Three cubs in search of food came to the military unit in Primorye

Three Amur tiger cub in search of food came to a military unit in the Maritime region, but were driven back to the forest guard, went to the place of operative group of environmentalists, who have to figure out why the cubs were alone, according to the regional administration.

The Amur tiger is listed in the Red Book, in Russia these animals live in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the last census, the population has about 450 species. International organizations are making efforts to prevent its decline.

"The twenty-seventh day of November in the territory of one of

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15 dacha in the Brest region of distress

It has become fashionable to hold contests for the best but the best courtyard mansion. Land users are logged into the taste, try the joy of themselves and others. But, unfortunately, in Brest is fit to declare quite different contests — who farmstead more flooded. If such a contest took place, then, of course, it led to an array of horticultural a Southern town.

on the invitation of members of the dacha "Mercury", "Polesie" been there correspondents "Evening Brest". And I must say, have strong impressions. And the picture is amazing for those who understand what it

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U.S. and Russia called for strengthening the protection of polar bears

U.S. have applied, which previously supported the Russian Federation, environmental convention CITES to transfer Red polar bears in the first category of the convention, which could lead to a ban on the trade of polar bear skins, reported at the convention.

Currently in the world, according to experts, there are 21-25 thousand polar bears in the next 40 years, scientists predict a decrease in the numbers of these animals in two thirds. Currently, the polar bears are on the second application of CITES: countries can establish production quotas and trade furs with permission. Save the polar bears, according to

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Gave a frosty December 2012 to get into the top five warmest

Abnormally cold December gave in 2012 to enter the five warmest years in the Northern Hemisphere, the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"If by December temperature in the Northern Hemisphere held in 2012 in the rank of the fourth, after December, according to our estimates, the top five warmest years on record in 2012 will not be included," — he said.

Head meteorologist said that it was not the cold December in the northern hemisphere.

"But for the duration of the cold season, when abnormalities reached 15 degrees — this is, of course, was an event", —

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Fishermen oppose the plan to extract oil near the Norwegian Lofoten

Fishermen and the Murmansk region after environmentalists concerned plans Norway, discover oil Lofoten Islands in the Barents Sea, according to the Barents Sea branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

"Norway has committed itself to the production of hydrocarbons, including the Barents Sea — on the former site of the" gray zone. "But our common sea has unique stocks of cod, which simply must be preserved. Lofoten in the Norwegian Sea — is generally a hospital for the fish, which then swims in our waters, "- said the head of the Committee for Natural Resources and Fisheries Murmansk Duma

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For Hawaii canceled the tsunami warning

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center U.S. withdrew a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii, announced earlier on Sunday after a powerful earthquake in Canada, according to the organization's website.

According to Reuters, the representatives of civil defense staff also canceled an order to evacuate coastal areas.

An earthquake measuring 7.7 occurred Saturday 20.04 local time (04.07 MSK Sunday) in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. The epicenter was located at 139 kilometers south of the village on the island of Mussett Graham and 202 km south-west of the major port of Prince Rupert.

After the earthquake for Hawaii

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Washington holds 40-degree heat


The United States continues to suffer from the unbearable heat, cover a large territory.

The heat does not abate. On Saturday in Washington was the highest recorded in the last '31 temperature. Thermometer for several weeks in a row holding above 40 degrees Celsius, or even coming to 50. Many people do not go out of their homes unnecessarily. He saved others as they can.

According to weather forecast, the hottest air waves soon gone, and the temperature returns to the familiar to the eastern regions of 30-35 degrees. But for how

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Tornado in Hungary

June 2 at one of the villages in Hungary hit tornado zone affected more homes, uproot trees, knocked down power lines, hundreds of people were left without electricity.

Fortunately, victims have been avoided. Stormy weather caused a cold front passing across the region, which also brought severe thunderstorms. Record from your mobile phone to make local resident.

In Southern Russia, the new electron heat

Eighteen disconnected electrical substations in southern Russia. Power supply system broke down massive use of air conditioners. Also turn off the power substations that supply light the whole center of Krasnodar, a 40-degree heat that struck the capital of Kuban. Thousands were left without electricity Krasnodar. The details — the correspondent of Radio "Vesti FM" Nicholas Dolgachev. The number of sub-stations, which are out of order, no official data. This figure — 18 substations — reported by the media, but the energy is not yet officially confirmed. However, it is known that no electricity remained a significant part of

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Poison in the Black Sea — 12 km from the coast. They want to irradiate

Crimea and the Black Sea threatens ecological disaster, Russian media reported. Along the coast, the water is buried about a thousand containers with fighting pesticides — "Lewisite", "mustard", "Zarin" and "Soman" — and if the poison flows out of a single die every living thing in a radius of 40 km. Story about this content out on NTV. Containers sunk in the beginning of the Great Patriotic War to the poisons do not go to the Nazis. "Today" to see if there are grounds for panic.

"Indeed, the container of poison is. Deal with the problem of the 90's.

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