Invasion crested suicide

In the Siberian city of mixed and coniferous forests in a lot of small birds flew, which experts consider "prone to mass suicide."

A few years ago, these unusual for urban birds whole flocks of broken glass. The situation could be repeated.

Suicidal birds are called waxwings. Their nesting grounds are located mainly north of Novosibirsk. Their flight south observed in October and early November. In some years, waxwings winter long delayed in all cities of the south of Western Siberia. But now they are seen rarely. In any case, in Novosibirsk. This is despite the abundant harvest of

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Last year was the warmest in the history of the Arctic and Siberia

The average temperature in the Arctic and Siberia in the last year reached the highest value ever recorded, and in the northern hemisphere in 2011 was among the ten warmest, according Roshydromet.

"In 2011, once again, as in 2010, the largest annual air temperature anomalies were formed in the Arctic — to 5 degrees above normal and more, but this time not in the Canadian, and Russian. In the north of Scandinavia and Canada, European Russia and the Urals, in most of Siberia, and in some areas of the U.S. and France, as well as parts of the Pacific and

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In Brest, Belarus woke amphibians

In Brest, meteorologists promised on Thursday, January 12, the peak heat: 8 degrees. Due to an unprecedented zero temperature in January climbed frog.

Emerged from its winter slumber yl, crawled on deprived of snow, wet abyss frog. One of them crushed by truck in the yard supermarket "Euroopt" near Warsaw highway. Incidentally, frogs here recently were almost the sole masters — a supermarket built on wetlands.

Polesskii agro-environmental Institute explained: warm winter visit us more often. For example, the winter of last year showed the number of thermal anomalies. But the frog choruses while hardly expected.

Other animals behave

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In Kamchatka volcanic eruptions occur together

Three Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch Kizimen and Flat Tolbachik located in different parts of the peninsula, we decided to do "simultaneous eruption." Volcanoes continue in unison throw portions of ash and steam, and on their slopes are actively moving lava flows. Representatives of aviation services have announced the peninsula "orange" danger code, although the influence of terrestrial volcanoes residents remain minimal.

At several points in the peninsula have been recorded dozens of local earthquakes. Underground vibrations that accompany eruptions, gradually gaining strength. Most active at this time was the Shiveluch volcano, which released a column of ash and gas

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In Tomsk recorded emissions of phenol

In Tomsk recorded "spikes" of phenol and hydrogen chloride.

It is reported by site Ogbu "Oblkompriroda" — there was published a report on the current environmental situation in Tomsk, Strezhevoy and Kolpashevo from 20 to 26 December 2011.

According to environmentalists, the state of air and radiation situation in the region remains, in general — in the normal range, except for two unexplained incidents recorded on 21 and 26 December, in the city there were excess of phenol and hydrogen chloride. The morning of 21 and 22 December in the Soviet area, on Herzen Street, there was an increased concentration

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Weather anomalies become habitual

In the next few years, the number of hurricanes, floods, fires and droughts will continue to grow, and the abnormally hot summer in Europe will become a habit.

This is stated in a special report on managing risks of extreme weather events and disasters, and climate change adaptation (SREX), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The document was prepared by the two working groups, which included 220 climate scientists from 62 countries. The full version of the report is scheduled for February 2012.

The report calculated three options for possible weather changes — at the minimum,

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Alpine resorts can stay without snow

Owners of Italian ski resorts are sounding the alarm. One of the most popular tourism threatened by weather anomalies. On the slopes of the Alps, where in December usually gather thousands of fans to drive to the mountains to ski, there is no snow.

In such cases, the resorts are generally satisfied with artificial snow from special guns, but the economic crisis means for it is not enough. The cable car is idle, snowmobiles are without work, and was left with nothing until the tourists come down the slopes on foot.

Bermuda Triangle: found another anomaly

Recently, American scientists who studied the sea near the famous Bermuda Triangle have found another anomaly. They found that the surface water in this area is literally full of a wide range of viruses. However, viruses do not pose any danger to humans, as they are only interested in oceanic bacteria.

The very phrase "Bermuda Triangle" is a relatively new — it was invented by a fan of spiritualism and esoteric Vincent Gaddis (Vincent Gaddis) in 1964. Speaking about it, Vincent had in mind a region located between the island of Puerto Rico, the Florida coast and Bermuda. According to

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UN scientists are confused about the issues of climate

Records of the World Meteorological Organization, released in late November, at a conference in Durban, South Africa, shock and make their details to seriously think about what is really happening to our planet. According to published documents, for the last 15 years there has been a serious increase in the average temperature of the earth, and is on every continent. Extreme weather conditions, which are set around the world because of this strong warming, promote severe droughts in some parts of the world and the anomalous rainfall in others. Our world is changing and we are already beginning to feel

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Temperature anomalies in Russia

As a result of the influence of the North Atlantic cyclone is a long time in the north of European Russia remains abnormally warm weather. Day on average air temperature by 5-10 degrees above normal, that is, the temperature in the background these days corresponds to the middle of autumn.

New record maximum temperature was recorded on December 1 in the Small Karmakuly (Nenets Autonomous District), where the thermometer rises to the level of 1.7 degrees. In the Kalevala (Karelia), the air in the first calendar day of winter warmed up to 3.2. In addition, in these regions

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