More than 20 people were killed per day in Pakistan floods

Strong monsoon rains that struck Pakistan, have killed in the past day more than 20 people in the north-west of the country, said on Thursday channel "DoonNyuz" referring to the local authorities. As the channel, rains caused mudslides in the mountainous region of Kohistan, resulting in destroyed dozens of homes. Rescue operation hampered by the ongoing rains. Incessant rains, reaching in some regions of Pakistan, have already led to a sharp rise of water in the Indus River and its tributaries. Earlier, authorities in the southern province of Sindh informed that spilled flood waters caused flooding, which resulted in more

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Ukraine sent help Syria

Ukraine provided assistance to those who suffered as a result of Syria's armed attack. To do this at the expense of the United Nations listed funds, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The funds are to ensure the urgent needs in the camps of Syrian refugees who have been established in the territories of neighboring Syria. It should be noted that these nations to help refugees, but because of the ongoing conflict to do it becomes every day more difficult, due to the overall poor financial situation in the world.

"We hope that this action, which was

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In Hong Kong to ban transport, heavily polluting

Making sure that the crowded city streets have devastating impacts on air quality, and it affects the quality of life of citizens, the Hong Kong authorities have decided to ban the use of those vehicles, which are very heavily pollute the air. The decision will be announced in January 2013 and legally enshrined in 2014.

If Hong Kong clean of old, polluting cars permanently, it can eventually be rid of the thick smog that causes 300,000 premature deaths each year. In 2011, 175 days a year in Hong Kong was thick smog, which is two times the number of

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The Day of Older Persons

The press center of the Kremlin today, October 1, in honor of World Day for Elderly People, Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to the capital for labor veterans pension number 29, to hold a meeting with veterans and community activists. International Day of Older Persons was established in 1991 by resolution of the General Assembly.

The aim of this festival is to raise public interest in the difficulties of the elderly, as well as improving public awareness of the demographic aging of the population and government measures aimed at social support of the older generation. In addition,

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The Arkhangelsk region have banned the cutting of trees near a spring

Ministry of Natural Resources and the forest industry (PBL) has approved the Arkhangelsk region developed jointly with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia guidelines for conservation, prohibiting cutting down old-growth trees in the region, as well as the trees around the springs, on the outskirts of the marshes and stands, reports WWF Russia.

"Often the woodland, where clear-cutting was carried out, becomes a naked lifeless wasteland. Correct, environmentally conscious selection of key habitats (areas that are important for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity — Ed.) Will help to maintain a significant proportion of species diversity of forest ecosystems,

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In the Los Angeles area have emerged millions of dead fish

On Tuesday in the Bay King Harbor near Redondo Beach in Los Angeles area found a large number of dead fish, reports a local TV channel KTLA5.

As reported by local television stations, in some parts of the bay dead fish completely covered the surface of the water. It is not clear how the government plans to get rid of it. At the scene working the California representatives of hunting and fishing, adds channel.

Experts can not explain what caused the mass death of fish. According to preliminary data, sprats, mackerel and sardines zatsvetshuyu sailed in the bay, and they

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Whole herring infected with worms

Virtually the entire herring infected with worms. These parasites, getting into the human body, can lead to death. Details in this video-clip, aired on TV3.

4.1 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of the southern Kuril Islands

Seismologists registered a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in the southern Kurils, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday a representative seismic "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk".

"Quake occurred late Monday at a depth of 110 km in the South Kuril Strait," — said the source.

According to him, an earthquake in the southern Kurils settlements was not felt.

Whales are seeking asylum in New York

Coastal waters of New York began this year, a refuge for dozens of whales, say scientists at Cornell University in university publications. According to the professor Christopher Clark, who explores the life of whales for nearly 40 years, in the coastal waters of the metropolis "resettled" permanently up to 50 of these marine mammals. Appearance of the first whale around the metropolis in 2008, became a sensation to orbit media. Animal, swim to the Verrazano Bridge, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island, accompanied by the Coast Guard. In recent years, more and more settlers arrived. This year, a local entrepreneur even

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During the day on several streets of Krasnoyarsk failed asphalt

Earth from the wheels. For a day in Krasnoyarsk failed asphalt on several busy highways on the streets Bryansk, Kutuzov, Vavilov Maerchaka, Kalinin and at the entrance to the municipal side of the bridge in the right bank. In the traffic police suggest that the well could be formed in the pavement in the rain, which was held yesterday.

"If the driver was in the pit, it must call the traffic police, to make this incident as material damage. And in court he will be able to recover the amount of damages to the owner of the road on

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