January in European Russia will be a little warmer than usual

In January 2013 the average temperature in the European part of Russia and in most parts of Siberia will be slightly above historical averages — a deviation from the norm will not exceed 1 degree colder than usual will be in the Far East and in southern Siberia, according to the weather center.

© Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Forecast mean temperature anomalies in Russia in January 2013

"The monthly rainfall is expected over most of (European) area close to the average number of long-term, in the Leningrad region — more than it, in the north of the Volga

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Scientists have proposed an explanation of the anomalous heat in Russia 2010

Climate change is "slow" movement of air in the atmosphere above the mid-latitudes, and may stay there for a long time the warm air masses — is, in particular, could cause abnormal heat in Russia in 2010, the authors of an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

Scientists have suggested that heat waves, for example, in Europe, in 2003, in Russia in 2010 and a year later in the U.S., may be a common cause — the anomaly process of air circulation in the atmosphere in middle latitudes. After the analysis of meteorological

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Approaching very abnormal summer in history

According to experts, this season, there is reason to expect a large number of natural anomalies. Paul Douglas, meteorologist from Minnesota, said that severe storms are not uncommon, and rainfall, somehow deviant. Douglas noted that the atmosphere is literally "live", and the jet stream winds are stronger than it was any other spring on his memory. Scientists believe that the summer 2011 will be one of the first three seasons of powerful tornadoes.

The weather almost throughout the world affected by the climate phenomenon La Niña events (La Nina). Temperature background, formed the North-West, North-East and the

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In Japan, a shower of rain from tadpoles

Strange phenomenon documented in several cities in the south.

Dozens of such "precipitation" of the larvae were recorded in June last year.

In the city of Ishikawa Nano, which occurred last mysterious case, hundreds of larvae stuck parked next to the "epicenter" of the machine.

— Tadpoles fell to the ground with a strange sound and stuck to everything — said the 55-year-old witness unusual rain.

Fortunately, this phenomenon was localized and quickly ended. But 48 hours later the same thing happened in another city, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Scientists still can not find an explanation for the mysterious phenomenon. Two years

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St. Petersburg residents have fixed white crow

St. Petersburg witnessed a unique natural anomalies. In the streets of the city today strolled outsider.

Witnesses her appearance posted the video on local television. It raven white color, but with black feathers on the head wanders in search of food. Witnesses could not catch a bird. Experts still can not explain this unusual coloring of the bird. There is a theory that its color is changed on purpose. However, ornithologists believe that the existence of black sheep can. They say that the emergence of such individuals are not uncommon in nature, they are called albinos.

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In Akademgorodok found a flock of birds killed

Overnight in the unfinished church in Akademgorodok, a whole flock of birds had died. Local guard found the first carcass at about one in the morning, and by the next morning at this place were thirteen forty and one crow.

In ancient mythology, the goddess of forty was considered a messenger of death, messenger of misfortune. This time she did not pass themselves. How many dead birds is unknown. Most of the time to pull apart the watchdogs. In the clearing there were only traces of mass destruction — the down and feathers. All that did not have time

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Strangeness and climate records in 2011

Notice how we are now planning to leave? Here flood — are deleted. Here eruption — the next time … Oh, and here's a tornado in the U.S.! .. For three and a half months time to mess things nature has so many natural disasters, and for the whole year would be enough. That's only the most serious anomalies.

Frosts from Siberia to India

Last winter in Russia, and in the Northern Hemisphere was surprisingly cold. It seems everything is reconciled: global warming, nowhere to go. 2010 was the hottest on the average temperature on Earth

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Anomalies beak birds in Alaska

Alaska is increasingly observed phenomenon of deformation of the beak of many species of birds, which points directly to the major variations in ecology.

In the entire history has not had such a large number of birds to the deformation of the beak. It affects birds and Alaska, and other north-western regions of North America, and British Columbia, and Washington State.

It was found that black-capped chickadees, crows from the north-west and the other birds are suffering from disorders of keratin. The disease manifests itself as a result of the proliferation of cells in the keratin layer

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Weather was crazy from Mecklenburg to Orenburg

Again, news of the day. Weather anomalies across Eurasia from Eastern Europe to the Trans-Urals. In Moscow in mid-April, winter has returned, after covering the capital with snow, and a record low against the atmospheric pressure. And Germany suddenly covered sand storm, leading to tragic consequences.

8 dead, 139 injured and 80 wrecked cars. In a major road accident near the German city of Rostock blame sandstorm. This has never happened before here — strong wind picked up sand from the Baltic coast and carried it inland. Visibility on the road no more than ten meters. This accident

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Muscovites waiting for the first spring weather anomalies

Abnormally low atmospheric pressure is predicted in Moscow in the next two days. Estimated meteorologists on Saturday can be broken record 13-year-old. Simultaneously, weather forecasters predict cooling and increased precipitation. Meteorologists warn of a sharp drop in air pressure in the Moscow region. As of 10 am Friday, atmospheric pressure, Moscow has already fallen to 727 mm Hg, which is almost 20 of stops below normal for this time of year, the center reported GZT.RU "Phobos".

"We expect in the near future atmospheric pressure in Moscow will fall rapidly. The peak incidence is necessary on Saturday, when the level of

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