitive to the chemicals used to kill them.

"Bed bugs have settled almost anywhere," — says R. Dinesh, CTO Pestkontrol. — "They are in public transportation, in buses, in camps for workers, community housing, luxury limousines, villas. Today, they settled wherever possible. "

Dinesh believes that a limited selection of chemicals for companies means that bed bugs become more insensitive to disinfection. "We are changing the chemicals every three months to get the bugs can not develop resistance to them," — said Dinesh.

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Asteroid Apophis could hit the Earth April 13, 2036

Russian astronomers have calculated the date of a possible collision of asteroid Apophis with Earth, but believe the probability of this negligible, said Professor of Celestial Mechanics St. Petersburg State University Leonid Sokolov, speaking at the Royal Academic reading on space.

"April 13, 2029 Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of 37-38 thousand kilometers. Its possible collision with Earth may occur April 13, 2036," — said Sokolov. According to him, other scientists, including the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the probability of Apophis collision with Earth in 2036 is negligible.


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Weather Center promises warm September almost the entire territory of Russia

MOSCOW, Aug. 31 — RIA Novosti.September in Russia as a whole will be warm, the temperature will be at or above normal precipitation is expected surplus, told reporters Wednesday the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Director Roman Vilfand.

"Below normal temperatures are expected only in Central Siberia, mainly in the Krasnoyarsk region. In all other regions the temperature is near or above normal. We are not anywhere excess precipitation forecasts ", — said chief meteorologist Russia.

According Vilfand, two periods of Indian summer are expected in the European part of Russia and in the south of Western Siberia.

"In the European

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