Scientists describe the reason for the cold winters in the northern hemisphere

MOSCOW, October 9 — RIA Novosti. The solar cycle has a direct impact on climate variability in the Northern Hemisphere — reducing the power of UV radiation in the solar minimum was the cause of an abnormally cold winter in high latitudes in Europe, Asia and North America, climate scientists say in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

400 years of observations of the Sun indicate that our star is alternating periods of growth and decline of activity, successive after about 11 years. The period of greatest solar activity called solar maximum, minimum — solar minimum.

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In Buryatia re flowered rosemary

In the suburbs of Ulan-Ude, the newly blossomed rosemary, flowering period which usually ends in June. As demonstrated by this autumn, rosemary can bloom in October. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Anatoly Kushnarev explains the phenomenon of climate change

— The part of the kidney, which is not bloomed in the spring and left the following year, reacted to the amount of heat and bloomed. Periodically, in our republic such anomalies occur, — says Anatoly Kushnarev.

As we told the doctor of agricultural sciences, over the last thirty years in Buryatia was much warmer. If earlier, for example, in the late

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The area of Arctic sea ice in September, a little bit not to get to the historical low

The average area of Arctic sea ice in September fell to 4.61 million square kilometers, 310 square kilometers over a record low in 2007, experts told the National Information Center for Snow and Ice (NSIDC) USA.

Earlier in September, has been fixed annual minimum ice area for the region: September 9, the figure was 4.33 million square kilometers. This is the second lowest result in the history of satellite observations after 2007, when the annual minimum, made on September 16, was 4.17 million square kilometers.

The average area of Arctic sea ice in September 2011 was 2.43

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Abnormal autumn flowering trees and shrubs in many Russian regions

MOSCOW, October 1. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Dorofeeva /. In many regions of Russia this fall on an unusual phenomenon — some flowering shrubs, branches and entire trees. Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia, there are reports of blooming apple trees, cherry trees, various shrubs. In Moscow, in some places blossomed chestnut, wild cherry.

MSU scientists say that autumn flowering — an abnormal phenomenon, but it's nothing bad, it just kidney "cheated" Thermal failure due to prolonged warm weather, and they are not waiting for the winter, open. Biologists call the phenomenon to enjoy the beautiful and not

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Scientist: in climate occurred imbalance

Coast of Russia comes after a devastating typhoon "Rocky." He brought with him the strongest rain and wind gusts that reached hurricane force up to 37 meters per second. In Russia, a hurricane came from Japan, where his force of 11 people were killed and over 300 injured. We can say that now is the peak of activity of typhoons. The season lasts until October. And in September, they happen frequently. Why do scientists still have not learned to accurately predict typhoons, the host of "Morning of Russia" learned from the director of the Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy

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In Moscow lilac blossoms

Weather anomalies presented another surprise. At Domodedovo, Moscow region lilacs bloomed in September. Approximate coordinates of a miracle: 37.812163,55.399127

In Primorye detected thermal anomalies

According to the satellite monitoring of Vladivostok Branch receiving and processing space information MES of Russia as of 18.00 (NBC) September 12, in the Primorsky Territory recorded five thermal anomalies. 3 of them were not confirmed, 1 incineration of household waste in the Khasan district, 1 fell dry grass in St. Michael's, eliminated the day of detection, RIA "Data" in the press service of the main emergency department in the Primorsky Territory.

EMERCOM Russia's Primorsky encourages residents and visitors the edge when in the forests to observe the rules of fire safety. Practice shows that in most cases, forest

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On Moscow fall storm Katia

After a series of rainfall in the metropolitan area, when he fell to half of the monthly norm, there will be little respite. By Tuesday evening again expected worsening weather.

According to the Met Office, the main expert of Moscow and region Tatyana Pozdnyakova, repeating past anomalies in the near future will be, but by Tuesday evening with the weather situation will deteriorate again.

— Late last week, the passing in the metropolitan region of the cyclone added remnants of tropical storm — said Pozdnyakova. — This is the same storm that brought down their strength to America and then

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In September bloom chestnuts

Anomaly weakens trees before the onset of cold weather. Donetsk team for several years on an unusual phenomenon — the flowering chestnuts in September. And now there were flowers on chestnut avenues, particularly the street Tkachenko. However, scientists do not hurry to rejoice, because abnormal flowering trees facing death and evidence of their disease.

— This abnormal breach in the development cycle of chestnuts — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alexey Polyakov, Sc.D., employee Donetsk Botanical Garden. — Healthy trees have already prepared for the winter buds and blooms before cold weather seriously weakens any plant. Of course, the chestnuts will not

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In Moscow cherry blossom

All I have had in the country in Chekhov near Moscow. This summer is no more in debt — in September suddenly blossomed cherry. What happens to the tree?

— Most of these anomalies occur with plants due to the unusually warm weather in the winter, so they are confused with the natural clock.

Summer and even autumn bloom is very rare, but not unusual in this. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in nerayonirovannyh varieties of cherries and plums, which were imported from another region (mostly southern). Sometimes formed ovaries that do not have time to ripen.

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