Rapidly cools the planet!

After 2010, became the warmest year on record, came the "cold days." January 2010 on the value of global temperature land + ocean (12,38 ° C) took only the 17th warmest for the observation period from 1880 — reported by climatologists NOAA (National Authority for the atmosphere and the ocean, USA) . To the average global temperature of the 20th century was 0,38 °. This modest result can probably be explained by the cooling effect of La Niña, which is celebrated in eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. If we consider only the temperature of the surface of the continents, it is

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In Russia in 2010 the record number of hazards

Hydrometeorological services in 2010, a record number of severe weather — 972, the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov made a report on the extended board meeting.

According to the head of Roshydromet, greatly increased the number of hazards associated with strong winds, squalls and storms — from 66 in 2009 to 120 — in 2010. Almost twice the number of cases of temperature anomalies — severe cold or heat waves from 27 in 2009 to 49 in 2010. A number of cases of drought and dry winds increased from 26 to 41.

"In 2010, in Russia, it was noted a

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Russia frostbitten

For more than a week Russia is dominated by relentless cold. Kamchatka, Novosibirsk, Kyzyl and Moscow hold unusually low temperatures for December. Meteorologists say that such anomalies were observed in 1938.

Kamchatka is preparing for the 50-degree cold, which hit on December 18 in the north of the region. Tuesday morning in the area of the region was Penzhina shows a temperature of about 42-45 degrees below zero. Forecasters said that heavy frost will last at least until Wednesday, December 19.

In the capital of Tuva, the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees, classes in all schools were

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Environmental disaster in Olympic Sochi

A series of accidents in the construction of Sochi Olympic race in 2014 recently went on. Baton opened in July 2009, an accident during the construction of the tunnel combined road Adler — Krasnaya Polyana. Then a sudden breakthrough of groundwater destroyed equipment. There were no casualties. Then came the turn of the sea port under construction: December 14, 2009 the construction of a storm washed away these things to the seabed. With him disappeared in the deep 3-professional diver. And in January 2010 and its valley "walked" p. Mzymta: coming out of the banks as a result of heavy

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Atlantic Anomaly Causes close U.S. base

In the Atlantic, recorded a gamma emissions emanating from the earth and the sea, and aimed at the Sirius star system, now the U.S. Navy blocked the area. Removing the "corner stone" (light source) and that its delivery to the military base, was the reason for closing the base.

Russian Space Forces report circulating in the Kremlin today says that one of their satellites "Kosmos-2469, which is currently in orbit over North America discovered the release of gamma radiation" unprecedented scale ", emitted from the vicinity of military base Dugway, located in the state of Utah.

According to the

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Anomalies destroy dilapidated Russia

Nature continues to be the strength of our civilization. Last year was a record number of disasters, abnormal weather and damage from them. 2011 is promising to keep up with its predecessor: the flood has hit Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Belgium. Russia also got: in several regions of the Volga region and Sakhalin hit unprecedented snowfall and extreme cold. And increasingly, there is an involuntary question: will there be enough margin of safety in our cozy and man-made world to stand next whims (or revenge) nature?

Accumulating experience and scientific knowledge of generations, people have

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Anomalies of Chernobyl

For Vyacheslav Sergeevich Konovalov stretches infamous. At home, on the balcony, he keeps in the "vaults" such that the neighbors call the police just right. Zhytomyr, where he worked in the Agricultural Institute Konovalov, his is not adored. Moved to Kiev — history repeats itself. Professorial whether the case: roam in areas affected by radiation, on farms, in maternity hospitals, and even worse — digging latrines!

Mine there is something invaluable, from his point of view, for science. A particularly ugly animal and human. And the shock surrounding folk forecasts: they say, if you do not reconsider their own business

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La Nina this season works wonders

Southern Oscillation phase of the Pacific Ocean, which is to blame for devastating floods and other weather anomalies, this season has reached a rare sweep and, apparently, will hold two (or even all four) months.

La Niña is characterized by a decrease in the surface temperature of the equatorial east-central Pacific at 3-5? C relative to the normal range. First of all, it leads to floods in Australia and South-East Asia. In addition, the increased humidity in southern Africa, and to the east and west of the Black Continent South America increased drought.

The World Meteorological Organization has

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Unusual phenomenon in China: hot water

In the middle of the construction site in the snow suddenly formed a pit filled with liquid mud of which make their way out of the flames. This is an unusual phenomenon occurred on January 20 in the industrial area of the eastern province of Zhejiang Shaoxing.

According to the publication "Evening Shenyang" diameter hole about two meters, it is filled with bubbling liquid mud, out of which rises periodically fire.

This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many local residents. They suggest that this gas. Explanations of experts on the subject Chinese media do not result.


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What are the possible causes of mass death of birds in the world

For several weeks in a row around the world there are reports of mass death of birds. Hundreds of dead birds have provoked scientific debate over the planet — or the result of human activity or natural anomalies unknown to science. This week in the outskirts of Beijing was again found dozens of dead birds. All agree in one — it is clear that nothing is clear.

Dead birds, like rain falling on the head of the inhabitants of the planet. In North America, Europe, and this week in China. They die whole flocks, and even on the fly.

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