Russia will flood the freezing rain

Forecasters earlier PROMISED Russia two babih summer, assured that after the warm September will be as comfortable in October, but the November thaw will bring into the European territory of Russia freezing rain. "We will go into the winter gently with thaws," — told reporters the head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) Alexander Frolov. In October, the weather in the Eastern European and Russian territories is warm enough, a little lower than normal temperatures can sink to the Urals and Western Siberia.

In November the weather conditions will be close to normal, but at the

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Earthquake in the United States was greater than allowed for nuclear power plant in Virginia

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 — Prime. The recent earthquake on the East Coast of the U.S. was stronger than allow the security of nuclear power plants in the state of Virginia, but in the end was not damaged nuclear power plant, said on Thursday the vice president of a management station Dominion Virginia Power Eugene Grechek.

"The tremors were strong enough, but it did not last long enough to cause any damage. We know that nuclear power has a margin of safety" — the newspaper Washington Post Grecheka words he said at a meeting with representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory

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Alaska volcano ready to erupt

Cleveland Volcano, 940 miles southwest of Anchorage, is ready to erupt in the near future. Lava dome grows, the activity of thermal anomalies increases. The lava dome has already reached 394 feet in diameter. The authorities are aware of these changes and has already been declared an increased level of risk of eruption.

In Nizhny Novgorod region anomalous tropical downpour

Summer 2011 in sixth place in the ranking of the hottest summers in the history of meteorological observations in the Nizhny Novgorod region, since 1881. This was reported at the Upper Volga UGMS.

The average air temperature during the three summer months was 19.5 degrees, or 2.3 degrees above normal this year. In parallel with the summer period of the year in sixth place in the ranking has risen like the hot summer of 1936.

Over the last 130 years of regular meteorological observations in the top five hottest summers entered 2010, 1972, 1981, 1938 and 1988.

In the current

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Russia threatens many animal burial anthrax

Each year, with the arrival of spring in Russia, along with flood water rises to the surface of the problem of animal burial. According to the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, most hazardous burial does not meet health standards. Meanwhile, not only did the flood waters wash away properly preserved burial of animals, so careless farmers simply take off the carcasses of dead animals in the next dump. Currently in our country thousands of cattle cemetery, where are buried the remains of animals from dangerous diseases.

So, not long ago, and the prosecutor's office of environment Rosselkhoznadzor in the

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NASA saw a connection between the heat in Russia and the floods in Pakistan

Two anomalous climate events of the past year — fire hazard heat in Russia and floods in Pakistan — were in hand. Both of them, though, and were observed in the regions, separated by a distance of 2.5 thousand kilometers, were caused by the same abnormal movement of atmospheric flows, scientists have identified NASA. Their research has finally confirmed the findings that in August last year shared the British meteorologist Mike Blackburn.

This is the so-called Rossby waves — moving air currents affecting the weather on the planet, writesThe Daily Mail. Usually in the summer they

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Temperature records in 2011

Moscow, August 30. Earth survived seventh temperature record in July with the start data capture — since 1880. Amount of Arctic sea ice was in the beginning of July, the minimum dimensions of it in 1979.

Monthly analysis from the National Climatic Data Center NOAA (National Climatic Data Center) is part of the climate record that NOAA does for the government, business and community leaders.

Temperature anomalies in July 2011 (in degrees Celsius)

The main temperature records across the world in July 2011:

—Average total temperature on the continents and oceans in July of this year was

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In China, the lack of water and dust storms

In China, due to the lack of water affects 5 million chelovek.Na northern China due to the worst drought in nearly 5 million people are affected by a severe shortage of drinking water due to drought was also killed crops on more than 9 million hectares. Drought covered areas of the northeastern Jilin Province to Inner Mongolia. Authorities warned of a possible threat of water shortage in the provinces of Hunan and Hubei provinces in the south, which is also the weather is hot and little rain falls.


In China, 20 million people suffer from sand bur.Bolee

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Lake Chebarkul attacked hordes of flies

Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region, August 19 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — Chebarkul region is suffering from an unprecedented invasion of flies.

As the correspondent of "New Region", Chebarkul residents appealed to the local administration with complaints of a strange phenomenon. The mayor held a meeting with representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, veterinary station, Department of Environment UZHKH. Also here was invited director of poultry CJSC "Chebarkul bird." According to experts, apart from the weather, the flash can be triggered by improper execution of the necessary processes in the enterprise. Commission examination revealed a huge accumulation of flies on pometohranilische enterprise. According to

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Eurasia waiting ice age

In the twentieth century, the average temperature on Earth has increased by about one degree. This is a serious figure, because even when you exit from the Ice Age warming is usually only 4-5 degrees. In such circumstances, some species may be on the brink of extinction, and more persistent — to completely change their range or behavior. Anomalies of the natural world — Victoria Pyrkova on Radio "Vesti FM".

Climate changes are natural to the Earth. The dinosaurs could not survive in cold conditions, and their skeletons are found in Antarctica. Accordingly, on this continent was once the climate

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