The street Belinsky fails roadway

Now, probably, everyone thought — as it still "Moskvich" remained intact and crumbled after such a blow. Seeing these pictures, it is a pity to all cars, even that great shock absorbers. This terrible trap — by Belinsky, downhill, on the strip, where you would normally ride buses. Dozens of Krasnoyarsk, especially in the "keyway" have become hostages of the trap.

On a dangerous stretch of road today, only we put warning sign. So do not break until resize hole. Width — half meters, depth — more than 20 centimeters.

After repairing the road to Belinsky began to resemble

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Flooding in Australia

Cyclone Rusty loses its power

Tropical cyclone Rusty, caused a mass evacuation from the West Coast of Australia, continues to move slowly inland. Forecasters say that, after meeting with the land, grow significantly weakened and now its potential power has dropped from fourth to first category.

After the joyful news segment coast from Pardo to Marble Bar canceled almost all precautions, as the speed of wind gusts dropped considerably. However, the new "red" code of danger due to the high probability of the squally wind declared in other areas of the Pilbara, inland. Grow until completely dissolved, the threat of high winds to a

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The employee will pay for the Chuvash broiler emission of 11 thousand tons of waste

Court in Chuvashia fined 100 thousand head treatment plant OAO "Chuvash Broiler" Pavel Vasilyev for the release of more than 11,000 tons of waste on agricultural land, which led to the poisoning of the soil and the loss of about 300 trees, said on Thursday the Prosecutor General's Office.

"It was established that Vasilyev independently adopted an illegal decision on the placement of more than 11 tons of waste (bird droppings) on agricultural lands, close to the garden community" Meliorator "in Cheboksary district of the republic," — said in a statement.

As noted by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office,

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Coffee can be used as an alternative form of automotive fuel

Not long ago, a British engineer, Martin Bacon, decided to prove to the world that coffee can not only help people wake up in the morning, but also serve as a source of ecological fuel for cars.

To prove their assumptions Bacon took one of the cars Ford engine and modified it so that he could not operate on gasoline or diesel fuel and bio-fuel, the source of which is found in the engineer bioroduktah remaining from the production of coffee. Thanks to his efforts, the car could go, tucking her coffee cake. The project was a success and

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Scientists warn of a strong magnetic storm

The consequences of a powerful storm on the sun today can affect the Earth's inhabitants. Writes about the world press. A few days ago shone once again raging and threw a huge solar flare — the length of a fire stick, according to experts NASA reached 800,000 miles.

Scientists were able to capture the details of the process. According to the calculations of astrophysicists today stream stellar radiation reaches our planet and can cause a geomagnetic storm. However, overcoming the enormous distance (150 million kilometers), the beam will dissipate and not cause severe damage. However, echoes of eruptions on

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From the Arctic ozone hole reached Moscow

The World Meteorological Organization has recorded a record: in the Arctic in February and March, nearly 40 percent down the ozone layer. What threatens the destruction of the ozone layer, and whether to save the planet from it? This was in the air "Morning of Russia" said head of the department of research in atmospheric composition of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Nicholas Elanskii.

While the destruction of the ozone layer is not anything catastrophic, scientists say. Ozone hole, according to him, have always existed, but had a very small area and quickly destroyed. However, this new

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Flood the streets of Chelyabinsk


Thirty-degree frost remain in Leningrad at the weekend

Extreme cold, established in Leningrad Oblast day ago, will remain in the region for another two days, according to RIA Novosti.

"At night, December 24 and 25 in the north area are expected temperatures 23-28 degrees below zero", — stated in the information.

Therefore MOE Indicates that accidents at housing and opportunities outages settlements.

Tsunami waves covered the coast of Britain

Tsunami waves caused by a massive underwater landslide 200 miles off the coast of Cornwall, reached Britain.

According to the newspaper Express, a landslide caused a wave length of 150 feet. Eyewitnesses say that the shock wave in front of the sea was calm, but the water suddenly went to the beach for more than 450 meters.

The phenomenon can be observed from Penzance to Portsmouth, on the strip length of 250 miles.

Here you can watch it.

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