What will be the future spacecraft

November 26, 2011 15:10

Earthlings do not stop to look for a new place to live. Maybe a trip transport between the planets — it's just a matter of a short time, and in the future we can easily get to other galaxies.

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Unusual UFO in the sky over Adygeia. November 2011

November 23, 2011 12:30

UFO over Ripon November 15, 2011

November 20, 2011 3:26

Found giant Japanese underwater city

November 15, 2011 18:37

Scientists have discovered a unique underwater city. Why did the ancient civilization?

Canadian Loch Ness monster captured on video

November 13, 2011 22:22

In the Canadian province of British Columbia living relative of the Loch Ness monster. At least, are sure of the locals who noticed the mysterious creature in Lake Okanagan.

Canadian Richard Hulse showed the world images in which, in his opinion, is depicted bathing the 12-meter Canadian cousin Nessie, reported IA "Rosbalt". An unexplained phenomenon is similar to a simple ripple on the water, but residents claim that the ripples can not be in a location of the lake and have the strange elongated. So all felt that this large contours and darker sea creature, or

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Mysteries of History. The territory of secrets

January 20, 2013 18:19

Some places in the world for many decades excite the minds of scientists and researchers. These anomalous zones as a zone of peace in Mexico, the gate of the gods and the Bermuda Triangle. Those who have visited these mysterious places, suggest that in the past we were visited by aliens …

Huge unknown object near the Sun — December 2011

December 20, 2011 9:21

Ghosts. UFOs. Strange sounds

February 13, 2012 15:29

Day of cosmic history. Roadside Picnic

3 January 2013 17:57

Chupacabra spotted in Kirovograd, people utykivayut their gardens traps

November 17, 2012 23:38

Unknown beast already looked into some chicken coops and ransacked several yards.

Next legendary chupacabra been seen on the outskirts of the regional center. Residents complain of Kirovohrad — unknown creature naglovoruet livestock from their homes. Eyewitnesses claim: this animal has reddish hair and moves by jumping on two legs.

Last night the unknown creature decimate the bird population the inhabitants of an entire street. Within a few hours of sunrise yards disappeared three dozen chickens.

Basil eyewitness caught the thief on his garden. Says

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