Machine translations calls will become a reality

Japanese telecom operator NTT Do Co Mo created the technology of machine-spoken telephone interpreting. With this technology, you can transfer calls from one language to another in real time.

This service used cloud technologies that allow for rapid analysis and instantly convert phrases. It is reported that the translation will not be delayed for more than 2 seconds. It's almost not affect communication.

At the moment this service is only one language pair: English-Japanese. The recognition accuracy is about service sentences of eighty to ninety percent. While the service is still running in test mode. And testing has involved

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Storm warning announced in Tuva because of strong wind and snow

MOE announced a storm warning in Tuva in connection with the projected Thursday wind increasing to 20 meters per second and heavy snowfall, according to the Republican government.

"Declared a storm warning. Places in the republic and in Kyzyl will strengthen northwest wind between 15 and 20 m / s, snow, black ice on the roads and snow run-up," — said in a statement.

Due to bad weather in the region is more likely related emergencies, in particular, with damage to power and communication lines. Also possible accidents.

Heavy snowfall started in Tuva on Tuesday. In this regard, the head

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The Colosseum in Rome destroying frosts (video)

European monument to suffer from the cold. In Rome, the collapsed part of the building of the famous Colosseum.

As reported, frost and heavy snowfall does not stop in Italy for a few weeks.

The upper part of the Colosseum amphitheater covered with ice. And when a little warmer, the fragments just fell off. Ancient sites temporarily closed to visitors.

Moscow authorities have declared war on the birds

In Moscow plans to allow hunters to shoot rooks, crows and gray snowbird. The corresponding bill prepared in the regional administration. According to officials, in recent years, too many birds and they are in their way, so be forced to reduce their numbers — by shooting. How many crows and rooks decided to leave alive, tried to find the correspondent of "Vesti FM" Anna Semkina.

Migratory birds have come, but in the Moscow region they were not happy. Gray crows, rooks and Fieldfare multiplied so much that cause extensive damage to the hunting grounds, according to the Moscow Region

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Outbreak of botulism in Nalchik

Eleven cafeterias are closed for the epidemiological investigation of the Kabardino-Balkarian Rospotrebnadzor in the State Agricultural Nalchik, ITAR-TASS reported. Canteen closed after 18 people became ill with botulism after eating one of them, salads and burgers containing canned cucumbers homemade.

According to the Ministry of Health of the CBD, in the intensive care unit are three victims, one today, "transferred to a general ward in relation to the improvement of the state." Only a center for AIDS and other infectious diseases in Nalchik on October 29 had been hospitalized 18 students and staff of Agricultural, 16 of them with medium

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Snow cyclone left without light 16.5 thousand people in south of Angara

Eliminate the effects of the strong energy of the snow storm that left thousands without power 16.5 inhabitants of Irkutsk region, said the Irkutsk Grid Company (IESK).

In connection with the April 22 storm weather conditions in some areas of the Irkutsk region took off for overhead lines with a voltage of 6-10 kV. "As of 13.00 (8.00 MSK) on April 23, remain damaged 12 air lines 6-10 and 127 kV substations," — said in a statement.

According IESK, electricity industry was not interrupted. In the recovery operation involved 71 crew and 55 units of special equipment.

"There are objective

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WIND first local power station started in Primorye

Specialists of the company "Primteploenergo" to start up the first of ten under the program of development of local energy in Primorye autonomous wind-diesel power systems (VDAEK), the website of the company.

Fired power plant will ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity Peretychiha villagers in northern Primorye.

The company intends to equip the local wind-diesel power nine villages Terneysky District Territory: Maksimovka, where work has already begun, turn, Minor Kemuel the Amgu, Ust-Sobolevka, light, Edinku, Samarga and Agzu. In Peretychihe will later install a second VDAEK.

"Windmill, as it is usually called, helps to solve four problems: uninterrupted power supply, reducing

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In Primorye, declared a storm warning

The city will fall snowstorm and high winds, icy road

In the Maritime UGMS compiled and submitted to the Administration of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai, all interested organizations storm warning of a sharp deterioration in the weather conditions on 23-24 November in connection with the activation of the cyclone near the southern coast of Primorye, reports "Primpogoda."

In the morning and in the afternoon on November 23 in the city of Vladivostok and the southern half of the region is expected to snow with the amount of 7-19 mm in 12 hours or less, which will remain on November 24

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In Syria, the disabled access to the World Wide Web

Syrian government tonight announced that disconnection with the world wide web all over the state to blame terrorists. Currently, work is underway, which should restore set.Ob This was reported by Reuters, which refers to the pro-government television channel Ibar.

As reported television station, the state government does not have anything to do with network outages, and internet cable was "attacked by terrorists," for which reason "some regions were cut off from the World Wide Web." Television channel was also quoted the Minister of Communications of Syria, who said, that the appropriate services are currently the fault corrected.

U.S. company renesys

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The Old New Year in the heart of the Russian Federation is expected to classic winter weather

On New Year in the old style, which is celebrated on the night of 14 January, at the center of European Russia are expected to moderately cold weather and snow, told RIA Novosti the Russian meteorologist.

"Expect comfortable time for the winter, without the extreme, you can go skiing, ice skating," — she said.

According to the source agency, already by tomorrow the weather in the CFD will affect cyclone, which will move from the Kola Peninsula to the Baltic Sea and then through the countries of Eastern Europe.

"We're going to be in it (cyclone) the front. Snow will

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