Ecologists: Natural anomalies — it is a reality to which to adapt

Leading environmental organizations and youth movements in Russia summed up the results of the December the Russian Youth Environmental Forum. This forum, as noted by the press conference, demonstrated the enormous potential environmental movement in this country, the correspondent IA REGNUM.

As director of the Green Cross for Development and Chairman of the event, Alexander Fedorov, the main success of the forum has brought part of those people who can make a contribution to environmental protection. "It was more than 300 pupils and students, as well as representatives of various youth movements and leaders of environmental organizations from all regions

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Science. Shifting of the poles

The world is on the eve of an important event. According to scientists, could soon occur global "somersault" — Earth's magnetic poles change places, changing the direction of the geomagnetic field. What threatens humanity coming pole shift?


The magnetic field of the planet, that is, the space in which the magnetic force is determined by the processes taking place in its core. Geomagnetic observations leave no doubt — the last time the parameters of the magnetic field vary considerably, and the magnetic poles of the Earth change their positions. The dynamics of these changes rapidly. What are these

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Temperatures down to minus 40 degrees in the Kama come the weekend

The air temperature in the Perm region for Thursday and the days will drop significantly in the northern parts of the region may be cold as minus 40 degrees, said the Center for Geographic Information Systems Perm State University.

Cold weather with no snow, about 25 … — 30 degrees on average in the region, established in the Perm region around the end of last week. On Wednesday, 22 December, temperatures have risen by about 15 degrees.

"It is projected that the minimum temperature in Perm on the night of Saturday, December 25 will be — 37 … — 39

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Scientists: reduced solar activity leads to an anomalous warming

Scientists using satellite observations have found that the current solar cycle ends abnormal changes of the solar spectrum, which leads to warming of the earth amid declining solar activity, reported in the journal Nature.

Received during the three-year experimental data do not allow researchers to judge whether such an anomalous behavior of the Sun took place in the past and may affect the climate in the future. Scientists note that people still know very little about the mechanisms of the effect of solar activity on the climate.

Authors of the publication, the team led by Joanna Hay (Joanna Haigh) from

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How to sell global warming

Frequent weather anomalies are pushing the state to the negotiating table on which are all of the same invention, the theorists of global warming of the last century — the UN Framework Convention for Climate Protection and the appendage to her Kyoto Protocol. This in his own genius document: of the global problem, he created a new global market, which is a virtual commodity trading — trading on the emission of carbon dioxide (the main cause of warming assigned).

But the period of the protocol ends in 2012, and the country can not possibly come up with a replacement. Meanwhile,

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Temperature anomalies in Russia

According to meteorologists, in most regions of Russia in late November and early December, there was a noticeable temperature deviation in the direction of cooling.

So, already, even in the first calendar day of winter in Russia was marked by harsh weather contrasts between regions of the country — in the south if the temperature rose to 19 degrees Celsius, in the central Siberian frosts reached 49 degrees, said meteorologist deputy director Dmitry Kiktev.

"The minimum temperature observed in Yakutia, the central regions of Krasnoyarsk region, where night frosts reached 49 degrees. At the same time,

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Weather anomalies have become the norm

On what continent would not we were talking — all abnormal weather: Spain filled up with snow after heavy rains the water level in the canals of Venice exceeded ordinariness mark by almost 1.5 meters, snow in England led to traffic jams

Following last summer, winter has decided to also show that long-term meteorological forecasts — employment is generally useless. The weather can only speak in the present tense. And what kind of a continent it is not gone — all abnormal weather. Which confirms meteoobzor prepared Boris Butkova. If it were not geotitr country name in the lower right

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Climate summit: scary picture of the future

If no action is taken, the abnormally hot summer of 2010, ten years will be remembered as the relatively cool

Basic agreement to combat global warming may be the result of the climate summit in Cancun. This was "Voice of Russia" said the head of the forum member of the "Climate and Energy" WWF Alexei Kokorin. Representatives of 194 countries gathered at x Mexican resort to resolve the main question: how to slow down climate change on the planet.

Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun, opened on November 29. It is attended

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Country emissions Sun causing sudden mutation of matter

Angry Sun

After many months of observation led scientists fear wringing his hands because of the approaching solar storms. Some of them are predicting a devastating solar tsunamis that could wipe out our advanced technology, others voiced dire warnings that powerful explosions on the surface of the sun can reach the Earth, causing a breach of the magnetic field, which will lead to the penetration of the Zkmlyu billion particles with high intensity of X-rays and other deadly forms of radiation. Now evidence surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is deep within our star: Never had a particle or some

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Emergencies Minister: in 2013 will not be cataclysmic, but possible anomalies

Future situation in Russia is forecast to MOE, will be stable, but in some areas of possible anomalies, the head of department Vladimir Puchkov.

"No global cataclysms we do not expect. Next year we estimate will be quite stable, the average across the board. But in some places, of course, possible anomalies. This does our situation center, and in any case, our employees were warned of the impending danger . I would in any case advised to always have matches, candles and a flashlight. Unnecessary these items will not be, "- said in an interview with Tufts" Rossiyskaya Gazeta ",

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