Victims of tornadoes in the U.S. in 2011

This is not a complete list of the victims, as some are either not published, or needs clarification!

The death toll from a series of tornadoes that hit the southern United States on April 27, an increase of up to 340 people, according to CNN. Suffered the most from Alabama tornadoes: according to Associated Press, the disaster claimed the lives of 246 residents of the state.

Tornadoes in 2011 recognized as the second in the number of casualties in U.S. history. The most destructive tornado occurred in the United States in March 1925 — then the disaster

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The ozone hole is smaller

International efforts to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, necessary to destroy the Earth's protective ozone layer, yielding first results. As scientists have found in New Zealand, the width of the ozone hole over Antarctica is slowly decreasing.

According to the measurements, the ozone layer will return to the state in which he was in the 198th year, by the 2050, if all the measures to control greenhouse gas emissions will continue. The width of the ozone layer in the stratosphere is only 25 km, but it plays an important role in protecting the earth from solar radiation. His

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Cleveland Volcano and a small explosion

Observatory, located in Alaska, reported that the volcano Cleveland that the Aleutian Islands, there was a small explosion. The result appeared in the sky a little cloud of ash.

Fully follow the cloud satellite failed due to heavy cloud cover. The Observatory also reported that the explosion occurred at 1:12 am on Wednesday, and was very short-lived, such as those that occurred in December. Each explosion at the volcano Cleveland accompanied by the release of the ash cloud, which immediately dissipated, and had no effect on the traffic of airplanes. Cleveland Volcano height 1,702.5 meters, on an uninhabited island in

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In mid-autumn in Shymkent flowered lilac

In Shymkent blooming lilacs, reports Otyrar-TV. According to a resident of the neighborhood Tassay, Love Nesterenko, she did not expect this when breaking off the old leaves from the bush.

The first buds of the lilac appeared a week ago. Then the owner of the tree was frightened that they freeze and cut off a few branches.

Dendrologists scientists believe that re-bloom can kill plants.

In addition, according to scientists, in addition to high temperatures, which led to the re-flowering, this phenomenon is another explanation — no drafts.

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Powerful hurricane stopped Germany

A powerful storm "Joachim" hit Germany. Most affected by the disaster and the south central part of Germany. Hurricane Saarbrücken Airport closed temporarily.

At Frankfurt airport flight delays began. This occurred because the ground crew had escaped from the plan because of the severe weather. However, the cancellation of speech does not go, assured airport spokesman, writes

Rail service between Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken, and in Landau stopped. In the Saarbrücken winds tore trees from the root, some streets and basements were flooded. Wind overturned road signs and building signs. In South-West Pfalz regional trains stopped moving due to the

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North India experienced heavy snowfall

Over the past 8 years in the Indian city of Shimla not seen such a snowfall, which is just one day completely covered him with a white shroud. 24 hours in the city fell 38.6 cm of snow, which in January will not be repeated in 2005. Then the record was 33.2 cm, and in the next two years, there was no snow at all, and in 2008, for the entire month fell only 1 cm of precipitation. Then they saw a slight annual increase, while in January 2013 will not happen real breakthrough.

Now, two days to a

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In Moscow — the strongest storm

On Thursday evening in the capital came the long-awaited rain and thunderstorm. The streets of the city center were flooded by streams of water. Public utilities warn about the threat of the collapse of advertising structures and trees. The first images of the Moscow Rain sent to "All Mobile reporter."

Traffic Police advises drivers to be extra cautious on the road and keep your distance on wet roads. BBC News also reminded how to behave during a thunderstorm. In particular, it is not recommended to be in open spaces and hiding from the rain under single trees. Meanwhile, in

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Eruption of Mount Etna

This morning there was an eruption of Etna in Sicily. Thirteenth in the year.

Guide Catania Fontanarossa Airport, which is located 5 km from the city, said today at 10 am on flight delays, related to the activity of the volcano Etna.

"From 7 am showed itself a new crater. Volcanic ash cloud is moving south side, "- said Mauro Martelli Council of Volcanology and geochemistry.

Every hour, take to the sky no more than 6 aircraft. A schedule to adhere to 23:30 local time. Due to delays in flights passengers can find all the latest information on the airport

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Weather in Kiev, Ukraine on New Years Eve: 1, 2 and 3 December

January 1 in Ukraine, except for the southern part of the territory of the 2nd only in the western and northern regions of places will be little snow, the third snow, sometimes heavy, in the south with rain expected in the northern, central and southern areas, ice, wet adhesion snow.

As the service METEOPROG, roads icy. Temperature will stand at 9.2 degrees Celsius, sometimes to 14-18 below zero, cold day 0-6, in the south and east of the night 0-7 frost, day two frost-5 heat, heat in the Crimea 9.1. Wind northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, 5-12 m / s.


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Six people were killed in snowfall in the U.S.

At least six people were killed in the aftermath of snow that has fallen in the past days on the East Coast of the U.S., told the police of New York, Delaware and Maryland. Three of the dead were victims of snowplows. In New York, a woman got killed by a car with a hinged blade for snow removal, another woman was killed in the same manner in the State of Delaware, and Maryland snow removing vehicle ran over the fencing coach at Johns Hopkins University. In all three cases, the car drivers said they had not seen the pedestrians

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