Mass poisoning fatalities occurred in southern China

BEIJING, Aug. 21 — RIA Novosti, Vasily Kashin.Eleven people were killed and 150 injured in a mass food poisoning in the county Pishan County Hotan of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR), Xinhua News Agency reported.

Poisoning affected villagers Sanchzhu, the first symptoms, particularly seizures and vomiting, they appeared Friday night. By Saturday, the number of poisoning has reached 150 people, 11 of them died. The causes of poisoning are not known, authorities are investigating the incident, the victims continue treatment in local hospitals.

Sanchzhu located in the southern part of Xinjiang and is the center of the homonymous municipality

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Tomsk authorities ordered the owners to register dogs

Power Tomsk region were among the first in Russia have introduced compulsory registration of dogs "in the community", and a similar procedure for cat owners is voluntary, informed RIA Novosti on Wednesday employee Regional Veterinary Administration.

"The document signed on 19 November — we were among the first in the country did. Now entered into force, and now it is better to register the animal. For dog owners compulsory registration procedure, for cat owners — voluntary" — said she.

Interlocutor of the agency noted that the procedure is paid, but "it will cost symbolically, the registration service recommended to make

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Locusts in the Orenburg region

Future crop at risk. The fields of the Orenburg region come hordes of locusts. This year, the population has tripled voracious insects than usual.

The last time such a calamity threatened farmers almost 12 years ago. How to fight the invasion today, and why until nepovsemestno? From the fields of the Orenburg district report Elena Kuznetsova.

Kuban authorities: rumors about the artificial nature of the flooding — nonsense

Press secretary of the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Anna Minkov denied reports in social networks and some of the media that caused severe flooding in the Crimean region was a sharp descent of water from the reservoirs.

Heavy rain in the region took place on Friday night and on Saturday night, a few hours had the five-month rainfall. According to recent reports, 99 people have died. Most victims in the Crimean region — 88. According to authorities, on the Crimean area streams of water hit of the night, when everyone was asleep. Meanwhile, in social networks began to spread

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A device for touching the weather

Its American adaptation Robb Godshou called "cryoscope." Unlike traditional weather Cryoscope allows literally touch tomorrow's temperature by hand.

Device is an aluminum cube. Its surface temperature ranges from -18 to +38 Celsius. Burn the hands of Cryoscope necessarily, because the indicator is the LED lights: blue — cold, red — hot.

Weather Forecast "cryoscope" takes the Internet and through the platform Arduino translates into "physical temperature" by using a Peltier cooler and fan.

"Touch — this is usually the best way to determine the temperature. Godshou device immediately makes clear idea about the weather for tomorrow in contrast to abstract

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Mount Etna spews ash and lava

In Italy, Sicily Etna volcano activity has increased dramatically. There is a powerful eruptions of ash and lava.

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Earthquake in Phuket

April 16 Phuket suffered earthquake measuring 4.3 points, who were the first in history, with its epicenter on the island.

The disaster has affected the following areas in particular Phuket Chalong, Rawai, Kamala and Patong. This is the most popular tourist destination in Russia. The Thai government has decided not to evacuate people, but the people in panic leaving Patong Beach, which has undergone the 2004 invasion of the tsunami. Phuket due to the earthquake was due to a large loading of telephone networks.

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A fire destroyed a day 550 hectares of forest in south-west France

Large fire in less than a day destroyed about 550 hectares of forest near the town of Lacanau in the south-west of France, said on Friday AFP.

"Currently, the fire is extinguished, the spread of fire stopped, flames no more," — said the prefect of the Gironde department Patrick Stefanini.

According to him, firefighters remain vigilant.

"We make sure that the wind, which again rose, fanned the flames and did not lead to the spread of fire," — said the official.

In fire fighting involved about 200 firefighters.

Storm Chris in the Atlantic turned into the first hurricane of the season

Tropical storm "Chris" (Chris), raging near the Canadian island of Newfoundland, has gained strength and became the first in the Atlantic hurricane season, said on Thursday the National Hurricane Center forecast the U.S. in Miami.

Gust speed accompanying the hurricane, is 120 kilometers per hour. However, threats to Canadian residents is not a hurricane — is projected to weaken it in the Atlantic Ocean by the weekend.

Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30.

Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. Storm becomes a hurricane when wind speed

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China once again hit by drought

Some of the southern regions of China are suffering from drought. Bad weather caught people off guard Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the neighboring province of Guizhou. Nearly 700,000 people are affected by an acute shortage of drinking water. Details — in the next chapter.

"May 10, precipitation is expected." Weather forecasters for residents in the south and west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, sounds like a death sentence. They are sad to look to the north and east of the region — a few days there were heavy rains and hail. If I could drop fell on this

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