Magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred off the coast of Papua — New Guinea

Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred on Sunday night off the coast of the island of New Ireland in the Pacific, owned Papua New Guinea, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

According to seismologists, the tremors were recorded on Sunday at 06:04 local time (00:04 MSK). The epicenter of the earthquake was located 124 kilometers southeast of the town of Rabaul, which is located on the neighboring island of New Britain. Hearth lies at a depth 67 kilometers.

No casualties or damage were reported.

Papua New Guinea is part of the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire" (powerful tectonic fault), characterized by

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In Penza bred snakes because of a bad environment?

Residents of Penza and especially scared of "serpentine flood." Recently, more and more notice of these reptiles.

Viper bites this year were affected by several people. Penzyak Roman Ugarov sure that the cause of the disaster — reducing the number of hedgehogs living in the area. — I'm in the last few years, I see less and less of these animals — is on penzyak. But we know that, first, they eat snakes and regulate their numbers.

Secondly, hedgehogs can live only in clean areas. So, we have so deteriorated environment? But Paul Statsenko, Professor, Department of Ecology PSU

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Iowa swept by a devastating tornado

As a result of tornadoes dozens of families homeless

A powerful tornado struck Saturday about 20.00 Mapleton City Iowa in the Midwest. The disaster was so great that hundreds of homes were destroyed overnight, and many local residents are seriously injured.

— Tornado passed through the town from south to north, and destroyed 50 — 60% of all buildings. While it is difficult to accurately assess the extent of damage — said Roger Cohn, the police of the city.

Echoes of a tornado can be seen in the towns nearby.

— From high winds, hail and rain went home shaking

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Landslide in Hungary hit 400 meters slope (video)

In Hungary, came a powerful landslide. There's 400-meter slope collapses in town Kulchiy. Lumps of land damaged fifty houses. From the disaster area evacuated around 40 people.

According to preliminary data, there are no victims.

The collapse occurred at about midnight. According to the victims, the earth is constantly being eroded because of the proximity of the Danube.

Local authorities acknowledge — landslide could have been prevented. However, this takes money. $ 225 million, which were needed to strengthen the slope, the government did not allocate.

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North China snowfall paralyzed

As expected weather forecasters, the northern part of China was almost completely paralyzed by heavy snowfall. To clear the roads from 80-cm layer of snow and to deliver food and water caught in a snowstorm away from civilization, the drivers, the number of which is close to a thousand, even soldiers are called units.

As more heavy snowfall is expected in the north of China, in particular vulnerability is all modes of transportation and air, and rail, and even more vehicles. "Orange" code of danger remains relevant for the entire northern region, but in some districts it was

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Eco-hotel misconceptions behind a veil

Since then, both in Europe began to gain momentum popularity of healthy living, the hotel complex there was also the fashion for this title — "eco". In Russia, that few of these hotels. Basically, because of the high cost of its development. Although some progress in this promising area can still be noted. In particular, several new hotels in St. Petersburg and the capital in the projects suggest the presence of several signs of environmental objects. Question the usefulness of fashion on the eco-friendly does not have to. On the one hand, they are focused on preserving the environment, threatening

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Dips ground in Tarpon Springs

Two dips opened on Thursday in the backyard of the house on Avenue S Disston in Tarpon Springs, Florida. One of the holes formed in the left side of the foundation of the house, another hole partially swallowed warehouse.

Luis Perez

Source: St. Petersburg Times

Eastern Turkey tryahanulo 5.3 magnitude

In eastern Turkey near the border with Georgia Ardahan province on Wednesday, an earthquake measuring 5.3 magnitude on the Richter scale.

The earthquake was recorded at 11.17 local time (12.17 MSK), its epicenter was in the county Posof, said seismic observatory Bosphorus University. Information on casualties or damage as a result of tremor have been reported yet, according to RIA Novosti.

"The primary data obtained show that there are no victims. We continue to monitor the situation," — said the air of "Haber Turk" provincial governor Mustafa Tekmen. According to the mayor of the

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According to forecasters, freezing rain in Moscow could last until Monday

Experts to investigate the cause of mass death of fish in the pond of Izhevsk

Veterinarians Udmurtia investigate the cause of mass death of fish in the pond and Izhevsk on the Kama River, according to the site on Monday Chief Veterinary Office of the Republic.

According to authorities, the information about the death of fish in the river Kama Received 17 July, in the pond Izhevsk — July 19.

"In Izhevsk pond near the marina will find an abundance of dead fish: perch river. Physical examination of fish signs of infectious and parasitic diseases are found, the integrity of the integument is intact, gills pale pink in color, the smell of fish specific" —

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