Quantum parallelograf will look into the parallel world

December 26, 2011 1:38

Designer Patrick Stevenson Keating created a device called the Quantum Parallelografom. It will give us a unique opportunity to explore … the parallel reality. Sounds incredible, does not it? However, the scientific community is seriously considering the question of the existence of subtle worlds.

Stevenson-Keaton's invention, which is a research project created to give us a chance to get acquainted with an alternative version of himself and his life. Using the "online sources" parallelograf finds its way into a parallel universe user and issues a short statement about his or her alter-ego.

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Wonders of the Solar System. 1-series. Empire of the Sun

January 13, 2012 15:44

Scenario Gideon Bradshaw. Operator Kevin White. Studying the very heart of our system — the sun, we will svidetelemi total solar eclipse in India and the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Arctic, learn how stars live and die, and was struck by the beauty and scale of the Empire of the Sun.

In Frankivsk seen UFOs

December 19, 2011 2:45

In Frankivsk seen UFOs. Witnesses say that around 17:00 to 18:30 in the sky, about two pipes (which by the river), flew two "strange things".

"One was very far away like a star, just a very strange move, and the other, duller, shaped like a bowl.

Flying saucer for another "star" when viewed from the outside in, from the cinema "Cosmos", from the bridge. "

UFO in Chelyabinsk 02.08.2012, the

February 12, 2012 12:43

Unidentified moving objects in the sky 8.02.2012g at 8.50 local time. Points of light, not like the aircraft, moving at the same speed on a single arc, disappearing in the same place, and there was again in another, it was assumed the spot. CHKPZ shooting over the plant.

Hypotheses: Nibiru and artificial people

December 23, 2011 7:12

The first people arrived in our solar system, settled on the planet (sometimes called the Phaeton), fragments of bark which today form the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. These were the people the long-standing race, which are the only intelligent beings in the biological universe. This race is moved in search of new planets suitable for life to their arrival order of other tribes of people who specialize in the construction of residential solar systems.

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Yoga for colds

December 9, 2011 15:48

1. Asana — posture of the child. We sit on the heels, toes combined, and we place the knees. Lowers his head and touches the mat forehead, put his hands in front of him, and elbows separated in different directions.

2. Asana — posture dog. Posed as a child. Hands extended forward and presses his hand to the floor, drew ahead. Head is lowered down to the support, and the pelvis lift as high as possible and tighten the thighs. Hands do not bend.

3. Asana — Tilt forward with legs apart. From the position

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Worldwide conspiracy. UFO Invasion (01.12.2011)

December 1, 2011 21:08

Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman.Astronomy say: three huge unidentified flying object in the near future will approach the Earth …

Scientists ready to clone mammoth

December 5, 2011 12:30

Russo-Japanese team of scientists from the Museum of the mammoth in the Sakha Republic and Japan Kinki University is going to conduct an experiment century next year they will start cloning the giant mammal, whose remains were found in the Siberian permafrost. Researchers rely on the successful outcome of the operation, and they have to have this foundation. In finding the femur is well preserved mammoth bone marrow, which will become the source of genetic material for the reconstruction of a prehistoric animal. First, the core of the bone marrow cells placed in a mammoth egg

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Soft robots are ready to climb anywhere

November 30, 2011 16:46

A research team from Harvard University has built a "soft" robot that can crawl, squirm and squeeze under obstacles.

The robot is made of plastic material, elastomer and is propelled by compressed air, which in turn fills the numerous camera that gives it great flexibility.

Group experiences dying condition

November 27, 2011 4:44

In recent years, there is evidence that the people who died at the same time (for example, in a traffic accident) or are close to death, talking to each other in those moments. Photo from epochtimes.co.il

Of the numerous experiments of research experience close to death found that partners such states often talk to each other.

A phenomenon known as "near-death experience", studied for many years. A significant number of survivors of clinical death, dying shared their experiences.

Feeling out of body, hovering over her own body, a sense of moving up through the

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